Sunday, October 31, 2010

Future School, Future Life

The year is 2035.  Your kids are entering high school. What does it look like?

Read all the questions before beginning.

1.  Will schools be more modern? Will there be more technology?  Are classes bigger? Virtual classrooms? How has the structure changed?

2. Are the subjects the same?  Math? English? Science? Social Studies? Art?  Music? How are they different?  Are there books?  Is there still paper?

3.  Watch about 2 minutes of this video: High School 1968 It's pretty accurate of what high school looked like when I was there.  Skip around a bit and get a feel for it.  We couldn't even fathom using computers at school.  We used encyclopedias for information. We predicted the future would look like this: Jetsons!  It didn't happen that way! But then I could never have even imagined the Internet, cell phones, GPS, ipads, etc.  It's pretty amazing to consider how things have changed during my lifetime. Someday you will be looking back at old videos of your time in high school.  So thoughtfully consider the vast amount of change I presented in this paragraph and predict with great detail what your life will look like in 2035. 

(Grading Rubric: 1=10pts, 2=10pts, 3=30pts)

PS I plan on printing this assignment for each of you to take to Year 2035 to chronicle your accuracy!