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(S8) Homeschooling vs Public Education

What if, in the future with advancements in technology, homeschooling would be more prominent than actually going to a building with many different people learning with each other?

1. Speculate on how some technologies like; tablets, online classes, virtual schools and social networking (to name a few) might affect the way 'school' could change in the future.

2. Do some research on your own. Find some facts you found about; the growth of online education OR how technology is affecting "brick and mortar" schools OR statistics about technology in schools. Please cite your findings with a short link that is not older than 2012.

3. What's your personal opinion about your findings and/or the possibility of traditional public school changing.?


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  2. 1. Technology greatly impacts the ability to further personal knowledge. Using everyday things such as tablets and phones now allow us to access script at any time. Games and 3-D models used to enhance the understanding of topic and allowing kids to comprehend the subject all exist within this technological field. It also give internet to use at your disposal. The fact that technology has advanced so much but has yet to storm schools baffles me. The technological possibilities have been proven to enhance ones learning.

    2. Students in Maine were falling behind as the standards are set so high but there was an outstanding 75% of teachers that confessed that the implementation of laptops in a school setting allow the students to meet and possibly exceed this "state standard".

    3. Personally, I believe that technology is greatly enhancing our learning possibilities. It will never diminish the school setting though. A computer can provide a lot of knowledge, but having a teacher to comprehend an issue you are having on a topic is not an application you can download. The computer or tablet has no ability to understand your problem.

  3. 1. Our oublic schools could be a lot more successful when it comes to teaching or even just being organized with technology. Tablets, iPads, and other technologies can change the whole entire teaching experience. Kids are more familiar with technology then writing on paper. It really would be a good way to make a good change.

    2 Many researchers say that technology has the potential to change schools dramatically. They said technology can change the entire structure as well.

    3. I feel that technology is an important part when it comes to teaching. Our society is surrounded by technology now a days and everything revolves around it. why not have our kids excel in technology? Our kids can get a good education and learn more in technology at the same time. Technology is a wonderful way to make a change in schools.

  4. Public schools are successful when they allow students to use technology such as computers or tablets in class. I have used a computer for my english class all year and it has been awesome. It was about how more and more kids are using tablets for homework.
    3Technology is very important for teaching, because it allows to have clear and direct communication with students and teachers. It makes learning more efficient, allowing students to succeed.

  5. 1. School could change majorly in the future with use of tablets and online classes. Already kids stay at home all day and take online classes, and the future will only bring out more and more people who take that option.
    2. Source: This website shows that there is a growth of online classes in the past few years. It states that at least 6.1 million students take at least one online class.
    3. I am not sure how I feel about online classes. On one hand, it is cool that students have more options of where they learn, but I know that when I have kids I am not going to want them to be sitting at my house when I need to be going to work. The only reason there would be more kids in online classes would be if more parents worked at home. But that is very unlikely from happening, because most of America's workforce is in an office.

  6. 1. Technology today you are able to have data within the chips of your skin. Schools can change drastically with the online things because of the money issue of some people. Its cheaper to purchase a computer, internet, and online schools instead of having to pay for the little things for school like supplies and clubs and PE.

    2. this shows how home schooling and technology seems to change everything.

    3. Ive only liked school for the friends but the learning can be a challenge for me. My honest opinion is that I think its changed school because kids will learn online and stay home with the parents.

  7. 1. Tablets are portable conviant, easy-to-use, and a high multitasking device. They can change the "school" world by implementing them into students learning field Textbooks, emails, etc are all at the students fingertips with easy accessibility, making communication faster, thus making the learning process faster. Online classes eliminates the social environment and adds personal reflection rather than sitting, listening to students around you talk and waste time. The social networking aspect delivers the group work you would usually see in a regular school, it allows students to work with each other.

    2. Online schooling has greatly evolved in the past 13 years. With the growing technical capabilities, it enables online classes to virtually take superiority over regular school. It gives students opportunities that you may not find in a regular school, and removes the social distraction, allowing the student(s) to focus more on their work.

    3. Public schools offer the social aspect that you can not find anywhere else. Gaining the traits gives the students leverage in future jobs and other social events. Personally, I believe the public environment is best with a few exceptions. Those being, the social distraction, and the unfriendliness (bullying, etc).

  8. 1. As electronics advance and interacting via online sources continue to grow more and more people will start to take online courses. Its easier for everyone, less gas used driving to the school and your own personal environment
    for learning.
    2. this website shows that over the past ten years online education has increased by 20% which is not a lot but it is a steady incline and will most likely continue to do so.

    3. I believe every child learns differently therefore we should help them as much as possible. If a kid learns better in a classroom than put the kid there and vice versus.

  9. 1) I dont think school will ever change very drastically, it will just get more technology oriented, such as using tablets instead of books,more computer work ect. you could turn everything in online sort of like except for every class.

    2) Online school is definetly growing, i took online classes and im going to take more because they are easier for me, but this website talks all about online school and how its changed over the years.

    3) In my opinion public school will never change drastically or be eliminated by online school, because for some people it is the only way they make real friends. But like i said before they will probably make everything digital with computers/tablets that is probably one of the biggest changes i expect.

  10. 1. Tablets, online classes, virtual schools and social networking can all change the future of school. School is very difficult for many people because we all learn at different paces. Some learn very fast, and want to get the current lesson over with, get onto learning the next lesson, and want to leave the slower-learners in the dust. For the slower paced learners, school is frustrating and difficult. With technology, kids are able to learn on their own, at their own pace, without as much frustration.
    2. The growth of online education is definitely increasing. The number of students taking at least one online course increased by over 570,000 to a new total of 6.7 million. The proportion of all students taking at least one online course is at an all time high of 32.0 percent. Go to:
    3. As far as my opinion on the changing of traditional public schooling is controversial. I can go either way. I would love to work at my own pace, not needing to wait for anyone, feel embarrassed or stupid about asking silly questions, or need feel left behind. However, I highly doubt it would work for me because would have not as much motivation. I love school because I get to see my friends every weekday. If I could take it online, I would procrastinate until the last second or I might not even do some of it.

  11. 1. Online schooling feels like a really inefficient way of learning. You don't go to a place where people tell it straight to you, which makes learning harder. I've done an online course on programming in Python, and it's really hard to follow video lectures when you know they don't actually know you. Also I had a friend go through online school and she hated it. It doesn't make things any easier.

    2. Schools are taking on more technology. According to this source: middle schools are using phones and internet to do research and e-readers to have better access to books. However, this forces teachers to work harder to broaden their view of technology and the things that students use.

    3. I think it's a good thing that schools are adapting technology in their curriculum. Technology is an important part of today's society, and school is supposed to be used to prepare them for life. If they don't adapt to new social norms, they're not doing their job.

  12. 1.) Well one way it would most certainly help is if you are sick you could still get the lesson and the home work and then it wouldn't be that stressful when you came back to school. Another way is if you go on a vacation you can still do school. A down side would be that you wouldn't learn as well as in a class room with someone there to explain it to you.

    2.) According to this website technology is improving learning in urban environments.

    3.) To be honest i cant what for the change to happen. Technology will aid in students to learn more and more people will learn. Those who cant afford school can get a tablet and that only $600. School over time will cost more than that.

  13. 1. I think online schooling would be an amazing oppertunitty infact I beleive it would be less stressful as a student so you can learn at your pace and possibly not have to get up 6:00 in the morning.The downside would be not having a tight structure plan on how to learn it.

    2. Classrooms and online course are along the same lines in what i read but it seem no matter what any classroom or online edu. is only better when inspired or a very good lestin that intrigues you. is a great impact to schools if us student are getting alot of new technology then why cant the school i honestly think more people would come to school if it had great technology.

  14. 1.) As of today some schools are online and some schools even are converting to all tablet usage and no PC's. As technology continues to advance schools will change and become more technology based.
    2.) Arizona schools are going paperless. Tablets are becoming the newest thing in schools.
    3.) Going paperless might be hard for somethings like math and biology but I think the change in technology would be a great thing.

  15. 1)A few ways they could change are going completely paperless, or even every kid in school having a laptop or tablet.
    2)I was personally home schooled through the K12 program and loved it, I could sleep in as long as I wanted as long as I got my lessons done for the day. It was a mix of online and offline work with half of my lesson online and my work offline in a book.
    3)I thing traditional public schools could go with a more technology based structure rather than have books.

  16. 1. two words Online clases. evcentual school will end up baing ninty percent online and the only time will come in at all will be for standerdized testing. Its already taking strides in that direction with all gthe online classes offerd now eventual; we wont leve the home to attend school.

    2. top highschools in the state both have carrers that focus on technology as there feild of teaching.

    3.Its very bad I for one need to interact with my techers to learn and I am far from the only one it will cause kids to get left behind in there school work ande learning becus ethey can only wach videos to undersatnd something.

  17. 1. Technlogy is being used in the classroom right now to do group projects, simulations, homework, to type and turn in essays. Also there are online classes students can take. I think in the future technology will be used more in class and more students will take online classes.

    I found that 6,714,792 students were taking at least one online class in 2011. The amount of studets taking online classes has increased an average of 17.52% each year from 2002 to 2011. Also in 2012 about 95% of public schools offer online classes.

    3. Personally I like traditional school a little more than online classes. At school you can work with other students and teachers and with online classes you can learn at your own pace. But I like the use of techonolgy at school. I really wouldn't mind if school changed a little. Only if the changes are good

  18. 1) Technology will affect schools worldwide, once we integrate it throughout the world. It will put us a step further into being united with sharing, news, and networking. It's being integrated in classrooms as we speak nationwide as well as worldwide. They are using video cameras for projects and uploading them to the web or using a CD to burn them onto. Of course, burning CDs a decade ago was done by a company, so those jobs disappeared, but in their places, new ones popped up. Technology should be supported throughout schools more now.

    2) - "In 2009, 93% of teachers had a computer in the classroom." Think about the what the number is now!

    3) I'm thinking that if we integrate technology more into schools - not just projectors and computers, but things like Promethian boards - technology can take learning to a new level.

  19. 1. I believe that with our technology today and in the future, there could be a way to do online schooling through a digital device. There are Social Networks, Web Cameras, Microphones, Google, and much much more that we could learn on mobilely.

    2. On this website, College Professors are worried that to many people are enrolling into online school, each year the amount of people that enroll online rises.

    3. I believe that the changing of public schools has its advantages and disadvantages, as we rise up into the "future" of technology, everything would be more advanced, instead of using text books we would possibly be using digital devices to learn, which would save paper but there can be some problems. The disadvantage to this would be that some school districts can not afford expensive technology. For the teachers and students sake, they would have to learn how to use the device, it could be very challenging or simple. Honestly if schools do change it wouldn't bother me, unless they completely changed everything from classic text work to online digital device learning.

  20. 1. Technology is becoming a lot more prominent in schools... Many of my current classes we use laptops and technology. This is a new way of learning... However, in the near future i dont see technology taking over Jobs of teacher in school. But i do see entirely paperless schools a possibility.
    2. I know from personal experience that both Brophy and xaivier are almost completely paperless schools. Each student has there own laptop or ipad. That shows how Arizonas elite schools are switching to a more technological approach ... (im not going to provide a link due to personal experience).
    3. I feel like paperless school would be a litte bit impersonal to students and also it would ruin handwriting throughout the youth.

  21. 1. In the near future technologies, such as those listed, are going to take school and put it into a medium that most kids are familiar with and more open to than the current class and teaching style. This would improve upon the effectiveness of teaching and would help to develop kids for a future in a working climate that is almost entirely based upon technology.
    2. On the website,, I found some interesting statistics about technology use in college. It says that 98% of students use and ereader or read textbooks online instead of using the physical copy. Also, students spent over 13 billion dollars on technology in 2009.
    3. I think that public schools changing to be more technology oriented will prepare students better for a future that will be based on technology.

  22. 1. School could be more directed towards individual people and there would be less paper. People would use tablets in the future and would conserve paper.

    2. I found a statistic that showed that home schooled kids get almost double the score on tests than public schooling.

    3. I think it will change but it will be a long time before it really takes off. Such as every student having a tablet instead of books because its not in the schools budget for that technology. Honestly I rather be public schooled because if you were home schooled you wouldn't have that many friends.

  23. 1. School in the future can be more personalized in learning with future technologies such as tablets because they allow you to learn at your pace.

    2. In the past decade online has evolved dramatically with the advancement of the computer, online education allows you to do different types of classes at your selection with a bigger selection and can allow you to graduate faster.

    3. Technology allows us to learn and find out things in different ways but in the end nothing it can give you the help a teacher can with him/her being right there to help you.

  24. 1) I think that all this new technoloy will affect the way kids carry out their daily activites in school in the future. With online courses and everything being done on the internet, students won't have to even attend classes anymore. The future of education looks like it's leaning more towards online classes for all students and perhaps school's will eventually be eliminated.

    2) Some interesting information I found on future education was that schools may convert to e-learning technologies. Some of these include books, blogs, and simulations.

    3) I don't think we should revert to a completely technology based source for learning in schools. Are education is already made easy enough, and we would be enabling people to be lazy by making them take online classes. I also feel people's social skills will diminish as they inherit these machines to do their work for them.


  25. 1.) Its a two way street, either you could use all the new technology to benefit you and have a great interactive learning experience or you could be just really lazy at home with these and not do anything.

    2.) Over the last decade online learning had actually increased by about 20%. maybe thats a sign of progression that in the future online learning is going to be the option to choose ---->

    3.) like i said its a good idea if people will actually use it. if not its a waste of brain power and money.

  26. 1. Technology can really affect how schools work. take blogger for intense we use it all the time to do home work for Mrs. K. we also can use do the blog on our phones, ipads, and laptops. we can also use our email to email our teachers essays that we typed.

    2. I did some research on and I found that 73% of college students can't study without technology.

    3. I think that if we keep heading down this path then we will have every school with advanced technology. we will be mostly online and doing homework in a new innovative way.

  27. 1. Online classes provide a flexible and time efficient way to learn about different things. If the amount of technology in schools were to increase, so would things such as online classes as they thrive off of access to such technologies.

    2. Many teachers (92 percent) say the internet has had a major impact on their ability to access different resources such as teaching content and materials. This has intern expanded the area of content which teachers have the need to be knowledgeable on.

    3. I feel the schooling environment should welcome an increase in technology and home schooling. The reason is schooling should be formed around a specific student, rather than the student around the teaching, requiring a larger amount of options to fulfill each student's requirements for education.

  28. 1. i think when someone is doing college classes on line make some people feel like they can slack and take there time and do it at the last minute.


    3. i think the future is all technology so introducing more will follow through the future.

  29. 1. I think technology will take a long time to get integrated into our school system and when it will it will just be used to help with better presentations and auto-graded quizzes. I don't think the classroom can be replaced where is a real one on one teacher to ask answers and get immediate feedback.

    2. The number of schools offering fully online degree programs nearly doubled what it was 10 years ago; 62.4 percent of colleges and universities offered fully online programs in 2012, compared with 34.5 percent in 2002.

    3. As someone taking online schools, I really dislike them. Most classes require face-to-face interaction. For me math seems to be the only logical thing I could take online because I pick it up very quickly and I don't like teachers explaining things 5 times in-order for everyone else to understand.

  30. 1. I think technology will take a long time to get integrated into our school system and when it will it will just be used to help with better presentations and auto-graded quizzes. I don't think the classroom can be replaced where is a real one on one teacher to ask answers and get immediate feedback.

    2. The number of schools offering fully online degree programs nearly doubled what it was 10 years ago; 62.4 percent of colleges and universities offered fully online programs in 2012, compared with 34.5 percent in 2002.

    3. As someone taking online schools, I really dislike them. Most classes require face-to-face interaction. For me math seems to be the only logical thing I could take online because I pick it up very quickly and I don't like teachers explaining things 5 times in-order for everyone else to understand.

  31. 1.) I think that education can be improved with the addition of simple learning tools as well as the possible addition of programming for an early start towards a technological education
    2.) The use of online learning has had a longer history with higher education and high school but has been difficult to integrate into elementary school. Even with the barrier almost two million elementary students participated in online schooling.
    3.) I think that the application of technology in schools is great but I also think that it will take a considerable amount of time for the public opinion to change from distraction to learning tool. As a side note, with personal experience of receiving home schooling, I think that the use of technology to supplement my education would have been a great way to overcome some of the disadvantages of home schooling.

  32. 1. School could definitely change because of all of the new technologies but, I still believe that an actual class room environment is a better way to school kids. Having an actual class room mentally says to kids that it is time to learn.
    2. ,
    3. Education is fine the way it is. More technology could help in the class room but as far as having no actual school, that is a bad idea.

  33. 1. That would eliminate paper, It would all be technology. But that is some what of a problem, when technology crashes then what do we do? Would we do nothing sense it would be nothing but technology. But the advantages make up for it, you can research anywhere with a tablet or work on a project, and you could download textbooks.


    3. For some reason, it is no concern to me if it's all technology or a little. I have no problems and don't care.

  34. 1) If school where to change in a way I would think that we should get iPads To do test and in class work and turn it in to the teacher online.


    3)I think that if education changes they will add features that will be help full with studying and used to improve test .

  35. 1. These new methods of teaching are very important, in that people who live too far away from a school or have a different learning style not oriented for a public school setting have a more accessible method of learning than going to a class.

    2. Online programs have grown in many ways, in ways such as meeting in larger amounts or more often, and making classes shorter even.

    3. I for one welcome these changes.

  36. 1. Home schooling is already becoming popular, I actually prefer to do online classes. A lot of people are already doing this, and it is a lot easier because you can work at your own pace.

    2. More than 6.7 million, or roughly a third, of all students enrolled in postsecondary education took an online course for credit in fall 2011, according to the 2012 iteration of the Babson Survey Research Group's annual Survey of Online Learning.

    3. I want technology to used in schools, hats why I joined GenYES and ry my best to help teachers use new technologies. Although, it all depends on the student and how he feels, no one is exactly the same.

  37. 1. Tablets and other devices could change the entire school system. We wouldn't need paper anymore, neither would we need many other things such as books or notebooks because the tablet would already supply it for us. And I say tablet because tablets are the most likely in my opinion.

    2. I researched a collage technology website and I was surprised to find out that many collages have already switched to this lifestyle. They dont have any more paper and they use email to communicate with their professors. 38% of collage students cant go without checking their phones for emails for over 10 minutes.

    3. I think its great and much more efficient.

  38. 1. As technology becomes more advanced, the need for human interaction becomes much less. Nowadays with things like skype you can have things like online chatrooms giving you the ability to communicate to a large group of people at once, technology likes this gives us the ability to basically go through the social and learning process of school without having to physically be there.

    2. I read an article about whether or not the U.S. is at the same level of technology in schools then that of china. The detailed info graphs and statistics they gave showed that America is actually very behind with integrating tech into the classroom.

    3. I think that we are starting to really pick up the pace with tech in schools now a days, but from what I've seen we are in fact behind compared to a lot of other parts of the world. Getting to that point will be difficult but I have a little bit of faith that we can do it.


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