Sunday, April 27, 2014

(S12) The Technological Singularity

Technological Singularity 

Advancements in technology have exponentially grown in the past decades.  
We have developed glasses that connect with the internet, 
robotic body parts, augmented brains, self driving cars and more!
Some people have worries that the machines 
may soon be able to "think" for themselves.

Should we be worried?
Or is this another exciting big thing in technology?
What does this mean to me?



READ at least 2 articles.  Watch at least 2 videos.  Do your own research.
Be thoughtful in your responses.  This is a deep subject.  Think about it

  1. In your own words, what is technological singularity?  When do you think it will get here?  What other similar terms are out there? 
  2. Could the world be a better place with advancing technology -or- do you see this as a dangerous evolution to the human race?  Why?
  3. Who are the big names that are researching this theory?  Do you agree with any of them?
  4. You like technology right?  Wouldn't you like an automated kitchen helping you with meal prep? Maybe a robot to help with heavy work?  You drive in an automated city system that manages traffic, right?  Maybe you'll get a Google car someday to drive you to work while you nap.  What about non-humans to fight wars?  What do you think of these very nice uses of technology and how do they relate to the notion of Singularity?  Comment on a few or think of some of your own comparisons.   
Blog points this week = 100 points.   

Be thorough, thoughtful and insightful.