Sunday, October 27, 2013

10 Project Check

You are starting week 3 on your  Fall Tech Project area.  This is about a third or almost halfway to the end.  How are you doing?

1.  Pick the statement that best describes how well it's going.  Discuss your struggles and successes.

A.  I'm ahead of schedule.  I've finished week three, completed/almost completed all the work and updated my website.
B.  I'm starting Week 3 work, completed/almost completed all the work, begun loading info on my site.
C.  I'm falling behind but I think I could catch up this week
D.  I'm way behind

2.  How can you better manage your time or stay on task?  What are distractions from finishing your project?

3.  What do you have to gain by finishing your project?  (Think big here) The keyword here is You.