Sunday, May 11, 2014

(S14) Video Games

Many believe that video games do nothing but waste the time. That there should be no video games because they are such giant “time wasters”. 

Some say video games provide nothing but mindless violence and crude language and are unable to educate our youth. 

Others say that video games are amazing new ways to educate our children, and should be widely accepted as gateways to a whole new way to think. 

1. What is your take on this topic? If you play games what makes it appealing to you? If you don't play video games, discuss why. If you read books or watch movies vs. play video games discuss why one is better than the other.

2. Give specific examples of video games you might have played or seen where you learned something. What are the possibilities here? Do you think the learning aspects may have the potential to increase?

3. Do you think violence in video games inspires people to be more violent in real life? Do you think playing video games changes a persons personality in any way? What evidence supports your opinion here? 

4. Video gaming has long passed the movie industry in sales. What do you think is in store for video games in the future?