Sunday, November 16, 2014

14. Internet Privacy

1. After reading the top article about "Most Americans ...,"  where do you fit in?  How exposed are you on the internet?  Do you care about your personal privacy a little?  A lot?  Is this statement common knowledge: "If it's on the Internet, it isn't private." ?

2.  Image this scenario:  A terrible criminal kidnapped a member of your family.  Would you want the police to have every possible tool like; phone tracking, camera surveillance, GPS, or other sophisticated spying technologies to catch the bad guys?  How much technology and privacy access should the police have?

3.  What about protecting our country?  Terrorists?  ISIS?  Bank Hackers?  Russian spies?  Who are the NSA  and how much power should they have?  Is this good?  Bad?  Why?

4.  What does all this mean to your personal privacy online?  Ideas?