Sunday, September 28, 2014

7. Tablets 2014

A New Look at Computer Tablet Devices

This week we are going to create a list 
of the 10 best tablets TODAY, 
based on market sales, popularity, features.

  • First person to post: pick the top tablet contender in popularity, sales, features 
  • Next person to post: pick another top tablet
  • Next person to post: pick the next top popular model
         and so on....with no repeats.
In your post list:

1. Name of device, operating system
2. Five great features of the device
3. Models, Sizes 
4. General range of prices (Top price to cheapest model) 

Note: The ipad counts as one post entry, even though it currently has eight sizes/models. Which, of course, you would list in your description.  

Let's find the most popular models out there and be experts!