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(S11) HTML5

Even if you don't plan on going into programming or gaming, this is great information to put in the tech toolbox part of your brain. Different programming languages will affect the way you use the internet and perhaps influence the way you approach your future job.

Go to these links for more information:

1. What is HTML5? How does it differ from a single programming language?

2. Is HTML5 capable of replacing Adobe Flash as the ultimate game or programming tool? If yes, why do you think so? If not, what do you think might?

3. Why is this useful knowledge?


  1. 1. HTML5 differs from a single programming in that it is applicable to nearly all devices and browser types. This allows a single HTML5 game to work on one the same way it would work on another. A single programming language, however would likely only be applicable on a single platform, either phone or browser.

    2. HTML5 far surpasses Flash as a programming tool simply do to its incredible range of compatibility. Rather than Flash, which requires a proprietary download, HTML5 is a software which is compatible with any device without a download.

    3. The tide of future technological advancements is always useful as it allows a better understanding of the technology one will be using in their life.

    1. 2(continued). There is, however, a striking reason for why HTML5 has not magically replaced Flash overnight. This reason is a lack of determination or even courage in the industry. You would be hard pressed to find a device which does not in some way accommodate Adobe Flash. One could say Flash is something which everyone is familiar with. It is something we have worked with for years, and we are not ready to put in the long hours, sticking our necks out, to do something about it. Microsoft Silverlight is a good example of this. Microsoft came along with an idea which had an opportunity to change the way we thing about video formatting. Microsoft has now backed away from Silverlight and conceded defeat to Flash. HTML5 is also guilty of this as it simply put a bunch of different video formats in parentheses. (HTML5 is essentially lisp in this regard.) Maintaining wide compatibility by incorporating many often rare video formats. Until someone actually works with the idea of surpassing Flash in mind, Flash will be with us.

  2. HTML5 can be used on nearly all browser types. This enables a game to work the same on any browser. This is different from single platform programming language as a single platform language only will work on one platform, and be much less versatile.

    2HTML5 is better than Flash because it is far more compatible and practical. HTML5 can work without a download, which is far better and easier than Flash which requires a download to use.

    3 This is useful because we are GenYES, and we need to be up to date with all technology related information. We may get into programming or using software related to this, and the more we know the better we will be able to use it.

  3. 1. HTML5 is a way to play other games on the same browser which is different from a single platform. A single platform only allows to play games on only one browser instead of nearly all of them.

    2. HTML is definitely better than the flash player, because it doesn't require a download and can be downloaded on pretty much any device out there. Flash requires more downloading and it isn't really reliable, because i have it on mine and it blocks games on my laptop.

    3. This is useful, because if you want the creme of the crop you should get HTML5 instead of keeping flash. It's easier to work with and it is more practical than the flash player.

  4. 1. HTML5 is a gaming and programming development. Popular app creators use this now to make the most sold apps on the app store. Either on the computer or a mobile device you can be able to make a game for both! The single programming language is able to be used on both as well.

    2. So far HTML5 is the best around as a programming tool or gaming. Adobe Flash has been around since I started to use the very first mac console in 2nd grade. I dont think it wont go anywhere unless the HTML5 shuts Adobe Flash down.

    3. Technology has changed over the years. Adobe Flash is a HUGE program that I've had to deal with for years. If a new program is there to step up, then its good to know about it and learn more about it for everyone to use. Mainly gamers and programmers

  5. 1) HTML5 is a way to play games. Single platform games only allow you to play on one browser instead of several. But an HTML5 lets you play 2 in 1 browser.

    2) I think that flash drive is better than HTML5 because it requires a certain download which goes to all your browsers and its more compatible and runs faster.

    3)Its useful to know because as technology upgrades its nice to know what has been advanced. It can also be useful to know how to use it.

  6. 1:HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core technology of the Internet. It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard (created in 1990 and standardized as HTML 4 as of 1997). It differs from a single programming language because it is usable in all devices and browser types; mainly because of the technology in this day and age that allowed it to be the way it is. Not only but also On a shared memory machine (a computer with several CPUs that access the same memory space), messages can be sent by depositing their contents in a shared memory area, which is what a single programming language is capable of. That is no where near what HTML 5 can do.

    2:-HTML is a pure-text markup language that is delivered over HTTP to a client browser. While flash always needs updates and a download, HTML5 is compatible with anything and no download is necessary.
    -Adobe Flash is a propriety framework for working with audio, video, sound and raster/vector graphics. It requires special authoring tools (a compiler perhaps?) and a custom player that's available as a plug-in to most common browsers.

    3: Because with technology advancing everyone has at least been using or heard about HTML 5, so we might as well use it instead of flash as a programming tool.

  7. 1. The HTML5 is a program that can be applied across all computers and devices. But the thing that impresses me is that you don't need to download plug-ins like flash. That is way more different from a single program.

    2. Yes, it has the capabilities to replace Adobe Flash. You don't need multiple plug-ins that are annoying, also annoying to continuously update the plug-ins. HTML5 certainly dose have capabilities of replacing Adobe Flash.

    3. Technology is changing everyday, and new updates and add-ons appear everyday. It is useful to know what is going to happen in the future so we can prepare for what is to come.

  8. 1. HTML 5 is a programming language that works on almost all internet browsers and mobile divides with little to no need for plug-ins to work. It better than other languages because they need things such as flash leading to compatibility issues and bugs.

    2. It might equal in power with flash, but I don't think it can ever replace it as flash is integrated into HTML5. I think it is a good possibility that someone new will jump into the competition and make something far more advanced and efficient then HTML5, Flash, and things like JAVA.

    3. It helps us understand how to make our programs and websites to conform to all other websites in the future of the internet.

      1. HTML 5 is a programming language that works on almost all internet browsers and mobile divides with little to no need for plug-ins to work. Its better than other languages because they need things such as flash leading to compatibility issues and bugs. The largest issue with requiring flash is the fact it will not work on some mobile devices such as all mobile apple devices.

  9. 1. HTML5 and Flash are the most common tools for browser-based games. However, due to the recent boom of mobile devices, HTML5 is coming out on top. The reason is simply compatibility. Adobe Flash requires a seperate download, where as HTML5 is not, rendering it more useful for phones and tablet devices.

    2. Flash had a good run. Unless they can adjust flash to not require a download, HTML5 will ultimately replace it.

    3. This is useful if we ever want to get into game design; and, depending on it's success, can become what we ultimately use if we go into programming in the future.

  10. 1. HTLM5 was created for programming and making online games. It also is the foundation of the mobile gaming era. Helps with high quality games (some that can run on your browser)

    2. As of now, HTML5 is better then the Adobe Flash Programming, Flash also has a lot of errors and plugins you need to some times run games or depending on what your doing like watching a video.

    3. The reason this is useful is because you dont want to have something that errors a lot, freezes or crashes. You want to have the new type of program that runs a lost smoother, less problems and its great for gamers or even programmers.

  11. 1- The whole idea of HTML5 is to have a programing language that is compatible with most all devices. Although its a good idea to have a program that works with all other games, but this can lead to other problems such as other devices making their programs resistant to the coding language.

    2- This new form of HTML is pretty much a better version of Flash, with easier tools for creating programs as well as less setup and plugins for compatibility with other devices. This allows it to move forward and replace flash.

    3- This program, depending on its success, can be the new programing language. With its compatibility with almost all forms of coding languages as well as devices, allows for readers to be better informed of their future with games and programs.

  12. 1.) HTML5 can be applied to all devices and almost all browser types. Therefore you can play all HTML5 games on almost all devices and most browser types. It is all one programming language and thats why you are able to play all the games on any device that is compatible with HTML5.

    2.) HTML5 is much better than adobe flash simply because it is compatible with almost all devices with out a download required. Flash on the other handdoes require a download. This is why HTML5 is better because there is no room for error. With a download it can fail half way through the download then you have to restart later.

    3.) Knowing whats ahead is always useful in any situation and technology is no different. Knowing what the next big thing is going to be will let you get prepared for whats to come.

  13. 1) HTML5 is the new programming language that’s in the process of being used around the world. HTML5 introduces cool new features for making games, such as the Canvas, Video, and Audio elements. When HTML5 is combined with other exciting web technologies that make up the Open Web Platform plugin-free gaming can be taken to a whole new level. It represents a standard that can be applied across all computers and mobile devices. With HTML5, there is no need to download plugins such as Flash which everyone complains about its bugs, errors, and security problems.

    2) I think that it could replace flash because flash isnt able to download on all mobiles or on apple products. You dont need to download HTML 5 which is very helpful on many levels. You can make just about the same quality of games with HTML 5 as you can which fFlash which makes it even better.

    3) It is useful because you need to know what you can keep and what you dont really need anymore on your computer, although you shouldnt delete flash right now because a lot of things use it, in the future you will be able to because HTML 5 will take over flash.

  14. 1.) HTML5 is the new markup language revision that’s in the process of being adopted around the world. HTML5 has become the face of the Open Web Platform. HTML5 games consist of javascript with the new HTML5 Canvas element. Its different because it represents a single standard that can be applied across all computers and mobile devices. With HTML5, there is no need to download proprietary plugins such as Flash, which is constantly criticized for its bugs, errors, and security vulnerabilities. Instead of being forced to learn a separate programming language in order to create applications and games for a particular device, you can instead use a browser and HTML5.

    2.) I think HTML5 is very capable of replacing Adobe Flash because it will work on any device with modern browsing and it also does not need to be downloaded. HTML5 is very simple compared to Adobe Flash.

    3.) This knowledge is very useful because it is an advance in technology and knowing information about the future of technology can help us understand what to expect in our futures. Knowing about new technology can also help us chose what career we want to pursue.

  15. 1. HTML5 is a programing that adds a framing so that you can easily program a video of game on to a webpage. One website compared it to a rug a little kid sweeps all the dirt under.
    2. No i don't think that HTML5 will replace flash in computers we made it the basic form of video. I think .MOV or MP4 is going to take over and even iMacs and Linux can read this and in window late 7 and 8 can read it to also its more compact.
    3. It helps us understand how tech is changing and what the possibilities are for the future

  16. 1) From what I found on the first link, HTML5 is a form of programming used on websites and mainly for games online. In contrast to single programming language, HTML5 has a variety of languages that can be implemented into several web browsers. Eventually, it will become the main language used for all the web browsers.

    2) HTML5 will definitely replace Adobe Flash in the future for the sole reason that it can be used in more web browsers than Flash. It's also more diverse and has multiple languages within its programming.

    3) One reason this could be useful would be because Adobe Flash is a major program used for playing games online. Soon enough, it might be replaced by HTML5 and be gone forever.


  17. is programming forms used on websites mostly for game design. it however is run only in the browser so you don’t need add-ons like flash something no other programming language has.

    2.yes it might be able to because it makes more sense why download something like flash if you don’t have to. It will probably fix all of the bugs like the movie stuff and overtake flash with ease. is the newest form of HTML a popular language for coding websites. It is also the newest thing for design games for web pages and will likely become the new standard so this will help us understand it and use it effectively.

  18. 1. HTML5 is a better is a better way to game and use programs. It is applicable to nearly all browsers and devices, and is used to more effectively program videos and games because it is not a single language. Also the Wikipedia definition is "HTML5 is currently under development as the next major revision of the HTML standard."
    2. HTML5 is definitely a better way to program than flash. It is much better than Flash because it is used by multiple programs and much more than HTML. You also do not need to update every other day with HTML5, and there are not a thousand different plugins to manage.
    3.This is useful knowledge in GenYES because of course a lot of GenYES kids are interested in gaming and programming. It is also helpful so that in the future we can explore the topic more.

  19. 1. HTML5 is a programming language that runs off of the internet, without even using flash. It can be used on pretty much everything that can access the internet. Although, it looks like its main use is more of gaming than anything else. To me the real cool feature of this is the "plug-in free" use, you can use HTML5 to play games online without having to have to download certain plug-ins to play it online.

    2. I actually do believe that this can replace most HTML and be used everywhere online so you would not have to use flash. HTML5 is capable of using video, sound, and other things without using flash or any other plug-ins. This is really great because when tablets first came out, they could not use flash very well, or even not at all. I still even see some tablets now a days that still run into some problems when it comes to using flash programs or even other important plug-ins. So HTML5, the way everyone explains it, means that you can now play games online using you mobile devices without having to have flash capabilities on the device. To me, this is a big step in the technology world.

    3. This is useful knowledge because this is giving us more insight to our future. I'm sure that there still must be some bugs in the program, what ever it may be. Although, I can see this being used in the future as one of the most popular browsing tools, and game making tools.

  20. HTML 5 is a language for programming on the internet. It does not require any downloads to run like flash does. It is usable on basically any device with internet access, with a dominant use for gaming purposes. This makes game design and creation easier, as it will be more accesible by more people.

    2 This will replace all other programs, as it is more versatile. It does not have any shortcomings, as it can play sound, video, and anything flash can. This is great because tablets can now run with HTML5, as they have not been able to run flash very well, and often did not at all. Now anyone can play a game on their tablet or smartphone, because games are being designed to be running on these devices.

    3 This is important to learn, and very useful as in GenYES we are supposed to learn about all the new technology developments, and gaming development is one aspect that many of us will be affected by.

  21. 1. HTML5 is a programming language mainly used for game development. Eventually it will be the only programming language on the internet.

    2. HTML5 will replace Flash because it can be used in more ways. When tablets first came out they had problems running Flash when HTML5 performed just fine.

    3. This information is useful because Flash is becoming less and less relevant when HTML5 is becoming the opposite. HTML5 can already do more than Flash.

  22. 1. HDML5 is set to become the foundation of the upcoming mobile gaming era. It is a markup language, for showing of and making the structure of the World Wide Web. It is also a core technology of the Internet. It is currently being developed as the next major revision of the HTML standard. It differs from single programming languages because it is a standard that can be applied to all computers and mobile devices. With this, we could get rid of proprietary plugins like Flash for certain tasks.
    2. As I said above, HTML5 is capable of replacing Adobe Flash, but I don't think it is the ultimate game or programming tool. HTML5 pretty much lets the Web developers set up documents that provide the justification of a fundraising effort so that they can supply a choice of several combinations of containers and codecs. Hopefully, your device will be able to support one of them.
    3. It is useful knowledge to know about HTML5 because almost everyone is using it, yet almost no one actually knows what it is. HTML5 is brand new, however, it is nothing more than it was supposed to be. No matter which way you look at it, HTML5 is very important. It will be needed, but how much it is used depends on what people prefer.

  23. 1. HtMl5 is an open program that allows you to make games with multiple programming languages.

  24. 1. HTML5 is meant to incorporate all the new programming technologies into one overall program that will create a user-friendly interesting experience. It differs from a single programming language in that it includes all portions of technology: text, game, user-interaction, data storage, and canvas creation. Although HTML5 seems aimed mainly towards gaming, there are no bounds to it.

    2. I don't think at this point in time HTML5 will completely replace Adobe Flash as even currently, it still uses Adobe Flash. Maybe, if someone makes revisions to HTML 5 with the purpose of replacing Adobe Flash, it could be possible to exclude any more Adobe Flash downloads for online games.

    3.This is a useful thing to know because, as technology progresses, this is the way that websites and online games will be created, without having to download annoying plugins. It is also important to know about the new technology that is coming in the future.

  25. 1.HTML5 is a better way to make games. Its different from other platforms for it is an open web platform.
    2.I think it may over run adobe flash and other platfroms for it is a better way to create games that re faster and better.
    3.This technology is yousful to an extent for we can use it for greate games and faster websites,Its also bad for technology can over run it before it becomes huge.

    1. 1. HTML5 games are easeir to make but they are more of a simple platform low graphic style game.It also used for creating websites for the open web.
      2.I dont think it will run over adobe yet it will take time to work the kinks but there might be a more advanced easier way to create games and open web websites in the future.
      3. this is great knowledge to know for when its kinks are worked out it may be come useful for my use or for anyone i know.

  26. 1. HTML5 is a new programming language that combines various other languages and tools available to programmers and can be used to create mobile games that surpass what we see at the moment.
    2. HTML5 is certainly capable of surpassing Flash due to its wide range of compatibility and when used correctly creates better games than Flash can. However, Flash is currently the widely used system and is therefore likely to remain in use for quite awhile.
    3. This is important to know because technology is constantly changing and in order to succeed in a world where this is the case we have to keep up with it and use it.

  27. 1. HTML5 is a programming and gaming system. It is different (and better) than most other platforms due to the fact that it allows itself to work in any browser. It's basically a 2 in 1 package.

    2. I think HTLM5 is better than flash due to the multi- capable systems that it can operate on. However, flash is extremely wide spread so due to that fact I Doubt it will surpass flash player.

    3. This is useful knowledge because it's a way to keep up with current technology. And keeping up with current technology is extremely important to many businesses and future employers.

  28. 1. HTML 5 is a non flash based programming language and is internet based. HTML 5 is primarily used for making games and can be used on a computer or any mobile device. because it doesn't run on flash there are less bugs, errors, and security vulnerabilities.

    2. I believe that HTML 5 is capable of replacing flash in the future do to its vast range of capabilities. It can run games on any device and is capable of running different types of games.

    3. This is useful knowledge because If you want to program games as an indie developer or for a huge company like 2K then know how to program games and to know your software will get you to that future.

  29. 1. HTML5 is a new programming language for making games. It's different than other programs because rather than having to learn a different programming language to make a game for a particular device, all you need is a browser and HTML5.

    2. I think HTML5 will replace flash in the future. HTML5 doesn't need a plugin unlike flash that needs one and games can be played on mobile devices and computers.

    3. This is useful to know for people who want to make games or program and it's also good for everyone so we can know what will come out in the future.

  30. 1. HTML5 is a new non flashed programming language that combines various other languages and options available to programmers and can be used to create mobile games.

    2.I think HTML5 will replace flash in the future but not now as it's to new a product.

    3. I'm sure it's useful knowledge to everyone else but not me as aslong as the game is good I don't care where it came from.

  31. 1. It is the 5th version of HTML, and is a programming language for putting together pages on the internet. It can also be used to create games, similar in ways to Adobe Flash.

    2. With the games that i've seen made in HTML5, I think that they're a little too simple to replace Adobe flash. It may be a little too new or a little too uncomplicated to be a professional like Flash just yet.

    3. This knowledge is useful for when we may A: do a project on the topic, or B: when me may be creating a website or a game in HTML5

  32. 1. Its a programming language that makes pages on the internet, Web based games and according to the article, actual games as well. It is considered a replacement for Adobe Flashplayer.

    2. As much as I wish it would, no. Its not as good and there are many cases where HTML5 uses Flashplayer. Just like the article says "I'm not dead yet"

    3. When doing a blog about it. Or when making a game or web page.

  33. (add on to number 1) It uses a lot of programming languages put together and is the new best language for making web pages.

  34. 1. HtMl5 is an open program that allows you to make games with multiple programming languages.
    2. I would say no. Adobe is used by many programmers and HTML5 is open source. People want to feel advanced because they know the more complicated programming language.
    3. This is useful knowledge because one, if we ever need to learn website programming languages this might be an easier path. Two we are GenYES! It's our job to know.

  35. 1. HTML5 differs from other programming languages because it is very versatile as well as capable of incorporating other languages to be able to create games and other applications.
    2. I think that it is completely possible considering the insupportableness of apple and its overwhelming performance issues. Weather or not that will happen is up to who ever can come up with something great to make with HTML5.
    3.This knowledge is useful to me personally due to my interest in programming, otherwise this info is only useful if anything changes as a result.

  36. 1. HTML5 is a way to play games. it is a single platform games only allow you to play on one browser instead of several.

    2. I think that flash drive is better than HTML5 because it requires a certain download which goes to all your browsers.

    3. Its useful to know because as technology upgrades its nice to know what has been advanced. It can also be useful to know how to use it.

  37. 1.) HTML5 is a popular multimedia coding language used for designing websites and other interfaces. HTML simplifies tags, which are browser necessary. The language can run on all browser types, allowing a broader range of defusion.

    2.) It really depends. Flash requires additional software to be install into most browsers, making it less convient, but on the other hand is much better and open to more possibilities. Personally HTML5 is going to stay the same because its a fundamental language that will help when learning other languages.

    3.) Knowing more about the technical industry will add to the possbilites in your brain for a future career. Not knowing what something is like may block it for your life, therefore learning about it may spark in interest.

  38. 1. HTML5 is a mark-up from the previous HTML and gives you more control and flexibility over websites. Internet games are written as HTML so that you can play them in a browser.

    2. I don't think HTML5 will replace Flash because HTML5 is more used for websites and coding while Flash is strictly built for gaming and audio.

    3. Knowledge is power, if you know random facts such as "why is HTML useful?" then people will find you more intelligent.

  39. 1. All it is used for is to make more advanced online game using a different language of programing. It taps into the GPU power.

    2. Most likely there is alot of good engines for web games besides Adobe Flash such as unity which i personally like better. But I dont know when it will sprout out but i belive it will

    3. It makes other peoples work look really good and keeps programmers up to date with the latest programming laungauges etc.

  40. 1.HTML5 is a language used to make newer and more advanced gaming programs that are compatible with a wide variety of gaming platforms.

    2. I think Flash will remain to be a very commonly used gaming programmer, from it's convenience to it's sole gaming focus, Flash will always be a huge component to game programming. That being said, I think HTML5 is starting to provide a much simpler, cleaner standard for game production and will increase in being used for a long period of time.

    3.HTML5 is useful technology not only for gaming but a wide range of other types of programming, for example websites. HTML5 is beginning to create a simple way of creating software.

  41. 1. HTML5 consists of javascript and the new HTML5 canvas. HTML5 games are more powerful then other games because, HTML5 uses an open web platform and is able to use the GPU to power the canvas and WebGL that can be used for full 3D experiences, the ability to play with out being connected to the internet. HTML5 is an entire Open web platform that is used for games that do no need the Flash plugin.

    2. I think that HTML5 could replace Adobe because more can be done with it, but I do not think it will replace it any time soon. If it does replace it, it will be over a few years of people slowly changing over.

    3. This is useful because a higher level of entertainment and could be use as a sauntered and then expanded upon to make better products.

  42. 1. HTML5 is a programming code. It is extravagantly different than a single program code. It allows the user to edit the graphics, audio and even the canvas of the program.

    2. I definitely see it surpassing java script. Java script has been dominate for a while but for some reason they are not expanding at the rate that we want it to. HTML5 offers all the possible outlets that java script does not. So , yes, HTML5 will far surpass java.

    3. I honestly had no previous knowledge of either programs or that they existed. I thought it was very interesting and vastly useful. It expanded my knowledge in the technological field. So , now I can help others that have a question rather than just saying "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmm?" LOL

  43. 1) HTML5 is a programming tool to help create games. Instead of having to download a different application in order for Java or Flash to work, HTML5 can be supported on all browsers. It may seem like it would have a connection with regular HTML, and though all codes are in the same category, HTML5 is a newer system compared the older versions of HTML.

    2) I can see it passing Flash games easily. Since it is compatible automatically on virtually any browser, you won't need to download extra applications for the game to run.

    3) When I was looking into this, I totally thought that I'd be looking at a new language for website design. Though it may have a play in that, I see it as a game builder using HTML setup. Of course, since I haven't experienced it on my own terms, I cannot really judge the coding language myself without trying it first. However, yes, I will be interested in learning this and hopefully I'll become really great at it.

  44. 1. HTML5 is such a great way to play games and to use programs. Almost all internet browsers and devices have access to HTML5 and it is a way better way to program because it uses multiple languages.
    2. HTML5 is so much better than flash. HTML 5 is better than flash because more programs use it. You also do not need to update it every day. There are also not many of pointless plugins you need to manage like you do with flash.
    3. For me this is not really that usefully, but I can see for other GenYES kids it would be really helpful. Lot of GenYES kids are interested in programming and stuff.


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