Sunday, August 18, 2013

2. Website Design

This week as you create (or improve) your portfolio websites, spend some time and consider the design elements.

Many of these sites linked below are made with flash, Photoshop or other sophisticated software, but you can replicate many of the design ideas and layout using google (pvlearners) sites.

The idea here is to spark more creativity into your sites!

1. Evaluate the design in some of the worst websites.  Pick one and describe why you think it's awful.  Did you find any in their list you actually liked?  Yikes! 

2. Take a look at some award winning websites.  Really look around!  Pick one or two sites and describe why you like it and if (or how) you might integrate some of the ideas you saw into your site.  
     Very Nice Sites 

3.  What do you want your site to say about you?  

PLEASE NUMBER each of your responses in your comments.  Don't forget to login using your pvlearners account.