Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Data in Your Blood

What is this? 
And why should you care about how it might change your life?
  1. So what is it?
  2. After reading the entire article, consider first, is this a good advance in technological progress for you personally?  For your health?  For your participation in sports?  For the potential of raising a family?  
  3. After reading the entire article, quote a line that jumps out to you and comment on the benefits or detriment to society this might cause.
  4. Explore one of the links in the article.  Comment on what you discovered.

Before you comment... reread the instructions for this blog.  Many of you are skimpy on your writing.  Please be mindful grades here on out will expect you to; 1) write in complete sentences after thoughtfully considering what you read and 2) write a significant amount defending your position.