Monday, February 11, 2013

(S6) Internet Piracy

Computer piracy is a controversial issue with modern technology. 

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Money is lost by musicians and producers because music can be acquired for free.  Money is lost by developers and designers because software can be downloaded for free. Money is lost by actors and movie companies because film is copied and distributed freely. Websites like "The Pirate Bay", "bittorrent" and "utorrent" offer free downloads and share files to anyone who visits their sites.

So what do you think?  Look at this Infographic Look at these quick Facts

1. In the past, people bought blank cassettes and blank DVDs and copied music, software and movies onto them. What did you think of that? Right, wrong? After all, why sell blank DVDS if you were not going to copy something?

2. What about now?  Is Pirate Bay cool? Software is so expensive. Pirate Bay is free.

3. Do you think the consequences of pirating or filming copyrighted motion pictures are fair? Some of the penalties have been up to $ 250,000 in fines and up to 10 years in prison. Are there clear consequences for copying or pirating material? FBI Charges MegaUpLoad

4. What if you were a musician, movie maker or software developer trying to make a living? How would you feel if you created an amazing game that took you months to create and after you put it on the market to reap the rewards... everyone just shared it for free? What would you propose to happen then? Would you try to get a ban against those sites on the Internet?

5. What do you think the future looks like regarding this issue.... for artists and...for pirating?  Great link: All Songs Considered / Hot & Trending

6. What are SOPA and PIPA? Do you agree / disagree with these policies? Why?

(This is a combination of two student blog entries) 

 ➡ NOTE: Please don't comment with ideas off the top of your head! DO some RESEARCH.


  1. I think this weeks blog should be worth 100 points. But you have to do a nice job with thoughtful responses.

    Also...this blog idea comes up a lot and will be a repeat for some veterans. A few things have changed in the past year so maybe the veteran GenYES guys will be sharp enough to talk about that...

  2. 1. The situation is what defies the level in justice. Cloning or copying data in any format and then redistributing it, is wrong. But, Copying the
    data to use for household use is fine (ex: copying a CD for convenience, to listen to music in the car and in the living room without having to
    transfer the disk back and forth). Retailers can sell blank DVDs for consumer use in video production, family montage, etc.

    2. To an extent ThePirateBay is "cool". If you own the software, but the media is corrupted on the disk/FD
    then using the piratebay as an alternative method of download is fine. Using the resource to, essentially steal, is obviously wrong because the
    designer(s) needs credit. Also the general public needs to be equally balanced, as in everyone pays not half of the people pay and half dont. This
    will make it fair.

    3. Of course punishment needs to be implemented. There should be a system of consequences placed for pirating based on the severity, especially because of the popularity.

    4. If software that I made was posted for free, I would be mad. At that point I would incorporate internet verification and try to cancel out as many vulnerabilities in the security of the software. I would attempt in banning the pirating sites, I would rather take legal actions against the original people who posted my software. Most likely, in the event of someone pirating my software, I would sue them rightfully.

    5. As time progresses and security, technology, and networking evolve, I can see the future not having as much problems in pirating as there is today. But, If it was to continue to grow worse and worse in the future, it may cause financial deficits for artists and software/game designers.

    1. 6. I do not agree with the SOPA/PIPA because the internet is a full range of whatever, and should not be limited. To clarify, managing the entire internet will be difficult and a waste of time. PIPA claims to stop theft online, but in reality people are still going to find away to steal (like the Obama Gun Control, criminals are still going to get a gun). New business are most likely going to need to go through a hassle just trying to post their online business. There are other problems in America that need to be focused on first rather then trying to limit the internet.

  3. 1. I find it wrong to pirate things like games or music to blank disks. People spend time and money on both the product and the copyrights to keep it theirs. I find it only exceptable if you own the product and you are copying it for a friend.

    2. The pirate bay is not cool. It is used to get crappy torrents of whatever game or album you wanted.

    3. The punishment needs to be implemented to prevent piracy.

    4. I would be pissed. If I made a game and it was pirated I might kill the guy who pirated it. I would make sure he got the punishment that was set in place. That's how i woulds feel if my project was pirated.

    5. I feel that if we continue to pirate then artists wont make income and there would be less and less games and albums.

    6. I do not agree with either sopa or pipa. I think that the internet should be free. People should be able to make their own stupid choices. even if we put the pipa or sopa laws in action people will still find ways to to torrent music, games, and videos. Baning the internet is still not the way to go.

  4. 1. There is nothing wrong with this. I used to pirate movies all the time. Actors and producers are making so much money any way that it doesn't matter. I mean really, does a couple thousand dollars make a difference to a millionaire?
    2. Pirate bay is a life saver if you are broke... like me.
    3. No, the penalties are not fair at all. Like i said these companies, artists, and actors are so rich that they don't kno what to do with their money, and now we are getting trouble because we are trying to be smart about how we get things? Pirates aren't criminals, they are the smart people that found a way around the movie industries bs.
    4. I think that if I made something like this I would sell it for free anyway. I don't want to be rich. I like my life the way it is. I would just want enough money to maintain the life that I have.
    5.I think that in the future artists and others are going to have to get over it. So many people are going to be getting stuff for free that there is going to be no profit in entertainment production.
    6. SOPA is another law against piracy. They want to block all sites that have anything to do with illegal downloads. PIPA is a protection act and an other way for the government to tell us hat to do. They are going to control us very soon if we let them pass things like this, limiting our freedom.

  5. 1. Blank DVD's are nice so you can download xbox games burn them and play them in a modded xbox like I have. I think they sell blank DVD's so you can burn home videos you make and stuff like that.
    2. Yeah pirate bay is bomb! Never pay for anything, get whole series of TV shows with one click. If it was illegal it wouldn't be so easy.
    3. I dont think that there should be any fine. It is just file sharing and sharing is caring. But honestly I believe that the film studios really go after the people who are sharing the pirated stuff. They dont really go after just the people who are downloading stuff.
    4. I am not going to be any of those things and if I was I would take that into account before I made an amazing piece. I would ban everyone on the internet, it is a place for bad people.
    5. Well that article was very interesting and it looks like artist are going to have start making money by touring. Again no one is forcing them to become a musician and they know what they are getting them selves into.
    6. SOPA and PIPA are very bad things. The government is trying to take away our rights. These bills are paid for by record companies. They will make it highly ilegal to download music. I disagree with the policys and we should boycott companies who support these bills.

  6. 1.That is in my opinion okay they sell blank cds for a reason and its not like they actively discourage that. It should be allowed its the only way to make custom cds also
    2.The pirate bay is cool maybe not for software because it does cost a lot to make but music it is absolutely okay none of the money actually goes to the artist it all goes to the recording company
    3.yes it is completely fair to charge insane penalties for something everybody does. Its just like how you can get the death penalty for littering
    4.okay double standard time I would definitely want the money I was owed for I would want the people to have too pay what I was owed bu nothing more.
    5. they are going to pass some kind of bill because its too scary for politicians to have something they cant control in any way out there.
    6.they are bills to censor the internet disguised as anti-pirating bills And I could not disagree more with them they limit our freedom of expression and we can not have that happen in any way.

  7. 1. Of course this is wrong... maybe due to the fact that its ilegal. Yet they did sell blank DVD's so the manufacture of those DVD's. However, its still wrong and they might have made the blanks because for video production for projects for school.
    2. Ok ok it depends on what your downloading... but music and movies are bad no matter what. so in turn i dont think its cool that it evens out the competition in a capitalistic society.
    3. There are clear restrictions and consequences that the government has laid out. However 10 years in prison is going to the extreme and a 250000$ fine is also extreme. But i think the government does this because they want to set an example and scare others to not pirate anything.
    4. Yes i would be extremely upset if i was the artist who created these works of art. This would be so irritating and i would push for more laws against piracy.I would want and push for punishment like the 10 years in prison. However i would not go against the individual person i would attack the founders of the sites.
    5. The future looks like the laws against piracy looks strict and also it looks like the amount of piracy is going to skyrocket out of control.
    6. They are laws to try to limit what the internet is and on these issues i disagree.

  8. 1. Copying music, software, and movies onto blank cassettes and blank DVDs is horrible and wrong. The reason why people sell blank DVDS is the same reason why anyone will sell their products: to get money.
    2. Pirate Bay is free and cool. Software is expensive for a reason. Otherwise, what's the point of inventing new music, software, and movies if you aren't going to get any money off of it.
    3. I think the consequences of pirating or filming copyrighted motion pictures are fair because you are stealing someone else's work. After all, you didn't have to work in order to get it, but others did. They spent time and money to make videos, and you are taking them away without paying a cent. If the penalties are up to $250,000 in fines and up to 10 years in prison, then it means you did quite a lot of piracy. You probably deserved it, considering it's hard to pull off a penalty like that. The consequences are very clear. MegaUpload was dirty, so they got rid of it.
    4. It's hard to imagine how angry I would be to find the game/movie/song/album/etc. that took me forever to create on the internet being shared for free. I would propose they be banned from the internet and sued a certain amount for every view or listener that game/movie/song/album/etc. had.
    5. I believe the future regarding artists and piracy will get better. Artists will be able to save and protect their software. Websites won't be able to blame their information/uploads on their viewers because there should be a way to immediately trace the person's IP to the person adress, and instantly sent out a warrant for their arrest.
    6. SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA is the Protect IP Act. I agree with these sites because they will make it more difficult for websites to sell or distribute pirated copyrighted material.

  9. 1. I remember back in the good old days my day used to record Survivor and The Amazing Race on a vhs tape. I never really thought much of it because the people producing and making those shows are already rolling in cash so I dont see the point of giving them more.

    2. Like I just said, the people who make music and stuff are already rich as hell and unfortunately im not very wealthy so I dont see why I have to submit to society by paying for over priced music, games ext... Personally I love torrents:)

    3. Piracy, like many other "crimes", is victimless and proposes no threat to anyone. Unless you count the money movie and music producers think they could be accumulating due to ridiculous statistics like these. Piracy should not be a crime!! It always will though because producers and music artists always whine about how much money they loose when in reality they have more money that they could ever possibly need.

    4. Absolutely not. I would plan against that and make my game very cheap and try to support piracy and see if maybe that influences people to buy my game. If not then oh well i guess i didn't make as much money as i potentially could have.

    5. I think piracy is going to become a lot more popular among teenagers.

    6. SOPA is the stop online piracy act and no i do not agree because i dont really care if i am robbing someone who is already filthy stinking rich.

  10. 1. I think it is wrong to copy things that you do not own or that you intend to share with others. By doing that you are not paying for the material that you are using. Downloading things like music and movies that you haven't purchased is simply stealing from the producers. It is fine to copy music that you have already purchased onto a CD for your own use but when you start distributing that material you are essentially stealing from whoever made it.

    2. Pirate bay is not cool whatsoever. It breaks the law, it offers material that usually costs money for free through file sharing. Many people will argue that whoever produced the material already has enough money, but by that logic you can justify stealing anything. You could say something like "Ford already has enough money" and then justify stealing a car. Is there really a difference between that example and pirate bay.

    3. The laws regarding piracy are fairly clear "U.S. Copyright Law {Title 17 U.S.C. Section 101 et seq., Title 18 U.S.C. Section 2319} Copyright infringements can be punishable by up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines. Repeat offenders can be imprisoned for up to 10 years. Violators can also be held civilly liable for actual damages, lost profits, or statutory damages up to $150,000 per work." Even if you thought that this wasn't specific enough, you couldn't make the argument that it was OK to have done what you did. These consequences aren't really "fair" but it is necessary if we wish to prevent the crime.

    4. I would be really upset and frustrated if this sort of thing had happened to me. Everyone would have just stolen from me, is that any different from them breaking into my house and taking something like my TV? I would certainly try to shut down the sites that allowed this sort of thing to happen and I would to try to make people understand why piracy is wrong. Even the name piracy suggests that is wrong, since when has piracy ever been considered a good thing?

    5. I think that unless we take a serious look at our morals as a society piracy will be near impossible to prevent and will most likely spiral out of control. This would also mean that the music industry would shrink. As piracy grows the music business will get smaller because it will become much less profitable. It wouldn't surprise me if it fell into a cycle where piracy and the music industry alternated in success. Because if the music industry declines so will piracy, leaving space for music to be successful again.

    6. SOPA and PIPA are both proposed bills that try to limit access to websites offering pirated material. While these bills have really good intentions they set a really poor precedent and are infringements upon the individual's right to free speech. To fix the problem of society we will have to take a look at our morals, that is, our perception of right and wrong, only then can any steps be taken as a society to prevent piracy.

  11. 1. If you are copying something onto a CD for personal use, legally of course, than it is totally fine. There is no reason to prohibit the downloading of certain softwares and movies if they are only being used for personal use. The problem is that people who download these things onto CDs begin sharing them with others and selling them for profit. That is when downloading onto to CDs becomes wrong. It should be used only for personal use as opposed to sharing them with others.
    2. I have personally never been on Pirate Bay, but I have heard it is pretty cool because you can get nearly anything you could ever want. The uncool thing is the way that it is being done. I find it extremely ridiculous that so many people would go on and download all of these things knowing that it is against the law because they know they don't have a good chance of getting caught. I understand that money can be an issue when it comes to things such as software, but it shows a serious lack of character if you go on and pirate everything.
    3. The consequences are most definitely fair. People need to learn that if they do something illegal, they can not just get away with it and walk away like it never happened. One of the most effective ways to stop people from pirating is to punish some of those who do severely to set an example for the other piraters. They need to understand that pirating is illegal, and if you do it, there will be large consequences.
    4. If I spent a lot of time making a game or a software and everyone started sharing it for free, I would be LIVID. I would find some of the original people that shared it for free and I would most definitely take legal action. I wouldn't even think twice about it. It disgusts me that people do this so much in the first place, but if it were my work, I'd be even more mad.
    5. In terms of the future of pirating, it could go two ways. The best way it could go is if security increases and harsher punishments are inflicted, the pirating will slow down. These two factors could make the world of pirating much more difficult to access, but granted, that's the absolute best case scenario. I'm sure people will find a way around the security and continue to pirate which will continue to rip off artists and programmers. Some could be hurt by the finances so bad that they will go bankrupt. Hopefully the security successfully increases so artists will not have to worry about that.
    6. SOPA and PIPA are essentially internet censorship programs where the government can control whatever aspects of the internet they want to. I understand the thought behind these policies in terms of trying to eliminate piracy and pornography, but the public will not stand for something like this (which was seen as SOPA was fought against and shut down). If they wish to get rid of piracy and porn, which they need to, they will have to find a more effective way around as opposed to having the control to censor the whole internet. I see many more bills similar to SOPA and PIPA arising in years to come.

  12. 1. I believe it's ethical, if you already own a copy, it's the same thing as letting somebody borrow your blog.

    2. These "informative" sites have not swayed my opinion, I find that these companies that charge insane amounts for their software don't deserve my hard earned, they make more than enough profit just off of companies and school buying their product and dont need an average Joe like me to spend 80 bucks on ONE copy of Photoshop CS3, which is out of date any way. There isn't anything wrong with the pirate bay.

    3. The charges are absolutely absurd, somebody being charged $250,000 and serving prison time for pirating a movie is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. I don't care that these companies want me to go spend lik 16 bucks to see the movie one time in theaters.

    4. I would not care, the point of being an artist isn't to make money, it's to have your message heard. Band and artists that complain that they aren't able to afford their vacation tho Maui because people are "stealing" their music is just stupid. They should be happy that that many people are willing to listen to the music they made.

    5. I think that there shouldn't be a future to this issue but given the way things are going, thats not the case. The Government is going to continue to crack down and innocent people are going to go to Jail.

    6. SOPA and PIPA where bill trying to ban the "illegal" viewing and downloading of copy written material. I think these acts are stupid, all they where trying to do is to censor what people could and could not post on the internet, which is stupid.

  13. 1. If you already own a copy of the game, song, DVD ect., you should be able to make your own copies for PERSONAL use. If you upload it somewhere so that others don't have to pay for it, then there is a problem.

    2. If software companies wanted to fight piracy, they wouldn't be attacking places like YouTube, trying to constrain people from uploading anything. MegaUpload may have been hosting pirated files, but it wasn't FOR pirated files. The Pirate Bay, on the other hand, was created for the specific purpose of pirating software and music.

    3. There really don’t seem to be any clear laws, and the internet is more or less in the dark ages. If there were clear laws, more people would abide by them. But as of right now, you can torrent, pirate and take whatever you need without facing any consequences.

    4. The future looks very grey for artists. Not because of pirating, but because of a boycott. If record companies take songs off youtube, people won’t go out and buy cds; They’ll protest and not give the companies any money at all!

    6. SOPA and PIPA are acts to try to stop piracy. However, in the act, they also remove free speech! It gives companies the amount of power they need to shut down an entire site just because they feel like it. It’s already being done! Just take a look at the absurd copyright claims SEGA is placing on people who have youtube videos of one of their old games uploaded!

  14. 1. In my opinion think it is very wrong, because everyone should have to pay for them. If it's something totally illegal then you should not copy it but if it's something you downloaded off your friends computer such as music off itunes then it's totally fine in my eyes if you have their permission.
    2. Pirate Bay isn't bad but it's not that good either. I feel like in a way it is stealing but i agree that they already have more than enough money cause whoever provided that stuff is already banking and it shouldn't really matter if we use pirate bay. I would rather much get something off pirate bay than pay over price for the regular copy.
    3. I agree that it is way over what is necessary. People don't even have close to 250,000 dollars to pay if they pirate a copy of a movie even if it's a little movie. They could also lower the years that you have to go to prison or not have any years at all. I do agree they should have to pay some money but not 250,000 dollars maybe like 1000 if that.
    4. If i was a creator of a game or a music artist and someone put my stuff on another site i would be a little upset but not if people that couldn't afford my stuff and that was their only option then i would understand. If the people were just doing it to run me out of business then yes i would want to band those sites but in the long run i would probably let them stay.
    5. The future for piracy won't be resolved, because someone will always find a way to create a website that will allow people to download stuff for free. There are many softwares out there and many people are very interested with computers to do so.
    6. SOPA and PIPA are bills to band these kinds of sites and restrict people of their use to downloading free songs and movies. In my opinion i feel like these bills are pointless, because I guarantee many people will find ways to make these kinds of websites again.

  15. 1I think it is wrong to sell CD's, Cassettes, and DVD's illegally without consent. It is making profit for another who does not deserve it.
    2 Now pirating torrents off sites such as the pirate bay is different. Nobody is making money off of it. It eliminates loss of sales, as it costs no money to pirate music now. This does not take money away from record labels as surveys show a correlation with the drop in sales, and a drop in illegal downloads. The pirate bay will help generate profit in the long run, as it will let people get music for free, that they likely would not have paid for anyway because studies show users of these sites in general are poor and would not purchase music if these sites were not an option. This acts as word of mouth advertising, and does great things for the artist.
    3 These charges are not fair at all. Record companies use this as a way to take ownership of music away from the artist. They can press charges against an artist if they distribute music on their own terms. These laws are different than they used to be, as now it is about giving away your art for free, not someone making money of another's work.
    4 I would feel awesome that more people have access to my work, and feel even better that I am getting around what the record companies want. They are selfish and out to hurt the customer and the artist as they charge an unreasonable amount of money for music, and only give a tiny bit to the artist. Things need to change in this industry, and for now a way to do that is to pirate music, and I would be fine with that happening to my music.
    5 I hope in the future the major record labels die. The ones who are hurting the artist. Artists deserve to own the rights to their music, and deserve to be able to charge whatever they want, and make full profit. Technology now allows for it. They can change, charge a reasonable amount for music and make a lot more money than they are now. Piracy isn't hurting the artist, it helps it. Piracy is only pushing for a change, which will help the music industry my killing the major record labels that are out to control the artist.
    6 SOPA and IPA are bills to ban illegal downloading of material under copyright. I think this is bad, because copyright law is abused by the record labels, and not used to protect the artist. It is used to give labels power to control everything. This works as the public believes the lies. A change needs to happen, to free the artist from record labels. You can help by pirating.

  16. 1: I find it very wrong to pirate things like music and games. People producing the music or making the games work very hard not only to make themselves happy but impress the public. If you own the product and your buddy want a a copy of the songs or games. I think that it is fine to copy it for them.

    2: Pirate bay is beyond awesome. I love it and use it whenever I dont have the money to spend on games or other products. Although, it is very illegal and demoralizing to the makers of the product because they are making less money on their stuff.

    3: I think that the fines and consequences are pretty ridiculous. To put somebody in jail for 10 years for pirating something is sad. A find of 250k is soooooo ridiculous because what if I pirate virtual dj for a bunch of people? I have to go to jail for assisting others? Its soo dumb.

    4: Obviously I would. Personally I buy my songs off itunes not get them for free off youtube because I think that the producers deserve a reward ($) for the great music they produce. If I was a musician, I would go out of my way to get those free music sites blocked.

    5: To me, the issue will never be fixed. The average person does not want to pay for his or her music. They feel like it is a waste of money for songs but to me its not. As soon as one free music site gets banned, a new one comes out instantly just like when limewire got banned, other sites came out.

    6:This is all because of two pieces of legislation: the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House and its Senate companion bill, the Protect IP Act (PIPA). The purpose of these bills is to make it harder for sites — especially those located outside the United States — to sell or distribute pirated copyrighted material such as movies and music as well as physical goods such as counterfeit purses and watches. Even most of SOPA and PIPA’s strongest opponents applaud the intentions of the legislation while deploring what it might actually accomplish.Personally, I am neutral on these to pieces....

  17. 1.In my opinion if downloading and copying things to blank tape,dvd's, and cd's are illegal then why would they sell them its a system they want people to buy the blanks to make the money then people pirate things then they get finned a big amount of money and get put in jail they make a big profit off of this.

    2.i still think pirate bay is cool i mean even if we do download things and copy things the people still get the money in the end i mean people are still going to buy the product so then no harm has been done.

    3.i don't agree with the consequences because i feel that the penalty is way to harsh like i said its a system they want to get as much money as they can out of us then they lock us up for 10 years its pretty ridiculous. i said it dosent hurt the creator because people are still going to buy the item some people cant afford the game so they download it theres plenty of reasons for it.

    5.i think pirate is still going to happen its not going to be stopped as long as we have some people to put up these sites and put up the games

    6.sopa is stop online policy act and pipa is protect IP act and i dont agree with these polices because i think its a waste of time and a big waste of money

  18. 1) If you have bought the dvd's and have bought the music through itunes or amazon that you rightfully own, I think it is completely fine to copy music to a cd. but with movies i don't think you can download those and copy it to a dvd, so there is no other way to download dvd's besides doing it illegally, it is still wrong though because movie and music producers dont get credit or money for what is rightfully theirs.

    2) I dont think ThePirateBay is cool at all, it is free software that is illegal, if caught downloading it you will be fined and possibly jailed, i don't know about other people but I dont want to take those chances at all. I think there should be something done about this because producers/artists need credit.

    3) Yes, there are clear consequences for downloading illegally, like what I said in response 2 I dont want to take the chances of getting caught, fined, and possibly jailed.

    4) I would feel horrible if I had taken the time to create something that took me a long time and everything got downloaded illegally, I would want action and those sites taken down and deleted. I don't know why they aren't yet but they should be.

    5) I think the future doesn't look good, so many people are pirating and it isn't looking good.

    6) Sopa and PIPA are trying to get the illegal websites off the internet.

  19. 1. I think it is ok to copy any media if it is for backing it up for yourself or if you own the rights to the media you are coping.

    2. I think it is okay if you are doing it for moral reasons. For example, I lost the Adobe CS5 Suite disk and it would be cheaper FOR ADOBE for me to pirate it instead of them having to look into it then send me a new disk. The only problem is that it supports the idea for pirating for any reason.

    3. Yes I agree that there should be that strong of a fine BUT there is a problem with charging a company such as Megaupload if someone uploads it without Megaupload's knowledge. Then the uploader of the content, not the company, should be charged. You may ask, "But shouldn't Megaupload look through the files people upload before they let others download it?" No, they can't. There are thousands of people using that service so pay of the people looking at the files would exceed the income of the company making the company fail. So, companies get around this by making a button that you can push saying that it is copyrighted material. Then the file is taken down no questions asked. Take this example of a guy having his youtube parodies taken down. ( The problem with this is that he has to go to court to prove his content is legal. And the company that says that they have their content in someone's video get's all the money made from the video. This whole thing goes far beyond just music and movies. Youtube "let's plays" (Videos of someone commenting over a game) are being taken down. These videos help promote the game and are doing the company a favor, but still, they legally have to be taken down.

    4. Not a ban against the sites, the uploader of the video should be fined. NOT the site.

    5. In short, think it will be a back and forth war between companies and consumers. is the best video descibing this whole issue and is made by the most influential person in the gaming community.

    6. Again, the link about best addresses this issue, but these have to many bad side effects to make the policies just.

  20. 1. I think that as long as the person has bought the music, and is not reselling it on the street corner to the masses. If you bought the album, you should be able to share it with your friends.
    2. The pirate bay is the cool and cost effective thing to do. Why pay $400 for a program, when you could just as easily grab it from the pirate bay for free? But I guess it's not so cool to steal from indie developers, just the big companies.
    3. I think that the consequences for pirating are much too steep, and only cause more pirating and complaining in retaliation to the charge. It seems ridiculous to charge someone that much money because they downloaded one movie, or one album, or even one song. I also do not think the charges for pirating materials are very clear.
    4. The pirating community is usually pretty nice to indie game developers, and support them because they worked hard on their project and priced it fairly. But the items that are usually pirated the most are big games like Halo, Call of Duty, and Skyrim. People feel less guilty about pirating these because they are made by big companies.
    5. I think the future will either be an increase in pirating, as law enforcement tries to stop it, or a decrease in the price of these products, so that people will be able to afford them.
    6. SOPA and PIPA are two bills that Congress have put on the floor that would let the government regulate the internet and attempt to stop things like pirating. I disagree with these policies because it would be impossible to regulate the government, because it would be impossible to track every user and fix anything that they do.

  21. 1) If any individual buys the rights to use the content they are copying, there should be nothing wrong with them doing what they please with the material they have purchased. So, in other words, unless they are commercially selling something they don't have the rights to, they are allowed to copy to their hearts content.

    2) Think of the Pirate Bay as a website where people can share what they have purchased the rights to use. There is nothing wrong with sharing expensive software as long as the owner (purchaser) is willing to share it. The companies selling the product have no right to complain as long as the people buying their content aren't commercially reproducing and selling it.

    3) Unless you haven't bought the rights to copy a movie, it would be wrong for the government to fine you for copying a dvd. The rights to own that film are given to you upon purchase and the warning on the inside is more of a threat if you try to copy it for friends. As long as you aren't selling someone else's work, the government can't threaten you with fines.

    4) Since I want to become a film maker, if I ever made a feature film for the public I would hope to make most of my movie while it's in theaters. If it doesn't, I would be smart and make a website allowing people to watch the film for a small fee and would only release it to dvd once I made the money back.

    5) Perhaps in the future, artist will get smart and figure out a way to sell more of their content before it becomes copied and shared. Maybe, with new technology, their will be the release of a compact disk that can't be copied. That might make most artist trying to make a living happier.

    6) SOPA and PIPA were two laws that Congress tried to get passed in order to secure big companies like Disney's success. It was basically to stop all piracy websites from being able to function on the internet. Some larger companies like Google retaliated because it meant their site would need to block ALL piracy related websites even Youtube. Since the US Government has no jurisdiction in controlling the World Wide Web, the bill was revoked. I personally agree with having the SOPA law being destroyed and taken off record. Its useless to believe people will allow their government to control their individual rights.


  22. 1. I think that it's okay to copy something to a cassette/DVD if you own/plan on owning the works copied. Not right in itself, but justifiable.

    2. Piratebay can be helpful for the reason above, and for people in different countries where the work they're trying to buy is unavailable to them.

    3. No, they're not fair whatsoever. If the person didn't have enough to pay for the $60 game or $30 DVD, what makes you think they has enough to pay $250,000+ to pay for the fine? I understand it makes people not want to pirate, but the charge is cruel and unusual.

    4. The policy I would have would be if the person couldn't pay for it, then I wouldn't mind if they pirated it until they could pay for the full version. This policy is shared with both Notch (Markus Persson; the creator of Minecraft.) and Jonatan Söderström (Creator of Hotline Miami) have in regards to piracy. Tweets: and respectively. Personally, I wouldn't seek the banishment of those sites, I'd probably either have the individual download/torrents be taken down. I wouldn't propose any sort of punishment unless the problem persisted.

    5. I think that this could mean either the end of sites like Thepiratebay 4shared, Mediafire, etc. or the end of Piracy itself. This video sort of gives support to this idea.

    6. They are the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Acts. Personally, I think the acts are despicable and would mean the end of internet freedom. It would mean the end of fan-made content without direct consent from the copyright owner. It would mean the end of online walkthroughs of video games, it would mean the end of many streaming accounts on websites like UStream, Livestream, and Twitch especially. It would devastate websites like DeviantArt that sort of thrive on fanart and such. The internet just wouldn't be the same with these acts in place. Even outside of the internet, it would make everything related to a logo loads more difficult. Even showing a logo that doesn't belong to you without permission would lead to dire consequences.

  23. 1. People sold blank cds so that computer users could transfer their data. Then it became where the user could create their own playlist for using on the go or in a car before the MP3 player. Eventually people realized that they could make money off of this and sold their reproduction copies.

    2. I guess it all depends on the situation, yes pirating is illegal and if caught you will be fined for it but that does not stop people from using these sites. I personally have pirated, like when I wanted to buy a CD but I could not find it anywhere in stores the only place I found it ThePirateBay. The Pirate Bay is also very handy for .Epub books, most epub books you can rent from the library, however it is a hassle to do so as it takes forever to get them. The Pirate Bay is quick and easy.

    3. I think it is a little ridiculous, I believe people should be charged the cost of what the pirated plus that again, the first cost to cover damaged and the second to tell them that its not right. I mean come on, jail time for downloading a song?

    4. Its not everyone that downloads the game, some musicians do like their works to be pirated or don't care because for them the people are still listening to them and then they end up buying a shirt or something. I don't see Justin Bieber driving around in his Lamborghini saying that piracy is hurting him. We live in the computer age, people are going to share their stuff regardless of if its illegal or not.

    5. People will still pirate and Artists will still make music.

  24. 1.) I think it is alright to copy media for yourself as long as it's only for yourself and you don't try to profit off it.

    2.) To an extent Pirate Bay is cool people can't buy everything so even if there all these downloaded songs from Pirate Bay it's not like if it weren't there all people would go out and buy that media product. It allows you to get things that could be debated overpriced.

    3.) I think the punishment is a bit harsh I think all the government wants is the fine not the jail time Kim Dotcom isn't even in prison and for example in 2001 he launched a website to hack terrorist bank accounts so he possibly had some involvement with the government.

    4.) To be honest if I were a person losing income because of internet piracy I would be mad but even now I think it's still all greed for more money these huge companies losing money are still extremely rich and make up to billions of dollars.

    5.) I think the pirating war will go on more but in the end I don't see pirating stopping I think it's only going to happen more in the end it's what the masses want and if that means get it for free I think there will still be a person trying to gain something by providing it for them.

    6.) SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act which will give more power to the U.S government to to stop online trafficking. PIPA is the Protect IP Act which will prevent online threats to economic security and will allow holders to curb IP addresses so it would be harder to hack

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  26. 1. I think its right to copy stuff like movies who cares the big companies don't get 3 dollars people still pay for them.

    2. Pirate bay is cool, there is no way I would pay 300$ for Software 1000 for final cut pro. If I had the money I would but times are tough.

    3. Definitely people know the risks and is it worth going to jail for some say yes and some say no for me I think its worth it.But then again its all Copyrighted material.

    4. I would be mad but hey people will be people that's why before launch you make it impossible to copy by using patches. The blame would be put on me. I wouldn't put a ban on the websites because if i got it down it would be on another website tomorrow.

    5. Two words Heavy encryption.

    6. They are all against Piracy like the website its just a waste of time people are always going to try to pirate and most likely succeed at doing so.

  27. 1. It is okay to copy stuff for back up purposes, but if you're going to sell that as a bootlegged version of the movie or music that is wrong.
    2. The Pirate Bay is cool and uncool at the same time. Going along with the back up purposes, I think its okay to download a movie that you own and maybe misplaced the DVD. But if your downloading them for free without using the back up purpose then that's just plain wrong.
    3.The punishments are acceptable because it is wrong to sell bootlegged media that you don't own or to download them. The punishments are very clear as to why you shouldn't pirate stuff, i mean look at megaupload, plus there are tons of other upload sites that have illegal stuff on them.
    4. I would feel terrible and very mad at the same time. I wouldn't want people stealing the stuff I'm trying to sell. I have to make a living somehow. I would not put a ban because once its on the internet, it never goes away.
    5. I think pirating will get worse and worse because hackers will get better and better at cracking games, movies, and other media like they already have.
    6. SOPA and PIPA are government acts that try and conceal piraters and hackers. SOPA will give power to the government to try and stop online trafficking. PIPA will give additional tools to "curb" the IP address to stop hackers. These acts are good and bad. The bad part is that they will limit the freedom of the internet and possibly shut down good websites.

    1. For number 1, have you never let someone use your iPod? Let them use a CD that you have bought? Downloaded and songs off the internet? If so, that's what you are calling wrong right there. And for number 3, If you have ever done and of what I have just asked, then it's okay for you to be fined $250,000 and ten years in prison? That's a lot for letting someone use one of you CD's. Also, you don't need a ton of hackers for pirating. There are already enough out there, and real hackers don't hack games for people, you can find a way to download games to online without hacking. There are already so many websites out there that let you download games that upload new ones everyday. I agree that it will get worse though, that is just inevitable.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. ^ I like being secret so i can say this, Haters gonna hate, and i know a LOT of people, who hack games for people, and they get payed a TON, like 50 dollars for someone to hack that stupid sims game on facebook, and ya, the whole CD thing is wrong, but opinions r opinions. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

  28. 1. Blank cassettes were used to record sounds through a voice recorder. Examples of this include keeping a documentary about something, police use it, etc. DVDs were made for recording shows from TV to watch later, or copy movies or music already purchased onto it for backup in case the original unit was broken or lost in some way. It just so happens that it is also possible to redistribute copies of movies to others for free, which loses money for the copyright owners since the person who should be buying it from them and giving them their money is instead getting the same product for free from someone else. If people could copy and paste ipods from the store and give these copies to their friends, it's the equivalent of pirating online. It's stealing in a different way, and I think it's wrong.

    2. These questions sound like they're mocking me. Anyway, though, pirate bay seems like an assembly line of stealing and distributing. It's the top answer multiplied by x, where x = amount of downloads from pirate bay. Software is expensive for a reason: it's hard to make. The programming, graphical objects, math, file systems, and everything in a program has to be made by a huge team of people, and then someone steals it. That's just wrong, man.

    3. Based on logic, I'd say people should have to pay a fine equal to the amount of the product's cost times the amount of products they pirated, so it's like their just paying for it late. Based on reason, however, people would be pirating a whole lot more if this were the case. But a $250,000 fine and 10 years in jail is really extreme.

    4. If I were a software engineer (which will happen), I'd make it harder to copyright my material. Steam games are really hard to redistribute because they're so huge in memory. I might do some sort of security subprogram that prevents copyrighting by a little.

    5. Unless some new technology revelation intervenes, there should most likely be a pattern of how much music is being made, and how much music pirating is happening. As more and more people pirate music, less artists will make it in the first place. As music depletes, piraters will have nothing to copy, so musicians will continue to make music again. The cycle will continue, unless computer operating systems somehow prevent people from pirating through file security or something. I've got kind of an idea in my head for that one day.

    6. SOPA is crazy. If you type pirate bay into the google search bar, they'll provide a link to the pirate bay website. The bill for SOPA claims that they would be given the right to shut down all search engines which provide links to other websites that pirate. SOPA would allow the government to shut down google. That would be catastrophic. PIPA, however, seems more reasonable. It looks like it wants to give the government more authority to shut down websites dedicated to pirating, meaning youtube can't be shut down because they only want to broadcast videos. Pirate bay would, though, which I think is fine.

  29. 1) i Dont think its a big deal if you did that now but back then i guess it was the equivilant of piracy now. But that is true why would they make blank CDs? So i actually think its alright and no where on CDs did it say you cant copy them...because what if it got scratched so i mean its not a very big deal to me so i think its alright.

    2) Yeah i think pirates bay is pretty cool, but you have to watch out for downloading viruses so thats the uncool part about it, but soft ware and stuff like that does cost a lot, so when its free why not?

    3) No i dont think they are fair they should just make you pay for what ever you downloaded illegally, whats with $250,000. They already make a lot of money off the stuff so whats an extra $60 to them it doesnt make sense.

    4) I would be kind of pissed at first but why would i put myself in the position to get it shared for free by EVERYONE? I would also remember that people always find a way to not pay for things so it really wouldnt hurt me that much, i would also feel pretty good that people like my game and would take the time to pirate it so in the end i might actually be pretty happy.

    5) Me personally, i dont think it will change, there will always be ways people find to get things for free and you just kind of have to deal with it, and half the time they are singing about how much money they have so the people think oh well it doesnt matter if i make a free copy and put it online.

    6) SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act which will give the U.S government more power so they stop online trafficking. PIPA is the Protect IP Act which will prevent online threats to economic security and will allow holders to curb IP addresses so it would be harder to hack things

  30. 1.) I think it is fine to buy blank cassettes and DVDs and put music and software on them but when people do it illegally that it is completely wrong. The reason they were made was to store information or to get songs or software to other devices that you bought legally not to get illegal items off the internet.

    2.)Pirate bay is illegal. It is not cool at all people just think it is cool because it is risky and anything that is a challenge or wrong people will try to do what ever it is and try to get away with it just because people think they will be cool for doing something illegal.

    3.) I think the fine should be in forced more often because if it is illegal then it should be in forced just like all other illegal crime so i feel the fine is the perfect punishment for illegally copying software music and movies.

    4.) if i was a musician or a software designer and people where making illegal copies of what i spenta very long time on i would feel cheated and very upset and would want a small amount of justus to be done.

    5.) Int future i think there will still pirating and people making what they make. Pirating will aways be present. Its almost impossible to get rid of. But to all artists out there, dont make it too expensive thats why people are illegally copying your art. And all of you piraters, stop making illegal copies. Just pay for it like the rest of us.

    6.)SOPA is a bill that allows for there to be more law in forcement on pirating. PIPA is a proposed law that allows access to "rouge" web sites that are dedicated to making counterfeit goods (music, movies, etc.)

  31. 1. I am certain this way of sharing is on the same level as that of today, however, it takes its place in more of a moral grey-area as the sharing was done less for the reason of an inability to play, and more on a friend giving a friend a sort of gift, although dedicated pirates did still exist. Though one could make the argument that the sale of blank DVDs is directly affecting the amount of piracy, it is an argument which is not well founded.

    2. In today's world, I am not quite sure if the right ideal is to say that piracy is cool, though some people have that ideal. It, however, does have a necessary idealism about it.

    3. I feel the punishment in any regard, whether it be judicial or financial, is far to great today. Though these are "clear" consequences, they are far to great and seem more deserving to individuals who are guilty of directly stealing money, which receive much less penalty. This is seen in an example of many "white-collar" crimes, crimes which can ruin the lives of many for the success of one or few. These types of crimes are punished with often half the consequences of much smaller pirate crimes.

    4. I feel that, although I know that were I in that position I would seek retaliation in a similar way, the environment of pirates is motivated both economically and politically. This political motivation has shown many pirates strongly supporting small business and independent developers. If I were on such developer, I do not imagine my product would be unsupported.

    5. I see the future bringing stronger and stronger attempts by legislature to but a stop to pirating. However, I do not see them being effective. Piracy will continue for a very long time, if not indefinitely.

    6. SOPA and PIPA were pieces of American legislature largely focused on attacking copyright infringement as well as piracy. I dislike these bills for, along with their anti-piracy measures, the bill also would have brought many internet censorship measures which I find to be an intrusion on necessary freedoms found with the internet.

  32. 1. In the past i have known people who have downloaded music and movies onto blank cassettes and CDs but at the time I didn't worry about it, although I probably would have at least thought twice on this seeing as it does take away business from the artists but to me this doesn't seem any different than lets say sharing a song with someone through an email. It's all relative to what the person is sharing.

    2. Pirate Bay is free but it's definitely not cool. As expensive as CDs are for me personally it's more about having the ability to help support a musician or artist who I would like to consecutively produce content for myself to enjoy.

    3. I don't think the punishment that is presented towards those who commit piracy is "fair". However there does need to be a punishment. We have to at least try to prevent people from committing piracy but I don't think you should be charged 250,000 for downloading a few songs, I do see how this punishment could be warranted if your costing the sources hundreds of thousands of dollars, but other wise it seems a little extreme.

    4. I would definitely not support piracy but I as an artist would try to give people a reason to support me (future content, Better quality etc.) Compared to trying to just punish those that don't pay for it.

    5. I think that piracy will always be an element on the internet, however the popularity of piracy may lower or drop. The biggest reason why piracy will most likely never be taken away is because even as technology upgrades and measures of stopping piracy evolve, so will the pirates. Pirates will always try and find new ways of getting things for free just as thieves have since there have been things to steal.

    6. I don't support SOPA or PIPA and it's not because i support piracy, it's because SOPA an PIPA seemed to in my opinion more censor the internet than try and actually crack down on piracy. They were for the most part trying to completely get rid of copyright infringement which would be fine, however on the internet with a large majority of things posted around on the web without consult, this doesn't seem like it would integrate with how people share and show off information.

  33. 1.) I believe that Piracy is a HUGE no-no. People spend lots of money to create movies and books and things of that nature. Except, in the case of music. I believe that music is an art, and should be shared with the world for free. Why should somebody charge for self expression? If I were to ever get into music, I would only ever accept donations. I would never sign a single record deal. Because music IS an art. It's as simple as that.

    2.) I think that Pirate bay is an extremely inappropriate site, considering it is as illegal, if not more than, possession or use of drugs. No, it is not a "cool site"

    3.) I think that the punishment(s) for copyright infringement is a "little" bit over the top. And by "a little" I mean they are greatly over exaggerated. You can be arrested for rape, and if you plea guilty, suffer a minimal NINE MONTHS in jail. Where as, if you share a file, you suffer up to a $250,000 fine and up to 10 years in jail. I guess that's just capitalism for you.

    4.) Like I said in my first statement, I believe music to be an art and that it should be shared with the world for free.

    5.) I believe that the punishment for copyright infringement is going to bubble over then simmer down very quickly. Like, The fine and jail time will eventually double, and then quickly drop due to public outrage.

    6.) SOPA and PIPA are internet censorship organizations. They set out to make the internet a "safer place" and stop piracy. Which is fine and dandy, and should be done, except for in the case of music. Why should you charge somebody to know who you are while expressing it through music? I rest my case.

  34. 1. Well a reason why they sell blank DVDS is so you can burn something on it. For example you have to do a project, the project is a movie or song and the teacher wants you to burn the video or music on the DVD. I kinda think piracy is ok, well depends on what your stealing. If it's ment to be payed for then it's wrong. If it's ment to be free like youtube then it's ok in my opinion.

    2. Pirate bay isn't that cool. It would interest someone that wants stuff that you have to pay for but honestly i'm not interseted in getting stuff you pay for. I don't even think things like I tunes have the music I like and love.

    3.To me it's fair if your filming a movie but if your pirating then you should just pay how much it was to buy it.

    4. That would be a huge problem. I actually have plans to make a idea for 3 video game. If I were to release it out to the world i'd be so mad if some stole it for free.

    5. In the future I believe that it won't matter. I have an odd feeling that one day no one is going to care and piracy won't be a crime.

    6. Stop Online Piracy Act, Protect IP Act. These are acts to try and stop piracy. I kinda don't agree with these acts. It's there choice if they want to pirate or not.

  35. 1. It's wrong to copy others movies and songs onto blank DVDs. But people sold them so is you made a project or something you could put it on a DVD.

    2. I've never heard of Pirate Bay before but I don't think it's cool. It's a website where you can download music, software, and movies illegally. I think if people want something so bad they should just buy it. If everything was for free then no one would gain from anything.

    3. The punishments are fair. But 10 years in prison! If you illegally download something it's not worth 10 years of your life. So these punishments are fair because people need to know that it's a crime.

    4. If I spent my time and money to make a movie or music it would make me upset that others had put my things I worked so hard to make on a site that they can download it for free from.

    5. I think more things are going to be illegally downloaded instead of being bought because people don’t want to spend money on things that they can get for free. A lot more people are going to pirate because it’s cheaper and artists will be making less money.

    6. SOPA, stop online piracy act, and PIPA, preventing real online threats to economic creativity and theft of intellectual property act, are bills that try to stop online piracy. I agree with them that piracy needs to stop but they don’t have to take away peoples rights. But people will find ways around these bills and continue what they’re doing.

  36. 1. I think its ok if you dont sell them for profit but if you sell them you should be fined.

    2.Pirate bay does not sound like a websuite gthat i would download off of due to it being ilegall. If they want somthing the shouldnt get it ilegally.

    3.The punishing is ok but if you are going to serve ten years for a download I think that should be changed just for a fine of $500,000.

    4.I would think that WHy are they doing this to somthing that took me years to make and put it up there for there use but is being used against me profit whise.

    5. I suppose that If ilegall pirating is in effect I beleive that no one but the artists are going to be hurting due to the fact of them recieving no profit.

    6.I agree to SOPA/PIPA due to the fact of having someone keeping the cheaters of the economy out. I also beleive that some of the punishments are wrong but it needs to be stopped.

  37. 1) Clearly from the statistics today, if this hadn't been the case, I think it could be way more controlled. But, honestly, I am a hypocrite if I say that I want things to be more controlled. I am baffled by far at how much money has been lost with people pirating material, though. I find it neither to be right or wrong... I'm neutral with the situation. I'd pay for products if they weren't as expensive as they were.

    2) I've never been to Pirate Bay, honestly. I've never even heard of it. Some kind of tech student I am, huh?

    3) Yes, in this case, I think it would be a good idea to have them pay $250,000 but maybe a smaller amount of years in prison. I would say around 5 would suffice.

    4) Oh, of course! I made a game for people to enjoy, not to gain for free. I don't find pirating a good thing, but it would make me a hypocrite if I said that I don't do it myself. I try to avoid it whenever possible, though.

    Will finish this later tonight.

    1. 5) Honestly, I think musicians and other artists will not have enough money to be successful in the world, since around the majority of today's main music market are 18-29-year-olds. I must admit I do this sometimes as well, but I have a huge amount of respect for these artists and try to buy their music when I can.

      6) I agree with SOPA but with PIPA, I'm not entirely sure...

  38. 1. I think there is nothing wrong with downloading files to a CD and applying it to all your electronic devices. Blank CD's are developed in order to make this process easier and allows you to back up your software on these.

    2. I am a fan of pirate bay just for the fact that I can receive free software. With the price of these software sky rocketing, it makes obtaining new technological advances much simpler.

    3. I honestly don't believe that the fine should be set so high. If a person is to get caught, they should only have to pay back for what they downloaded plus a minimum fee. It all depends the the extremes of the situation.

    4. I would not be totally upset as long as the people get caught and paid for what they downloaded of mine. Otherwise, I am sure that even my own friends would be illegally downloading these as well.

    5. As technology advances, the piracy will continue to increase. The software becomes more elaborate and these illegal distributors are one step ahead of the game. Yes, the piracy rate may decline due to the severity of the punishment, but it will never become extinct.

    6. PIPA and SOPA are both piracy acts that are going through congress. Pipa is slightly different as they are trying to hire a certain group of people to file through the internet and exterminate the piracy websites. Sopa on the other hand is just granting access to these companies to seek out their own material and exterminate it themselves.

  39. 1. They're can be a lot of different opinions on pirating. Ultimately it's wrong but I'd be a liar if I said I never did it. Therefore I can't say it's wrong without being a hypocrite. It is a valid point that they give you the tools to pirate.

    2. Again I'd be a liar if I said I'd never use it. But usually I pirate things because I've heard they're good and if they're good enough ill buy them. So everybody wins.

    3. I think the fine is fair because no matter how you look at it your breaking the law. It doesn't matter if you stole or your a murderer your breaking a law.

    4. I'd imagine if I made a blockbuster movie I'd make enough and then some even with people stealing my products. You can't get a good copy of a movie till its near DVD release so people usually suck it up and go see it. Just of that I'd make millions so really I think some of these big guys are greedy.

    5. I'm sure there will always be pirating I just don't think it's that big of a deal to stop. I also don't think it'll ever be that big of a problem.

    6. I don't agree with either because its too big to limit and I don't think it should be.

  40. 1.I think that if you bought the music or DVD on the internet it would be fine to burn it on a disc but to steal it that's not cool

    2. To be honest i would do it and use it but its very bad and if you get caught your going to jail.

    3. i don't think its fair at all because people worked really hard to make something for money and you can turn around and download it for free.

    4. i would be very upset because making a song or a movie or a type of software it costs a lot of money and then your done and someones practicality stealing it id be furious.

    5. it really has not gone to far but i dont think it will stop or an end to the situation.

    6. PIPA and SOPA aren't very different both for privacy.

  41. 1 Blank CD’s, DVD’s, and cassette tapes are designed for copying music and movies. I believe that it is fine if you just use them for copying music for your friends and are NOT doing it for profit. You cannot make a profit from any copied information, that is when it crosses over into illegal activity.
    2 I do not believe that large public sites that offer free software downloads are legal. Shared information should be offline and between acquaintances.
    3 The penalties should be this harsh, for now. There isn’t enough punishment nowadays for pirating. The consequences should be more clear though.
    4I would definitely be mad about if people shared my game for free. I wouldn’t be mad if friends shared it though, because that seems to be okay. I would definitely try and get websites banned though.
    5I believe that people will start cracking down on pirating, but there will still be a LOT of websites still trying to pirate.
    6I agree with some policies about SOPA and PIPA, but it shouldn’t add to any censoring procedures.

  42. 1.) I dont think its right to copy movies or music until after they have been out for awhile. copying something before its release is actually the biggest problem with piracy.

    2.) No, its not cool but its extremely useful. you just always run the risk but i dont think anyone actually cares.

    3.) Those punishments are insane. the most logical thing would be to fine them for all they illegally pirated. no one deserves prison either.

    4.) Theres no point to stopping something if its on the internet already. you just got to be careful where you release your project and who you are doing it thru. I would be pissed if that happened to me.

    5.) There will probably be bans that are put in place to stop pirating or at least minimize it. the people that fund it should be the artists though. Pirating would be really hard to stop.

    6.) SOPA and PIPA are government bans that were trying to censor the internet.



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