Sunday, April 12, 2015

(S12) Technology & Law Enforcement

police cameras.jpg
Police body cameras?  Do the police need more technology?
Police officers protect and serve the community and are generally looked up to by others who can't defend themselves. 

However unfortunate, some officers may have have committed crimes, are accused or recorded of doing illegal or violent acts by witnesses.

There are many stories this week on the news about this very issue.  Check out the articles and links below.  Do some reading!  Provide some original comments about the impact of technology devices and law enforcement:

Cameras & Police News Articles

Technology and Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement - What's real?

1.  Which article did you read?  What did you learn?

2.  Should police officers wear cameras?  What are the pros and cons?  What's taking so long to decide this?

3.  Relative to other occupations or businesses, how sophisticated are the police in general, in overall use of technology?

4.  What technologies do you think would benefit law enforcement?   Apps?   Devices?  Programs?  

Remember -  Thoughtful, original detailed responses.  100 - 200 words.