Monday, February 11, 2013

(S6) Internet Piracy

Computer piracy is a controversial issue with modern technology. 

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Money is lost by musicians and producers because music can be acquired for free.  Money is lost by developers and designers because software can be downloaded for free. Money is lost by actors and movie companies because film is copied and distributed freely. Websites like "The Pirate Bay", "bittorrent" and "utorrent" offer free downloads and share files to anyone who visits their sites.

So what do you think?  Look at this Infographic Look at these quick Facts

1. In the past, people bought blank cassettes and blank DVDs and copied music, software and movies onto them. What did you think of that? Right, wrong? After all, why sell blank DVDS if you were not going to copy something?

2. What about now?  Is Pirate Bay cool? Software is so expensive. Pirate Bay is free.

3. Do you think the consequences of pirating or filming copyrighted motion pictures are fair? Some of the penalties have been up to $ 250,000 in fines and up to 10 years in prison. Are there clear consequences for copying or pirating material? FBI Charges MegaUpLoad

4. What if you were a musician, movie maker or software developer trying to make a living? How would you feel if you created an amazing game that took you months to create and after you put it on the market to reap the rewards... everyone just shared it for free? What would you propose to happen then? Would you try to get a ban against those sites on the Internet?

5. What do you think the future looks like regarding this issue.... for artists and...for pirating?  Great link: All Songs Considered / Hot & Trending

6. What are SOPA and PIPA? Do you agree / disagree with these policies? Why?

(This is a combination of two student blog entries) 

 ➡ NOTE: Please don't comment with ideas off the top of your head! DO some RESEARCH.