Sunday, November 24, 2013

13 Searching Google

In the next few weeks you will be embarking on an Amazing Race 
You will journey around the world via the Internet.
Take some time this week to become an "Internet Search Sleuth"

1.  Discover a cool way to search information with Google, that's a bit more advanced than just hitting the search button and share your findings.  Explore the links below.  Consider what search skills you might need to be successful on your Amazing Race Adventure.  Be original.  (Read student entries before yours.  If you repeat another persons tip, you will not receive credit.)

2.  Consider why it is so important to know how to search information effectively? Other than the Race,  how will developing advanced search skills help you in school?  Career?

3.  What other search engines are there out there?  Why would you use them?  How do they compare to Google?  Do you personally use any of them more than Google?

(Don't even think of copying and pasting anything from these sites! 
Please post your ideas in your own words!)