Sunday, December 8, 2013

15 Amazing Race Project & Final

It is likely you will need to complete part of your race outside of class time.  
Your homework for the rest of the 2013 will be devoted to this project.  
Have fun! 

Remember, teams that check in first
 for each leg of the race, 
may receive a blog pass to use next year! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

14 Project Proposals

When the time comes in GenYES, to build hardware projects, it is often the most challenging, but fun portion of learning technology.

Computer hardware changes dramatically and just about the time
you have mastered "the next best thing" a new "thing" comes along.

Think about it.  Did you even know what a ipad was when you were in grade school?  Nope, because it didn't exist.  (Well mainstream anyway)  Now microcontrollers,  app development and coding to the masses are the hot new trends.

So to be in the mix with new developments, consider the versatility of microcontrollers relative to personal computers.

We are going to form teams, shop for parts and develop projects for the spring.  Do some significant research.

Open each website below.  Think outside the box....

1. PC Popularity
2. How to build a computer from scratch
3. BUY* computer parts:  CDW  or  Troxell
4. Arduino Projects
5. MakerShed Arduino Projects
6. BUY* Arduino Parts: Yourduino

*PVUSD contracted sites.  You may only buy parts from these options.

Visit all 5 website links above.  Number your blog 1-6.  Write one statement about each site.  Your statement could be about an item you'd be interested in doing if you find something you like.  Or something you learned, like what an IDE or SATA drive is.  Or what is a better processor AMD/Intel? Or what an arduino can do.  (For 3 and 6, consider and identify one part that you might actually buy specifically for a project and price it out.)

Find your own project.  Find a site link on a hardware project, that you would find interesting and that would be useful for the school. Price it out using PVUSD contracted sites.  You can put your group together and put this info on your project proposal together do it here: Proposal  If you are doing a project by yourself, use the same form.

Get ready to have your blog entry projected on board for class discussion.

We will discuss this on Monday and Tuesday and you will have time to work on this blog.  Your comments and research will be part of classroom discussion.   Project proposals on Wednesday.

100 points.  Do a good job!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

13 Searching Google

In the next few weeks you will be embarking on an Amazing Race 
You will journey around the world via the Internet.
Take some time this week to become an "Internet Search Sleuth"

1.  Discover a cool way to search information with Google, that's a bit more advanced than just hitting the search button and share your findings.  Explore the links below.  Consider what search skills you might need to be successful on your Amazing Race Adventure.  Be original.  (Read student entries before yours.  If you repeat another persons tip, you will not receive credit.)

2.  Consider why it is so important to know how to search information effectively? Other than the Race,  how will developing advanced search skills help you in school?  Career?

3.  What other search engines are there out there?  Why would you use them?  How do they compare to Google?  Do you personally use any of them more than Google?

(Don't even think of copying and pasting anything from these sites! 
Please post your ideas in your own words!)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Presentation Week

Use this time this week to create awesome presentations

On Screen Presentation Programs:

(Yeah Impress US!)

Monday, November 11, 2013

12 Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Face-off!

What's in the news for 

1. What are the features, good/bad points of each method of digital storage? READ the links above and compare and contrast the reviews.
2. What do you use to store, transfer or share your papers, pictures, movies, files?
3. What other ideas are out there for managing your "digital stuff?"

Sunday, November 3, 2013

11 Technology Leader

Who is the world's technology leader?

This is a very broad question so before you answer consider what qualifiers you are going to use.  Would your answer consider which country has the best tech innovations?  Which country uses the most technology?  Or which population spends the most money on tech?  
Or who develops or manufactures the most technology for the rest of the world?   

Do some research before you answer and cite your references.  
Your sources should be fairly new! (like 2013)

Support your thinking.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

10 Project Check

You are starting week 3 on your  Fall Tech Project area.  This is about a third or almost halfway to the end.  How are you doing?

1.  Pick the statement that best describes how well it's going.  Discuss your struggles and successes.

A.  I'm ahead of schedule.  I've finished week three, completed/almost completed all the work and updated my website.
B.  I'm starting Week 3 work, completed/almost completed all the work, begun loading info on my site.
C.  I'm falling behind but I think I could catch up this week
D.  I'm way behind

2.  How can you better manage your time or stay on task?  What are distractions from finishing your project?

3.  What do you have to gain by finishing your project?  (Think big here) The keyword here is You.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

9 Blended Learning

Does it blend?

1.  Assume it's your first day on the job.  Any job.  How do you imagine you will learn how to do that job?  How would you get good at it?

2. Say you want to be able to "Fly a Hot Air Balloon*" by next summer.  What would be your plan to make this happen?  

3.  What is blended learning?  What would be the advantage of this learning method in high school?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

8. Educational Simulations

Explore the site:  Games for Change

1.  In your own words, what did you discover about this organization?  What seems to be their philosophy? Goals? Projects? Are they successful? What is your opinion of what they are attempting to do?  Research all the tabs and get a real sense of this company. 

2.  Pick a game to play.  Check first that no one before your blog post has chosen it.  There are 135 games.  (If you replicate a previous choice you won't receive credit for this question!)  Play the game all the way through until you feel you've accomplished all you can.  Evaluate the quality of the game and what you learned.  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

7. Macbook Pro

This week Shadow Mountain teachers received a new Macbook Pro.   It will be important for you as service techs to know all you can about the operation, applications and management of data for these devices.

Read through the sites until you learn something new!

GenYES Period 6 Tutorial Site
GenYES Period 7 Tutorial Site 
Macbook Pro Support Site
Macbook Specs

1.  List an informative tip, trick or cool thing about the Macbook Pro.   Please DO NOT REPEAT any tip before yours.  While you're reading all the tips,  you will be learning all kinds of cool stuff.

2.  OK so imagine you are at the GenYES bar.  Describe in detail how you are an amazing leader, tech support agent and professional...

3.  Sign up to man the GenYES Bar: Here.  Pick your time slots. Your choice: 1 or 2 slots.  This is time you will be available to serve teachers with their new macbooks when needed.  Write: Done for this blog answer after you sign up for your slots!

Easy blog this week huh?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

6. Internet of Things

The future has arrived and it will be run by our devices.  

Explore.   Look at all of these resource links:

1. What is the IoT?  How is it expected to expand by 2020?  How will it affect our lives personally?

2.  Discuss the benefits of IoT either globally or citywide.  Possibly consider waste, resources, efficiency or time.

3.  How is information communicated M2M?  What are RFID's?  What other ways do devices connect  with each other?  

Be thoughtful and comprehensive.  This is your future we're talking about...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

5. Reality Redefined

Augmented Reality (AR) vs. Virtual Reality (VR).  
What's the difference?

Lots of examples: Website Images
How stuff works: Augmented Reality
YouTube: Virtual Reality 

1. Explain, in your own words, what these emerging technologies are all about.  What are the differences, benefits or detriments they might have in our future lifestyle? 
2. Choose and describe an AR device/program/app.
3. Select and describe a VR device/program/app.

Don't duplicate any examples.  Find your own!  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

4. Tracking Technologies

Electronic Tracking.   Good?   Bad?

Tracking technology is widespread and growing. Read and explore each of these 3 tracking technologies:

What is good about each type of tracking unit?  

What is bad?

Be thoughtful in what the future implications of these technologies might be.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

3. Leadership

1. What qualities make a good leader?

2.  As Student Tech Leaders of the Shadow Campus, 
how do you perceive your role?

3.  What is SkillsUSA and how might this organization 
help you become a good leader?

4. What types of technology needs on this campus, would you guess will be requested in the next few weeks, or months from teachers, staff or fellow students?  In other words .... take a guess on what potential jobs you will be asked to help with or lead in, as a GenYES Student.  

Remember to always number your responses ...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

2. Website Design

This week as you create (or improve) your portfolio websites, spend some time and consider the design elements.

Many of these sites linked below are made with flash, Photoshop or other sophisticated software, but you can replicate many of the design ideas and layout using google (pvlearners) sites.

The idea here is to spark more creativity into your sites!

1. Evaluate the design in some of the worst websites.  Pick one and describe why you think it's awful.  Did you find any in their list you actually liked?  Yikes! 

2. Take a look at some award winning websites.  Really look around!  Pick one or two sites and describe why you like it and if (or how) you might integrate some of the ideas you saw into your site.  
     Very Nice Sites 

3.  What do you want your site to say about you?  

PLEASE NUMBER each of your responses in your comments.  Don't forget to login using your pvlearners account.  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

1. New Year 2013-14

Welcome to the new year in GenYES!  

GenYES International has a new TAP (Technology Assisted Projects) site!

For your first blog homework:

1. You will create a login at the GenYES TAP site by choosing the "Sign Up" button on the link below.

2.  BEFORE YOU GO THERE .... LOOK and follow all: these instructions

3.  IF you are a returning GenYES student.  Write "Done" on your blog comment.

4.  IF you are a NEW GenYes student, no worries, we'll get you signed up to this blog on Monday.  For now just complete steps (1 & 2) to sign up to the GenYES site:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

End of the year!

Guess the Blog Writers!
Who among your peers are the writers since January 2013 of this blog?

The list of names is here:  
GenYES Students

Complete your entry here:  
Guess the writers!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

(S14) Internet Blackout!

Read this:  One Web Many Spiders

Read this:  What happens if the Internet goes down?

1. What do you imagine would be the effect of an internet blackout in the USA? Think of ALL the things that would happen!

2. How would you personally have to alter your life if this were to to occur? How would you find information about...anything?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

(S13) Tablets Taking Over Gaming?

The new Wii U System from Nintendo’s main selling point is it’s tablet-like controller, which allows you to use not only the buttons, but the touch screen as well.  The controller serves as a second, and separate screen to the TV, much like the Nintendo DS’s dual screens. However, with the flick of your finger, you can bring the entire game to the tablet controller and play from anywhere in the house.  Integrated with features such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and an internet browser with HTML5 support, the controller, on it’s own could potentially serve as a tablet or computing device.

The Razer Edge Pro is powered by Intel Core processors an NVIDIA GeForce graphics powering a 10.1 high def multi-touch display and a rugged high speed solid state drive that screams incredible performance in a portable form-factor.

1) Since games are usually played on either a PC or a Console, what changes do you think will happen to the gaming industry with these entry of these tablet innovations? What do you think of the two devices above? Are there others?

2) Were you one of the kids who predicted the "Desktop PC" will never die because of gaming? Are you going to change your mind?

3) Relative to gaming, how have tablet technologies affected TV? Entertainment Industry? Exercise? Your general lifestyle? Cite some pro's and con's of gaming and tablets, even if you are not a gamer, think of the world around you. Cite sources / research to support your personal position.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

(S12) New Technologies

What is this?

1. Why would anyone want one?

2. Why would anyone need one?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mobile Computing

This week: We will take time to use this blog as an 'in classroom assignment' with discussion instead of blog homework.  The completed assignment will be due by Friday.   Read through the articles.  Answer both questions (1 & 2) with a minimum of 100, thoughtful words each.  Add your own relevant commentary based on the information presented in the articles.

1.  Read through this website thoroughly.  Pick four of the most important points, that appeal to you personally and support your point of view!  Your points can be taken from either side; all pro, half pro, all con or any combination.  Four points...

2.  Pick one of the links below and comment on the content or a sublink.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

(S11) HTML5

Even if you don't plan on going into programming or gaming, this is great information to put in the tech toolbox part of your brain. Different programming languages will affect the way you use the internet and perhaps influence the way you approach your future job.

Go to these links for more information:

1. What is HTML5? How does it differ from a single programming language?

2. Is HTML5 capable of replacing Adobe Flash as the ultimate game or programming tool? If yes, why do you think so? If not, what do you think might?

3. Why is this useful knowledge?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

(S10) Desktop vs. Laptop

What do you think is the future of desktop computers?

Take a look at these links before you answer:

Intel Kills Desktop Production

Top Ten Desktop Computers 

Forget Mobile vs Desktop

1.  So what do you think?  Will desktops be necessary in 3, 5, 10 years?  And will you be using one?

2.  Do the "Computer Configurator" exercise on the Top Ten link.  What device does it suggest for your needs?

3.  Comment on someone else's answer and provide facts along with your opinions on why you agree or disagree with their answer.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

(S9) Power

Batteries are the power for many tech devices; phones, tablets, laptops, tv's. 
Technology is constantly advancing and so are batteries. 
Here are links to view four different kinds of batteries:

  1. What implications could these batteries have on new technologies?  For example the flexible battery might launch the development of a wearable phone.   What potential creations could you imagine with these types of power sources?
  2. Which of the options do you believe is most useful? Why? 
  3. What other power sources, that you know of, or have researched that are available out there to compete with battery power?  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

(S8) Homeschooling vs Public Education

What if, in the future with advancements in technology, homeschooling would be more prominent than actually going to a building with many different people learning with each other?

1. Speculate on how some technologies like; tablets, online classes, virtual schools and social networking (to name a few) might affect the way 'school' could change in the future.

2. Do some research on your own. Find some facts you found about; the growth of online education OR how technology is affecting "brick and mortar" schools OR statistics about technology in schools. Please cite your findings with a short link that is not older than 2012.

3. What's your personal opinion about your findings and/or the possibility of traditional public school changing.?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

(S7) Social Media Privacy

Do We Give Ourselves Any?

1. What social media do you engage in? How often?

2. Do you think you or others might reveal too much information sometimes on social media websites? If so, how?

3. What are the potential harmful effects of sharing any information on social media like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterist or Instagram?

4. What are some good features of sharing on social media websites?

5. (Optional) Random thoughts on social media ...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Week Off....

I think we need a week off from homework!

If you did a good job on last week's piracy topic (100 points)...
enjoy this week off.

If you missed last weeks blog or want to spiff it up...
take the extra time to get it done this week.

Happy Holiday...

MsK  :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

(S6) Internet Piracy

Computer piracy is a controversial issue with modern technology. 

LOOK at the links provided BEFORE you comment

Money is lost by musicians and producers because music can be acquired for free.  Money is lost by developers and designers because software can be downloaded for free. Money is lost by actors and movie companies because film is copied and distributed freely. Websites like "The Pirate Bay", "bittorrent" and "utorrent" offer free downloads and share files to anyone who visits their sites.

So what do you think?  Look at this Infographic Look at these quick Facts

1. In the past, people bought blank cassettes and blank DVDs and copied music, software and movies onto them. What did you think of that? Right, wrong? After all, why sell blank DVDS if you were not going to copy something?

2. What about now?  Is Pirate Bay cool? Software is so expensive. Pirate Bay is free.

3. Do you think the consequences of pirating or filming copyrighted motion pictures are fair? Some of the penalties have been up to $ 250,000 in fines and up to 10 years in prison. Are there clear consequences for copying or pirating material? FBI Charges MegaUpLoad

4. What if you were a musician, movie maker or software developer trying to make a living? How would you feel if you created an amazing game that took you months to create and after you put it on the market to reap the rewards... everyone just shared it for free? What would you propose to happen then? Would you try to get a ban against those sites on the Internet?

5. What do you think the future looks like regarding this issue.... for artists and...for pirating?  Great link: All Songs Considered / Hot & Trending

6. What are SOPA and PIPA? Do you agree / disagree with these policies? Why?

(This is a combination of two student blog entries) 

 ➡ NOTE: Please don't comment with ideas off the top of your head! DO some RESEARCH.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

(S5) Bitcoins

1. How do you think the increasing use of Bitcoins will change the way we handle money in the future? Identify some potential good features / bad features.

2. Would you use Bitcoins now that you know how they work? Why or why not?

3. Had you ever heard of bitcoins before this blog?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

(S4) Web 3.0

Web 3.0 – What will it look like? Is it already here? It’s always difficult to tell just where we stand in terms of technological chronology. But if we assume that Web 1.0 was based only upon hyperlinks, and Web 2.0 is based on the social, person-to-person sharing of links, then Web 3.0 uses a combination of socially-sourced information, curated by a highly refined, personalizable algorithm.  HUH? 

1. What are the distinctions of Web 1.0?  Web 2.0?  And what really is Web 3.0?  What is 3.0 also called?  Research and put these ideas in your own words!
2. Do you think we are experiencing any signs of web 3.0 right now?  If so, what are examples of 3.0 now? 
3. How might Web 3.0 change our lives?  Good?  Bad?