Sunday, October 10, 2010

Internet Giants Collide

Facebook has exploded in media attention in the past few weeks reaching 500 million users, the release of "The Social Network" movie and a seemingly evolving trend shift from 'informational' to 'social' web searches.

Read this short paragraph. Notice the date:

Why Google Should Fear the Social Web

Google has been an Internet leader for many years.  So what's going on here?

Facebook vs Google

Google vs Facebook 

Facebook's Future Plans

Google's Future Plans 


This might strike you as a little crazy especially since some of you may not even have a Facebook account!  


Read through all 5 links above before answering the questions.  Most are short!

1. Do you think Internet use is changing?  Yes or No.  Why?  Cite specific references to the readings (or provide new links) to support your answer. 

2. How do these buttons factor into all this?

3. Predict how the graph will look for Google vs Facebook for the next 5 years. (Don't let the one article totally sway you!)

4. How will this affect YOU in your future use of the web?

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