Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fix a problem. Win an award.

Another exciting year for the James Dyson Award - 501 projects but only one winner.  James Dyson is reviewing the top 15 projects and will announce the international winner and two runners-up on the 8th of November. 
               JAMES DYSON WEBSITE

1.  Go to the website and look at the top 15 finalists. YOU pick the winner and two runners-up*! 

2.  What are the James Dyson Awards and why, as GenYES students, are we researching these?

3.  How do the US entries compare to the rest of the world?  Were any of them your pick? 

4.  To YOU, what are the most important aspects of developing a new technology?  How much money it can make?  Benefiting others?  Expanding communication?  Fixing a problem? Changing the way we work, play, compute, travel, learn?   Or....?  Was this part of your criteria for picking winners?