Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Technology

Shock!  Someone is actually reading this?!!

Nice job checking in over the summer!   And because you had the moxie to do this... there's a bonus*!

All you have to do is report on cool new tech!  New macbooks?  Microsoft is buying Nokia?  There's a new bendable Gorilla glass?  Siri is coming to ipads?  Anything else?  

1.  What's new and exciting in the world of technology this summer?
2.  How will it directly affect you?
3.  How might it affect others in the world?
4.  Good points vs bad points.
5.  Provide a short link

*What's in it for you?  Just double points and a week off from blog homework in August!  This is providing of course, your report is good.  As always, follow the blog rules.