Sunday, November 29, 2015

15 Code Week


Watch a movie or two.  Answer this question:

Why should I care about coding? 

Movie 1 - How to teach yourself to code.  (Yes its long, but it's really informative.  Watch it all or watch parts of it.  You will learn a lot about coding in general.)  Why should you care about coding?

Movie 2 - How do you start to program?  We saw this parts of this movie in class.  Lots of different perspectives.  Why should you care about coding?

Movie 3 - Don't learn to code, Learn to solve problems.  Crazy guy, straight talk.  Why should you care about coding?

Follow the directions about blog homework: 100 to 200 well written words.  Critically think about the movie you watched, reference the some of the information you viewed, and write about how the information might apply to you personally.

One question:  Why should I care about coding?