Sunday, September 7, 2014

4. SkillsUSA

GenYES is a Career and Technology Education Program (CTE) 

We are sponsored by a national charter for our Career Technology Student Organization (GenYES CTSO) and that is national organization is SkillsUSA.  

Visit SkillsUSA

1.  Look around the site.  Find information about SkillsUSA that you think is relevant to you. Such as perhaps the skills gap, Mike Rowes comments, the competitions, the organizations mission, a student success, special programs, training modules.   Discover something that's of interest to you about this organization.  Explain why.

2.  SkillsUSA has a local chapter here in Arizona.  What's happening with SkillsUSA in our state?  AZSkillsUSA

3.  What ideas do you have for our GenYES CTSO?