Sunday, February 15, 2015

(S6) Video Games

Many of us spend countless hours playing video games with fancy HD visuals, multi button controllers, online capabilities, and 3D graphics. But, there was a time were all these common features were concepts beyond imagination.
The history of video gaming spans all the way back to the 1940’s, long befor Pong was invented. Take a look that this timeline of the vast history of the concept of virtual gaming.
1. What did you find the most interesting in the timeline? Why?

2. Do you think video games have had an affect on technology in general? Or perhaps the entertainment industry? How? Why video games succeed..

3. Have you played Zynga games? What other video/mobile games charge for powerups, game items or other perks that you know of?  Check out the links below. Comment on your discoveries.

Clash of Clans Cumulative Costs 
(Use the calculator! Yikes!)

4. How else do developers charge for video games, if not in the play? Are there any games that are truly free? How would this be possible?  

Note: Whether you play video games or not, they have a big influence on society and the economics of this industry is astounding. Next week we'll explore platforms and social considerations.