Sunday, January 6, 2013

(S1) Paper vs. Digital

Is this the end of paper?

1.   From the links above, list the good/bad points you discovered for using paper   -vs-
      good/bad points for using digital devices in school.   (The paper videos are funny!) 

2.  What's your opinion, as a student for school use?  Paper or digital device?  Why?

3.  Assume the role of a teacher.   Pick a subject you would teach.   You want to implement the best learning environment possible for your subject.  How would you ideally equip a classroom of 40 kids? How would your present your lesson?  How would the kids perform the task you give them?  How would you test them to see if they 'got it?'   

Welcome Back!
:: Happy New Year ::
The next post starts the series of blog topics written by you!  
I have combined a few similar blog entries so more students can reap the benefits.   Also, I've modified a few blog entries.   At the end of the semester you will have an opportunity to guess who wrote each blog. So put on your sleuth hat for a prize package of: free lunch, 50 points, noble recognition and world wide fame... if you are the closest guess in May!