Sunday, August 12, 2012

CTE and GenYES

Exploring CTE - Career & Technology Education

GenYES is a fairly new addition to the Information Technology section of CTE at both the state and district level.

Take a look at these statements from the Arizona CTE Website:

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare students to enter the workforce with the academic and vocational skills needed to compete successfully in the job market. CTE courses typically include competency-based learning.

Our Vision: Ensure a dynamic workforce by fully developing every student’s career and academic potential.

Our Mission: Prepare Arizona students for workforce success and continuous learning.

1.  Briefly, in two sentences, explain how one of these statements might relate to your experience in GenYES.  Please comment on only one section, be original and not duplicate any other students response.

2.  Open the Arizona CTE Website and click on the Student Organizations Link.  Members from our GenYES group will be part of one of these organizations.  Which one do you think?  Why?

3.  Now open the PV CTE Website.  Find the page that has GenYES on it.  It's hard to find it huh?!  We don't have much of a presence here... yet!  So we need to change that!  What information did you find there?  And what information do you think we should provide to the webmaster of this site?