Sunday, February 26, 2012

(S6) Concepts

There are concepts for just about everything imaginable, from cars to computers, even with guns! Here is your assignment:

1. Find a concept, any concept! Tell about it. Provide links. (shortened link of course)

2. Explain why it should be become mass produced!

3. Random thoughts about the concept?

(PS From MsK: I'm not sure what this student was thinking here and I didn't edit their idea at all except to add that cool we'll see where this takes us...)

(S5) Social Networking

1. How does social networking affect your life?

2. What social networks do you think could enhance your school experience? How?

3. What are some trending, new social networks? Good/Bad? Why?

4. Check out some obscure social networking sites. Pick one you've never heard of and comment on it's potential for the benefit of certain groups.