Sunday, August 9, 2015

1 Welcome to GenYES

SMHS GenYES is a 4 year high school elective

SMHS GenYES is a CTE  (Career + Technical Education) Program

Our SMHS CTSO (Career + Technical Student Organization) is amazing!

Great option!  SMHS GenYES is available for college credit (all 4 years)

1.  Check out the GenYES International Website.  Copy a few lines that you think are interesting, then comment in your own words about them.  Please read the comments before yours so there are no repeats.

2.  What do you understand about CTE and our CTSO based on what you've heard in class or from other students?

3.  Discuss the benefits of getting college credit for GenYES and how it works.  Do you think you will take GenYES for college credit?  Why / Why not?

4.  What are your first impressions of this class?  What are you hoping to accomplish?

Welcome!  I'm very excited about this new year and happy you make the choice to be part of this awesome class!  MsK :)