Sunday, January 10, 2016

S1 New Technologies 2016

Consumer Electronic Show (CES)  is an internationally recognized convention in Las Vegas centered around all things tech.  From car manufacturers to the latest robot invention, CES houses thousands of innovative ideas under one roof.

Several students submitted blog articles about new technologies found at CES.  

QUESTION 1  Of the first three student items listed below, which one do you like best?  TECH A, B, C?  Why?  Would you buy it and use it?

<TECH A. Check out a drone that seats one…..Hey! Did you know these kind of drones even exist? This drone is a brand new piece of tech that will revolutionize Personal Transportation 

This drone has abilities a helicopter wish it had, such as it flies itself to your destination that you choose by google maps.  

It has a comfortable cockpit that Seats One Passenger

<TECH B. LG IS BUILDING a huge lead in the OLED TV market, and with good reason: They’re the only company making them at the moment.  
Look and be amazed: LG OLED TV   What's an OLED TV  

TECH C.> Polaroid came out with a camera known as the SX-70 a while back that instantly printed out photos, now Polaroid has came out with the Polaroid Snap which has the same concept but it’s more advanced. The Polaroid Snap is a digital camera which can print out 1080p photosOpinion    Information

QUESTION 2  Check out: CES Wrap Up.   What technology surprises you?  What do you think of 2016's new technologies overall?  Anything you want to own for yourself?

QUESTION 3 What tech item do you think is stagnant? How would you like to see it improve or advance?