Sunday, February 8, 2015

(S5) Technological Enhancements?

Last week we explored Biological Technologies designed to assist humans who lost a part of their bodies due to health, warfare or accident.   In essence, technology to make one "whole" again.

More often technological advancements focus on changing and enhancing our lives.

This week consider if technology is (possibly) making us super human or less human?  You decide.

PART 1.  

Discover and evaluate the 4 technologies.  PUT YOUR ANSWERS: HERE

PART 2. 

By using numbers only, discuss how these technologies have something in common.  Consider...  if they differ in terms of "Technological Enhancements" or altering the body technologically to be more or less human.  Do these make you go faster, be stronger, smarter or are they just fun?  Would it be fair to own this technology if you were competing or taking a test?   Would you want any of these items?  Discuss...

You should only answer PART 2 below.  Do PART 1 using the link above.     

Thoughtfully reflect and have some fun with this.