Sunday, December 7, 2014

16. Code Week!

Coding: Considerations and Controversies

PART 1. What is the difference in:
scripting, programming and/or coding? What other terms are analogous?

PART 2. How many programming languages are out there?  Which would be the most useful to learn first?  Or do you feel none are important to learn? 

PART 3.  Pick one of the six sections below, read the entire article or watch the movies and share what you learned and your personal thoughts: 

IMPORTANT READ THIS! This weeks blog is a bit longer than most and worth 100 points.  You will have time in class to work on it as well. The expectations are higher.   Do real exploration of the topics, analyze what you read and write over 200 thoughtful, intelligent words to gain full credit.  

The knowledge you glean here might directly impact your future.