Monday, August 17, 2015

2 Website Design

Portfolio Websites!

Your website is your digital resume.  This week we will be designing websites.  Your website should reflect a digital representation of you.  Your personality.  Your interests.  Your projects.

This is an expanded blog project today since I am not in class. Please follow directions carefully.

This assignment is worth 100 points (50 Homework and 50 Assignment DUE TODAY).

BAD SITES: Open the link below.  Look and read about what makes a bad website:
GOOD SITES: Open all the links and explore each carefully.  What website styles appeal to you?  As you find sites that you like take screens shots of them.  Evaluate what sites that you personally feel are some great websites:

Number your responses in your blog answers:

1.  In the BAD SITES link, which is the worst website in your opinion?  Why?

2.  In the GOOD SITES links provided above. Which three websites did you find that you like the best?  Look at many!  Take screen shots of your favorites.  
  • Open this link: Website slide show and complete as instructed
  • When you finish it place your slide show link as the answer to this question  
  • We will look at your website choices tomorrow.

3.  What pointers did you read in the articles?  What makes a good website? What are the pitfalls and mistakes people make in creating websites?  

This blog is DUE by the end of class period today.