Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year 2015

Happy New Year!  As we embark on this new semester it's pretty cool to think that as of this moment, you have an A in every class!  Now the real challenge is to maintain the merit.  It's really about what learning you'll achieve in the next few months.

Of course in GenYES, we have a lot of awesome projects planned.

To help you be successful in technology and leadership and more significantly, setting the right goals for yourself, I've gathered up some readings and activities to help you achieve your best.

Since GenYES is a group of tech leaders it's important that we learn ever changing new technologies, mentor to others and effectively collaborate with each other as a tech company. We are as good as the sum of our parts.

1. What do you plan on bringing to GenYES this new year?  Check out this site.   Look around.  Click on the ruler and take a few checkups.  What did you discover about yourself?  Were there any areas you might need to work on?  Did you get the "high road" arrow up on any of the 7 areas?  These might be some of the talents to you bring to GenYES.  What greatness do you bring to GenYES?

2. Check out these links. Comment how one or more points on the sites that might affect you or others around you.

3. What do you want GenYES to explore this year?