Sunday, January 27, 2013

(S4) Web 3.0

Web 3.0 – What will it look like? Is it already here? It’s always difficult to tell just where we stand in terms of technological chronology. But if we assume that Web 1.0 was based only upon hyperlinks, and Web 2.0 is based on the social, person-to-person sharing of links, then Web 3.0 uses a combination of socially-sourced information, curated by a highly refined, personalizable algorithm.  HUH? 

1. What are the distinctions of Web 1.0?  Web 2.0?  And what really is Web 3.0?  What is 3.0 also called?  Research and put these ideas in your own words!
2. Do you think we are experiencing any signs of web 3.0 right now?  If so, what are examples of 3.0 now? 
3. How might Web 3.0 change our lives?  Good?  Bad?  


  1. 1. Web 1.0 was very simplistic, and were made in HTML (static, not graphically advanced, think something like this: [DISCLAIMER, I DO NOT ENDORSE THIS SITE, I'M ONLY USING IT AS AN EXAMPLE]) Web 2.0 is more modern and has more advanced elements, including javascript. Some sites are made entirely from Flash. Web 3.0 is likely to be the next rung on the interactivity ladder, maybe even venturing into the realms of artificial intelligence. This level of interactivity might not be unlocked until tens or hundreds of years from now. Web 3.0 is also called Semantic Web.
    2. A possible example of Web 3.0 (going off of the possibility of AI's) is Cleverbot is a website where you can talk with an Artificial Intelligence that learns from all of the things that have been said to is over its activity.
    3. Web 3.0 could be a breakthrough technology that revolutionizes the way we send and receive information. It could change the way we advertise, entertain, and even connect the users to each other.

  2. 1. Web 1.0 was mostly read-only. People couldn't really post things or share information. It was mostly just looking for sources and things that other higher-up people have installed on the web. Web 2.0 adds the user interaction like posting videos, blogs, social media things, and is a read-write system. Web 3.0 is kind of a read-write-execute system. Programs and applications are going to be used over the internet to search better and communicate with other computers directly, or something.

    2. Games, power points, and online gaming is what I think web 3.0 is sort of right now.

    3. I guess it will be easier to share information, or something. I'm not really sure. It's all just kind of rumors about versions of the internet going around. It doesn't sound like a real project.

  3. 1.) Web 1.0 is mostly read. People couldn't really post things or share info. It was mostly just looking for sources and things that other smarter people have installed on the web. Web 2.0 adds the user interaction like posting videos, blogs, social media things. Web 3.0 is kind of a read,write,execute system.

    2.) Yes, Games faster web searches are all happening now.

    3.) I think it would be easier to use technology

  4. 1 Web 1.0 was used by businesses and for finding information, like the online encyclopedia Britanica. Web 2.0 was the user web, with wikipedia, and the common access of it for everybody. Web 3.0 is the "portable personal web" because it is made for the user, with mobile apps, widgets, and designed for the individual.

    2I think Cloud Computing is web 3.0 because it is the biggest change we have had in years, allowing the personal user to have the most ease anywhere they are.

    3I think it will change our lives for good, as cloud computing is an awesome convenient feature.

  5. 1.) Web 1.0 was used for work and research proposes. Web 2.0 was for every one and was publicly accessible. Web 3.0 is for the user and designed to be user friendly.

    2.) I think we are seeing just glimpses of what web 3.0 is going to be. For example faster internet, games, and web searches is what we are seeing so far of web 3.0

    3.) I think it will most certainly be a good thing. It will make life easier and better for the user.

  6. 1. Web 1.0 is mainly business. Web 2.0 is for the public. Web 3.0 is for users.

    2. I dont really see any right now, other than games, internet, and connections.

    3. It might be secure for users but i dont know if its a safe Idea.

  7. 1. What are the distinctions of Web 1.0? Web 2.0? Anthony Novoa is amazing
    Web 1.0 has less graphics and interactive tools than web 1.0.
    What really is Web 3.0? What is 3.0 also called?
    It is an interactive web centered around you with ease of accesses due to interactive graphics.

    2. Yes, WIndows 8 apps show a perfect example of tapping into windows 3.0 by integrating the web into a fullscreen program that relies on the internet.

    3. I don't think it will change much. It will just make things easier and faster to use.

    1. Anthony Novoa would be more amazing if he did his blog homework!

  8. 1. Web 1.0 is basically just a way to retrieve information, Web 2.0 is way to retrieve and share information, web 3.0, however, focuses on the individual. The idea is to make their life easier and provide them with what they need while the whole time interacting with the user. Thus web 3.0 has become known the portable personal web.

    2. I think that generally 3.0 is already in effect, with the increased use of mobile devices and the sreamlining of everyday processes into our devices. While it isn't yet on the scale imagined by this website it is well on its way to that point.

    3. I agree with a lot of my classmates, Web 3.0 will make daily tasks easier and faster but it won't really be innovation on the scale of web 1.0 and web 2.0.

  9. 1. Web 1.0 was a "read only" type of web that focused on businesses and advertisement. Web 2.0 focused on social networking as well as places like wikipedia and Google. Web 3.0 is the portable personal web that focuses on the users personal life.
    2. Yes we are. Look at the iPhone 5 and what has been put in it to make simple things simpler. Siri, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter. Not only is it easy to accese but it is completely portable.
    3. In my personal opinion i believe people spend way too much time doing things they dont need to be doing, for instance playing video games or spending countless hours on Facebook when they could be at the gym training or exercising.

  10. 1. Web 1.0 was all about read content only making it primarily for email which is why it is referred to as the "Hotmail" era. Web 2.0 was all about user generated content and that is when youtube came about and began flourishing as many people joined and began uploading series of videos. Web 3.0 is supposed to be all about data and personalization which is something that iGoogle is really pushing.

    2. A lot of web 3.0 already exists whether people realize it or not. With thousands of downloads, shares, personalizations, and uploads per day, it is already showing what web 3.0 will be all about.

    3. I don't think that it is much of a breakthrough seeing as how much it exists already. Although, it may make things easier and faster, it will not come as a huge shock to the public or anything because we already have many of those capabilities.

  11. 1.My opinion of Web 1.0 was it mostly is all about reading and for people who are having to deal projects. It's not really meant for everyone as a whole. Web 2.0 is more of today styles and not much back then. It is for sure more creative and holds more to it. The Web 3.0 focuses more on what the user is more interested in and it resembles them more. It is a more personal use of the Web.
    2. The Web 3 is a lot more used, because yes, it is in our mobile devices, Everyday they are adding more to it and it is constantly becoming more used in everything.
    3. Web 3 is very much a good thing, if not a great thing. It makes users lives a lot more easier and it benefits them. I am really happy it was made for the public and i feel like people will find a lot of potential in it as well.

  12. 1) Web 1.0 was mainly creation-based instead of sharing-based. You can only use email basically and you could only read things mainly. Web 2.0 is the web that you're able to read and write and was focused on communities. There were blogs and Wikipedia was created. Web 3.0 is the web mainly on iPads and iPhones and portable devices such as smartphones. It's completely user-based.

    2) Hmm... I'm not exactly sure. I haven't been experiencing much myself.

    3) As I haven't really experienced it, I would have to say it would be neutral for me. I think that 3.0 would be cool, though. I just have to experience it firsthand.

  13. 1.web 1.o is for read web only its for companies and businesses. web 2.0 is a read write web for search engines web 3.0 is more of a personal web a semantic web for life stream and other things

    2.i think that web 3.0 is showing right now with mobile devises,downloads and so much more

    3.i think it can change our lives in a good way by advancing technology and the way we live our lives every day weather its using a computer or on your ipod or phone so many things

  14. 1.) Web 1.0 focused mostly on companies, home pages, HTML, portals, web forms, owning content, directories, Net scape, pages views, and advertising. Web 2.0 focused on communities, blogs, sharing content, Wikipedia, XML, RSS, web applications, tagging, Google, cost per click, and word of the mouth. Web 3.0 is called 'The Portal Personal Web'. Web 3.0 focuses on individuals. It focuses on things like, lifestream, consolidating dynamic content, the cinematic web, widgets, drag & drop mashups, user behavior, iGoogle, NetVibes, and user engagement.
    2.) I think Web 3.0 is already in use. It is already in our phones and other mobile devices.
    3.) Web 3.0 is definitely a good thing. It make things easier and faster.

  15. 1- Web 1.0 was more information based. It was all about reading and more informative tasks and it was more of a gift to be involved in it. 2.0 is more of a modern free user based setup, where the user could and can do more. 3.0 is all about the user and is more portable.
    2- In this day and time, 3.0 is used a lot, especially in tablets and mobile devices. they are constantly coming out with updates and it being set up on a cloud system allows for constant improvement.
    3- WEb three is a good and a bad thing. I like being able to have more control of the setup of my actual computer, but now its preset to be made easy for the user, which is a blessing and a curse on its own. Over all, it is a good thing, but i would like to keep 2.0 with me as well.

  16. 1. In web 1.0 it was usually used to look up few academic site for information. Web 2.0 is used to collaborate with other people and to work on projects over the web. Blogs, wikis, and web services are also components of web 2.0.
    Web 3.0 is suppose to make web searching faster and easier.

    2. Yes, web 3.0 is around. Like that commercial I see about the IPhone where you say a sentence or phrase and the web looks it up.

    3. It's alright in my opinion. It depends on who you are for this to change your life.

  17. 1) Web 1.0 You basically only read stuff on the web and it was very simple, Web 2.0 you could write and read and it was more advanced in a few areas than 1.0, has blogs, wikipedia, web apps ect. , Web 3.0 is more advanced than all of them is focoused on individual lifestream. Web 3.0 is also called the portable personal web

    2) yeah sorta, in things like internet playable games connectivity to tablets ect.

    3) it will change our lives and make it better because every one knows most advances are better

  18. 1) Web 1.0 was focusing on bringing information to people the world over. It just conveyed information, but didn't make it interesting. It was just text. Web 2.0 focused on making information interesting and using the web as a social connection. It introduced graphical advertising and making the web more user-interactive. Web 3.0 introduces the new idea of a web that is customized for a person. The web will follow the person's actions and make the Web more user friendly and easier to interact with both people and devices. Web 3.0 is also called the portable personal web.

    2) I believe that some signs of web 3.0 are sites such as facebook and google which try to track user information and customize the way that the site works for them.

    3) Web 3.0 will definitely affect our lives in a way that will affect everyone. Several good effects will be that it will be much more user friendly and anyone will be able to understand how the web works. The bad effect is that some people might gain too much information about a user. People might also become too attached to the web to care about real face-to-face people.

  19. 1) Web 1.0 was the first step of the World Wide Web, which allowed people to share and commercially display their content on the internet for people to view. Once Web 2.0 was released, people were finally able to interact on websites and post things. They could comment, rate, and share their ideas with others to build on ideas. Finally we reach the Web 3.0 which essentially will act as a assistant to help you find what you need. With web 3.0 coming into play, browser will become your friend and start to remember what you like to visit and keep your interests in mind. It is basically like Siri on the browsers.

    2) Yes, Google searches are becoming more direct and are giving you the searches you really would hope to find.

    3) Web 3.0 will change our lives and make our life on the internet a lot simpler and fun.


  20. 1. Web 1.0 was made distinct by the the generally static html sites. The most useful function to the laymen computer users was hotmail. Web 2.0 was more focused on making the internet more interesting to the public with site such as Flickr. Web 3.0 is to be focused entirely on making the internet personalized to you.

    2. Web 3.0 is certainly here in some regards. However, Web 3.0 will not be here fully until working with the internet, such as using html or creating websites, is made easier.

    3. I feel Web 3.0 will bring focus to the purely aesthetic side of the internet, which I feel is a bad idea, as it is much more important to focus on the ability and efficiency of systems in the internet.

  21. Web 1.0 is basically about HTML codes and websites mostly about Emil websites such as hotmail msn and yahoo. Web 2.0 is about mostly the internets enteirtainment such as youtube. Web 3.0 About having a personalized setting just for you.

    Site 3.0 Is becoming into this Generation by HAving sites such as firefox and google ghrome that have a cutsomizeable Webpage.

    Web 3.0 is most interesting and hopefully have sttings placed.

  22. 1. Web 1.0 was meant to look up information and go on your email and simple stuff like that. Web 2.0 focused more on a social media and entertainment such as Firefox and Facebook it also allowed people to finally post things. Web 3.0 will be the further advancement of the internet with such features as clever bot and will be much more user friendly.

    2. Video games power points and faster web searches.

    3. Web 3.0 will have a lot of positive affects on our lives by making the internet simpler and and faster

  23. 1. Web 1.0 is only for reading. Web 2.0 is for reading AND writing. Web 3.0 is for reading, writing, AND executing. Web 3.0 is also called the "executable web."
    2. I think we are using at least some versions of Web 3.0. Facebook with their ads pertaining to you and much more, Google is amazing and they are constantly up-to-date, and SIRI from Apple (on the iPhone) will easily connect you to the Web/internet and help you because it is amazing, fast, and reliable.
    3. Web 3.0 will positively impact our lives. No questions. As I mentioned above, the internet/Web that's on all different kinds of devices are becoming faster, more amazing, and more reliable. Also, the Web/internet is becoming easier to use, and who doesn't want to save time (and be lazy)?

  24. 1. Web 1.0 wasn't as open as 2.0. In web 2.0, you get a lot of social networking, blogs and user-created content of that nature. It seems that 3.0 will actually take a few more cues from 1.0, such as simply searching for a place to eat, all while streamlining advancing on the technology that made 1.0 and 2.0 such a success.

    2. We're most likely already experiencing bits and pieces of 3.0 bits and pieces of it are all around. Google ads, for example, take your cookies and customize the ads that you see to become relevant to you, hoping that you have a better chance of clicking on them. As well as this, the ability to access the web from anywhere via mobile phones is a huge leap.

    3. While all of this technology is cool, and will positively impact our lives, if we take things to far, I feel that it might start to make us lose our touch with the real world.

  25. 1.Web 1.0 is very simple used for people in business's and receptionists.Web 2.0 is the Internet we know today used for all types of people its used. Web 3.0 is the newest internet is just updating from 2.0 success to make the internet even better.
    2. We are seeing Web 3.0 in tablets Google devices, Ipod's etc by using voice Recognition and Google Chrome using the cloud to move your settings to another computer.
    3. I think Web 3.0 will make everyone more lazier but overall will be better so a little bit of good and bad.But will overall impact our lives positively

  26. 1. web one was mostly simple like read only things. web 2 is the thing we use it is aplications and visuals.Web 3.0 is the future its what the web will become. it will make the internet better
    2. I think we are seeing the sings in all of the advertising and a lot of the social netweorking sites like facebook with the user tailored experiance
    3.I thibnk it will conect us to the web in a whole new way on the upside taht will make informnation travel much faster on the down side we may never disconect completely ever agin and be almost forced to keep using it.

  27. 1. Web 1.0 was just to read simple things like the news and such. Web 2.0 was much more advanced in the way it used more visuals and creativity. Web 3.0 is the new high tech, advanced web and it will be faster, easier and all-around better. Web 3.0 is called "the portable personal web"
    2. Yes we are seeing some of Web 3.0, some examples are facebook, certain websites, and the ability to use the web almost anywhere.
    3. Web 3.0 could change our lives but not so much that it would cause a huge effect. It could help someone make money maybe but some people already do that.

  28. 1. Web 1.0 is mostly only for reading information and used for companies. Web 2.0 is when people could share and create things on the internet like blogs and youtube videos. Web 3.0, also known as semantic web, means simpler web searcher when the internet understands what is being searched instead of a series of links. It's also more personalized and is focused on the individual.

    2. Some signs of web 3.0 are the better internet searches, improvements in gaming, and the cloud.

    3. I think web 3.0 is a positive change that will help with problems. It's also a good advancement in technology that is going to be improved over time

  29. End of comments for full credit.

  30. 1. web 1.0 was more for the propose of presenting, not for user generated content. web 2.0 allowed people to not only retrieve information. It had three new characteristics such as Rich Internet Application (RIA) - defined as a desktop desktop to browser whether it is from a graphical point of view or usability point of view. The Web-Oriented architecture (WOA) - witch defines the functionality of a application. And last but not least social web, meaning applications like Facebook or twitter.

    2. Yes, I can see it happening because searches are more defined and are faster.

    3. I believe that web 3.0 will change the web and make it easier to use. It is going to be a huge break though and will be constantly updated.

  31. 1. Web 1.0 is mainly business. Web 2.0 is for the public. Web 3.0 is for users.

    2. I really see right now, a lots of examples such as than games, internet, and connections. Also Clever

    3. It might be secure for users but i dont know if its a safe Idea. Yet it will make our lives easier and faster to process

  32. I guess i'm not very good with this whole blog thing, i'm never gonna get full credit.

    1. Here's an image i found ->
    Basically web 1.0 was the beginning of the internet. It was a place where people could host their businesses for others to check out without picking up the phone, granted it was pretty slow. Web 2.0 became more of the sharing of ideas, forum and blogs started showing up. People wanted to be heard and this was how they accomplished that feat. Whereas 1.0 was gaining information this was now the sharing of information and communicating with each other. Web 3.0 with be a collective from all the users of the web, it will be more advanced social networking, i.e. Facebook, it will be cloud computing and online storage, and we are supposedly already in our third year of it. It is sharing, from open source to creative commons, to Artificial Intelligence, it will learn from us.
    2. I believe we are in the midst of 3.0, it is cloud computing and user sharing, it is facebook and instagram and twitter. Web 3.0 is the sharing of user's ideas and the hashtags
    3. 3.0 will make us more dependent upon the internet. People will want to know what their friends say and vice versus. They will crave for showing the world what they do and how they do it.

  33. 1. Web 1.0 is mainly business and has simple aspects to it. Web 2.0 is for the public it has a lot of ocial networking, blogs and user-created content . Web 3.0 is for users it brings the touch of an individual life.

    2. I really see right now, a lots of examples such as than games, internet, and connections. Also Clever and our smartphones bring a presence of web 3.0 especially the social media and individual aspects.

    3. It might be secure for users but i dont know if its a safe Idea. Yet it will make our lives easier and faster to process. It is a great advancement in technology.

  34. 1. Web 1.0 is a simple format, made for just retrieving information. Web 2.0 incorporates adobe flash player and social elements. Web 3.0 will be more advanced than 2.0, i dont know what it will bring but a lot of individual networking and more user friendly.

    2. I think we can see it in a lot of mobile devices and smartphones where the interface is mostly just internet.

    3. I think the more cloud computing we add and individual user experience will only improve our lives so it will be good.

  35. 1:Web 1.0 was an early stage of the conceptual evolution of the World Wide Web, centered around a top-down approach to the use of the web and its user interface. Socially,clarification need. Basically it allowed people to post things on the internet for others to view. The term Web 2.0 was coined in 1999 to describe web sites that use technology beyond the static pages of earlier web sites. It is closely associated with Tim O'Reilly because of the O'Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference which was held in late 2004.[1][2] Although Web 2.0 suggests a new version of the World Wide Web, it does not refer to an update to any technical specification, but rather to cumulative changes in the ways software developers and end-users use the Web.What is Web 3.0? It is the next fundamental change both in how websites are created and, more importantly, how people interact with them.

    2:Yes, games, clever bots and other devices where the interfase is mostly the internet.

    3:It would revolutionize or severely change the way the human race receives information.

  36. 1. Web 1.0 was a more information based web with mostly read only base. It also was used more by businesses and used HTML and Portal. Web 2.0 is more of a modern web, where users can share content, and read and write websites. It is a user generated web. 3.0 focuses all of it's energy on the user and is more portable.
    2. Yes web 3.0 is used a bit more in Google, with giving you results that you are actually looking for, and actually assume what you are looking for.
    3. Web 3.0 is going to change our lives in a bad way, because in today's society it is all about me, me, me, and by making a web that stifles the users interaction with other users can only focus on themselves.

  37. 1. Web 1.0 wasn't very interactive at all. As many people have already stated it was "Read Only". Web 2.0 was like completely opposite, being very interactive with sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and this new Instagram thing thats getting popular now. Web 3.0? Well in the words of Wiktionary "The predicted third generation of the World Wide Web, usually conjectured to include semantic tagging of content."

    2. Two good possible examples: Online Gaming (such as Xbox Live, Steam or (holding in laughter) Playstation Network. Another good example are Artificial Intelligences (Like Cleverbot). And I was proud of myself for thinking of these creative answers until I realized everybody else said those things (I swear it was original in my mind).

    3. I think it'll take some time of getting used to but once we get the hang of it, it will definitely be a life changer because of all the people who use the Web today.

    1. *parenthesis after "playstation network"

  38. 1. The biggest distinction between web 1.0 and 2.0 is that with 1.0 users could view web pages but not contribute to them.Web 3.0 focuses on the "meaning of data" rather than just the information itself.
    2. Yes, an example of web 3.0 is iGoogle. Where users can personalize their online experience.
    3. I personally think that web 3.0 will make us more dependent on technology. This could be a bad thing if the day comes where we must function with out it (i.e. using google maps instead of actually looking at a map).

  39. 1. Web 1.0 is the basic internet from current point of view. Essentially Web 1.0 was a read-only based experience. The next major development after Web 1.0 was Web 2.0, really just an overall upgrade. In Web 2.0 users could read and write, mixing consumer and publishers. Web 3.0 is what we mostly have today, including presentations, multitasking, and more explanations with user and publisher.

    2. We have computer interaction in applications such as modern games, igoogle, and cleverbot.

    3. Its great! Web 3.0 is an innovated step in newer technology to make our lives better.

  40. 1. Web 1.0 in a nutshell is more or less the start of a big opening for the internet where large companies and corporations take advantage of the ability to commercialize and advertise on the internet to improve their profits.

    Web 2.0 is more of a time period where we start to use the internet to express a large quantity of our own opinions as well as ideas through outlets like blogs and file sharing sites. Google becomes one of the most used websites of all time giving us the ability to search vast amounts of info with nothing more than a click of a button.

    Web 3.0 however is completely different thing. Web 3.0 is a time period where we start to fully integrate technology into our lives from taking notes in class to adding people on social networking sites. We start to fully see the potential of how we can make tasks more convenient by automating them. Web 3.0 is an era of technologically integrated laziness.

    2. We are definitely experiencing parts of web 3.0 now, we have gained the ability to video chat with anyone anywhere in the world using nothing more than a smartphone. As shown in the previous blog to this one we have almost fully automated a house to be controlled with one Ipad.

    3. Web 3.0 will effect our lives in a large way, it will completely change how we effectively measure, control, and work with our machines. We will also most likely use new technology to help in the medical field, as well as with curing diseases with people like Bill Gates ,head of Microsoft a company solely based on technology, helping find vaccines and cures for diseases like malaria. So in summary Web 3.0 is going to have a large beneficial impact on how we live.

  41. 1. Web 1.0 is a simple, read-only kind of thing that is meant for news/email. Web 2.0 is more of a modern web and you can interact. Web 3.0 will even better than web 2.0

    2. Other than gaming, internet and connections, i dont really see it happening.

    3. It would be easier to share information and it could change the way we interact. It could also change the way we play games and things like that.

  42. 1. Web 1.0 was the basic web with read-only content, web 2.0 was the read and write web, it included blogs or sites like, flickr, youtube, digg, etc, web 3.0 is the semantic web, personalization, and intelligent search.

    2. Cleverbot would be a good example. It learns as you talk to it and it learns from what you are saying to it.

    3. I don't really see any changes besides in gaming, internet, and searching things on the web.

  43. 1. Web 1.0 is the simplest form of internet. It is a read-only browsing system. Web 2.0 allowed little more interaction by letting users create sites, blogs and other writing programs. Web 3.0 (semantic) is practically what we use today. It allows us to file through all kinds of data, social media, blogs and even those ancient "read-only" sites.

    2. Steam is a great example of web 3.0. The fact you can access your games and gaming content from any computer is crazy!!

    3. 3.0 will progressively change our lives as it allows us to access much needed information and even information that has no practical purpose. It is just all around the best possible future for our technological world.

  44. 1) The web 1.0 is a read only, very simple used for mail. 2.0 is an interactive type web. 3.0 is just 2.0 but more advanced and portable.

    2) Some what yes. We have psVitas and smart phones which carry interent wherever and whenever you go or do something.

    3) It could help us interact more and make our lifes easier while it would take longer to get used to. It wouldn't really change gaming and all that but it would help on other stuff.

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  46. 1. Web 1.0 was for getting info. and that was really all there was. Web 2.0 was when the more interactive websites like Facebook and Youtube came.

    2. I think there are some bits of web 3.0 like how much could saving is being used, but we are still mainly in 2.0.

    3. Web 3.0 will be both good and bad because it will make it way easier to make and save our content, but it will be bad because people will start to become lazy and start to depend to it.


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