Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Create the Blog" Assignment

What's happening in the world of technology that tech students should know about?

What's happening in technology that is significant to education?

How can teachers improve instruction, be more efficient or ramp up the excitement of learning?

How does GenYes impact a campus?  

Revisit some of the previous GenYes blog articles.  The next group of blog assignments will be by you.

Submit your blog ideas to Ms K via email for approval.   The week of your blog is published you will have a free 50 points!

Of course this assignment is worth 50 points and Due by Saturday.  (But send submission ideas now so you know you are on the right track)

Your blog assignment should incorporate at least two of the following tasks:  
  • research new information
  • learn new strategies, tips or tricks
  • discovery of a new method or attitude
  • create a more efficient work flow using technology
  • change the way we think using the tech tools you provide
  • have us do an activity that will expand thinking (related to education!)
  • provide a service to teachers
  • provide a service to students
You will comment on this blog post when all the student entries are in! Try to guess who wrote each new post.