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12 Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Face-off!

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1. What are the features, good/bad points of each method of digital storage? READ the links above and compare and contrast the reviews.
2. What do you use to store, transfer or share your papers, pictures, movies, files?
3. What other ideas are out there for managing your "digital stuff?"


  1. 1. Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive are the equivalent of Viore, Panasonic, and LG; they all sell the same concept but different builds. Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive all store user files on their servers, and offers access to those files wherever and whenever. But what company offers the best features? SkyDrive is Microsoft's version of digital storage, they offer remote access to your files on several devices but with slow speeds and can be expensive. Dropbox, which is extremely user friendly with a simple user interface and is multi-platformed, but can be irritably slow and can be expensive. And then there;'s Google Drive. Google Drive out runs every brand of "cloud" storage, offering FREE file storage and web/application based editors, making the online storage accessible on almost every device.

    2. When it comes to storing my files, I have a method for each purpose. For school, I use Google Drive because I am able to access, share, and edit my documents, presentation, etc everywhere I go. But when I want to store large files such as movies, tv shows, and music, I will use my own home server as a host.

    3. There is home storage... So taking a non-used but reliable computer and hosting a simple sever for accessing your files away from home. Although this method is free, it is extremely risky, and is vulnerable to intrusions.

  2. 1. All of the digital storage services are pretty similar. But some of them have some differences. Dropbox is very user friendly with a choice of pricing or having it free. There is a big difference between the free and the paid versions, in terms of sizes. SkyDrive is made by Microsoft and is basically almost the same as Dropbox. You can access it from your phone, laptop, or tablet, and you can choose who to share the files with. It has the 2nd best free storage option. And then theres Google Drive. It has the most gb available for free and it has access for every device. It is very fast and very efficient.

    2. I use Google Drive, and my own computer. I mostly use Google Drive for schoolwork and/or writing papers. I mostly save my personal stuff on my computer at home, such as movies, music, or other games.

    3. You could have another computer altogether to transfer your files to. Or you could get a external hard drive with over 1tb of space. An external hard drive is mobile and easy to carry around. It is an excellent investment if you need space for your digital files

  3. 1) Dropbox, Google Drive, and Sky Drive all offer the same basic concept of storing data in the cloud, however, each have their own approach in doing so. Each provider offers an amount of free data, Dropbox having the smallest at 2gb. Google Drive ramps it up to 5gb, which is not likely to fill up quick considering the files are mostly of smaller sizing due to the fact it is primarily created to store text or spreadsheets. Sky Drive maxes out at 7gb of free data, at the top of the three providers. Dropbox does offer the friendliest design, allowing the user to simply drag and drop into the cloud. Google and Sky Drive require uploads through an internet browser, however, most users create their documents through Google Drive and do not actually need to upload anything. With a username and password, these files are accessible on any capable device with an internet connection.

    2) I only own Apple products, so I find that iCloud is the best method of storing documents in the cloud. Both my iPhone and iPad back up with this service, and best of all, it's all completed with no effort on my part. If I start a document on my iPad, I can pick up on my phone without having to "refresh" or "sync," it's just there. I download an iPhone app while I'm out shopping and it's already downloaded and ready to go on my iPad when I get home. It is a very well designed service and offers features Drive or Dropbox simply cannot.
    3) Western Digital recently came out with a new technology labeled "My Cloud." For a one-time fee of $180, you now have a personal Dropbox-equivalent storage device capable of holding 2tb of data. Compared to Dropbox's fee of $100 per year for a measly 100gb, this is an outstanding deal. To get it running, essentially the user can connect this hard drive to the internet as well as power, and WD's software assists in setting up all the hard stuff. This method also allows synchronization between Dropbox as well as other services. The best feature: The connection to this server is theoretically as fast as your internet connection.

  4. 1. They all save data in the cloud, but some can store things others can't. Google Drive is more like for projects and presentations. Dropbox dose same as Google but pictures, music files, videos, and more. Skydrive seems to not do much, but when I get home i'm going to conduct a little experiment. The bad thing is storage space, Dropbox has very small space, 2 GB, While Google Drive has 5 GB, and Skydrive with the most 7 GB. I will put that to the test later at home.

    2. I use Google Drive and a USB Drive from time to time. But i'm thinking of trying the Sky Drive from Microsoft to attempt to store Xbox 360 data. Not sure if it will work, but doesn't hurt to try I guess.

    3. Like I do, you can use a USB Drive, very light an portable.

  5. 1.Dropbox allows you to track changes and recover old work, it starts you off with 1000 GB of storage this is more than enough space but if you run out or are running low you can ask for more space and get it for free. Dropbox also is very fast and reliable they make sure your data is uploaded quickly despite bad internet connections. So far I have not seen any problems with Dropbox. Google Drive allows unlimited storage as well as fast data access around the world. Google Drive uses the same infrastructure or a inside security.Google Drive seems to have no cons. Sky Drive is being introduced to the XBOX One bringing cloud share storage to the XBOX One allowing you to share pictures and video.

    2. I would use Dropbox as it is very easy to use and easy to access for example I can use my Pvlearners on Dropbox and be able to save it on both devices.

    3. You can manage your digital stuff by creating it one site and transferring it to other sites and social networks. This also can depend on self interest as one person might want to save it on secure and safe websites and another might want to let people to kno wabout it and do not care about consequences such as losing a file and maybe deleting a file completely.

  6. 1. All of these cloud storage systems are definitely very similar. They use cloud storage (who would have thought), they each store specific things, and can share tho other accounts. The Sky Drive is going to be an app that is on the Xbox one and you can store media like music, pictures, and videos. It also can share to other Xbox accounts and stream video though they say streaming doesn't work yet. You can store about 7 gb of information on it. Google drive is a place you can store and share documents and presentations with other people on gmail. On Google Drive you only have about 5 gb of space. Dropbox has the least amount of space about 2 gb. Dropbox can be used to share pictures and other media like presentations with other computers that you sign in on. This is a very useful tool that you can use for most daily things in your life.

    2. Personally I don't have a specific one that I use, though I've used google drive a number of times. Though I have a few apple products that I use so i use the icloud, too.

    3. You could use a USB drive where you take information download it onto a USB device and you can transport or store the information for later. I usually don't use USB drives though I use one for my Xbox 360 gaming console for the sole reason of giving myself more storsge space so I can download more.

  7. 1. All of these are very similar but they each have there own features. Google drive will save at every change you make it also comes with 30 Gb free of cloud storage and it have a docs feature for other uses then cloud storage but on one of its downsides the storage is buggy as in you cant upload a full folder full of files and other folders inside them it just wont work. For Dropbox it is a cloud storage software it really isn't anything more one of its good sides any file,folder,etc will be available for you o any device except for windows phone. But on its downside it has a much smaller storage capacity than Google drive or Skydrive. Speaking of Skydrive its a cloud service made by Microsoft it has several ups and downs like it only has 7 Gb of storage not as much as Drive but still a little bit better then Dropbox. Its the only cloud storage to be able to be used on a windows phone out of the three.

    2. Personally I use Drive because of the higher storage space and docs I really dont store any files on there because of its buggy storage system but it is still a good cloud storage and I find it to be the most reliable out of the three for me.

    3.There are other options like a USB stick or external hard drive. But like the cloud storage it has its downsides like how a USB stick is small and is expensive for over 16 Gb of space but its small and is useful if you need to transfer important files and don't want to use cloud storage. A external hard drive also is not perfect even though you can get one with a Gb for a lot cheaper the a USB its still bigger the a USB I would not recommend to just carry it around it should be mainly used for going over to a friends house it watch a movie you have stored on your hard drive.

  8. 1. Both Dropbox and skydrive are desktop oriented, used primarily for simple file sharing and backup. Google Drive, on the other hand, features creation tools for editing documents, powerpoints, spreadsheets ect. with real-time collaboration around the world. Skydrive and Dropbox are file storage, Google Drive is a tool set.

    2. I use drive due to it's large amount of storage space and I am really fond of the creative tools they give you, it makes sharing documents and writing papers a breeze.

    3. Other ideas include external hard drives, USB drives, or sharing files through a home network. Each of these has their own specific applications and uses, but cloud storage is getting more and more convenient and useful each day.

  9. 1. Dropbox is a decent platform to save and share your files on, but it has its limits. If you want to be able to store many files of music and documents, then you'll need to pay a subscription fee. Google Drive is (in my opinion) better than Dropbox. You do not need to pay a subscription fee and you can store unlimited files and documents with little to no cost whatsoever. SkyDrive seems to be a more enhanced version of Dropbox, giving you 200 GB right off the bat, but that is all you will be getting for 2 years. So if you need any more space, you're out of luck.

    2. I use and prefer Google Drive to store and share all of my papers and projects.

    3. Well, I also enjoy using Media Fire to post files for my friends to download, like music and games.

  10. 1. Drop box is a bit of an issue. Yes, it's taking a step towards businesses, but it's limited and you need to pay money. Of course, for one person, this could be managable, but for example, doctor offices or health care clinics, they need lots of space. They have thousands upon thousands of people's medical files that they constantly need to update. If you keep paying for more space, eventually there is going to be a money issue. Goolge Drive is seemingly the best thing out there. "Unlimited storage" is what they claim to have. I don't think this is presented in a good way. People look at this, and they think "oh, so i can put anything and everthing on here, and nothing will happen!" The fact if the matter is, at some point, they're going to run out of memory.

    1. SkyDrive is going to be weird. SkyDrive is made by Microsoft, so it would make sense that the Xbox 1 will be using SkyDrive. Although, I'm not sure how it's going to work out. Considering you have to pay for a subscription, and have VERY limited memory, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

      2. Well, I don't really use cloud memory for anything but Steam games. I also use skype to transfer songs and pictures. Sometimes I use Google Drive for school work, but that's about it.

      3. I'm pretty sure Walmart and Best Buy can transfer your files onto a new computer for you. There are also flash drives and cd's you can use to store a few things.

  11. 1.) Dropbox,sky drive, and google drive all store user information on their cloud and allow you to view these files whenever you want. Sky drive is Microsoft's version of digital storage, you can remotely access to your files on your devices but with slow speeds and they can get expensive. Google drive offers free storage and decent speeds. Dropbox is pretty much the same as sky drive but is more user friendly.
    2.) I dont usually use any of these, I've used them all at least once though. I know a little experience with each.
    3.) You could use an external hard drive or a flkash drive to trasnfer files.

  12. 1.All three of these store information on the cloud to be accessed anywhere that there is an internet connection. Google Drive is exclusively for documents and presentations, and the othgers are more about personal storage(i.e. Photos and movies). Skydrive has the most storage space of the three, and Dropbox capitolizes on safe storage.
    2.I do not use and have not used two of these methods of storage. I have used google drive for school quite a bit though.
    3. I f you don't have access to cloud storage, a hard drive with backup files or a USB stick could be enough.

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  14. 1. Dropbox has:
    2 GB free personal storage
    Simplicity of interface
    Ease of sign-up and installation
    The name Dropbox has become nearly synonymous with cloud file storage and sharing

    Google Drive has:
    Free 5 GB personal storage
    Online readers for rendering many types of files in your browser
    Online Editors for Office documents
    Integration with other Google offerings like Gmail

    SkyDrive has:
    Free 7 GB personal storage
    Online readers for rendering many types of files in your browser
    Full fidelity of online editors for Office documents
    Integration with other Microsoft offerings
    Microsoft user privacy agreement gives you full ownership of your files and documents; Microsoft does not scan them or sell data about you
    2. I use homegroup for stuff at home. This way, I can store my stuff on my home computer's hard drive. At school, I use Google Drive because I can access the stuff from home and at school easily.
    3. For more ways other than the three main ways above, I could use Home Group, a CD, a USB, or an external hard drive. More ways that aren't very famous are represented by the following link/picture:

  15. 1.Skydive is now being introduced to xbox 1 but they all allow you to sign in and it saves all your profile settings and personalizations
    2. I use a USB and never used anything like this program
    3. You could use an external hard drive, USB, burnable CD, Back up files, and home systems

  16. 1. SkyDrive (soon to be changed) seems to be a lot like Dropbox, but then again most cloud based storage systems are. I love the fact that it gives you 7 GB of storage this is more than Dropbox. Dropbox gives you a 2 GB starter storage which for people like me is almost nothing, however the interface is very simple and easy to use. Google Drive is currently my favorite cloud storage system, I love the option of uploading file or folders but also being able to create presentations or spreadsheets. The interface is very user friendly and with 16 GB of space for Pvlearners accounts it take the top spot on my list.
    2. Google Drive is #1 on my list for the above reasons.
    3. Theres a ton of websites out there that offer free photo storage. From Picasa to Shutter-fly and even Facebook.For pictures I would probably say Facebook is the best as it does not have a limit to how many photos you can add and all your friends can see them and comment on them. It a very easy way to post photos of an event or something that other people can go through.

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  18. 1. Cloud storage is data stored on a server its normally free for the most part. Dropbox is free and lets you have 2GB of storage while Skydrive lets you store 7GB of data. Dropbox, Skydrive, and Google Drive all does the same thing.

    2. I use DropBox for .exe files I dont have that much stuff needing to be stored so Dropbox is a good program for me.

    3. You can always get another harddrive and clone your hard drive so you can be safe if your computer crashes. Flash drives are better faster and more reliable than cloud storage. They make USB 3.0, Crush proof and up to 128GB's of storage. I would rather store my files on a USB due to not needing internet to access files

  19. 1) Being able to store data and documents online is a great and easy program to use. It saves time and you can access the files from any computer. the only downside to storing online is if there are important photos or documents, and the server has issues. There's a possibility that everything could be lost.
    2) I personally use the Google Drive to store most of my documents or presentations. Since I have a google account, there's no need for signing up to use google drive and it's convenient
    3) Other methods of storing can be by using flashdrives or SD cards. The only problem is, if you drop it or misplace it, you may never find it.

  20. 1. Cloud storage is data stored on a server its normally free for the most part. Dropbox is free and lets you have 2GB of storage while Skydrive lets you store 7GB of data. Dropbox, Skydrive, and Google Drive all does the same thing.
    2. I use DropBox for .exe files I dont have that much stuff needing to be stored so Dropbox is a good program for me.
    3. What other ideas are out there for managing your "digital stuff?"
    3. You can always get another harddrive and clone your hard drive so you can be safe if your computer crashes. Flash drives are better faster and more reliable than cloud storage. They make USB 3.0, Crush proof and up to 128GB's of storage. I would rather store my files on a USB due to not needing internet to access files

  21. 1. Cloud storage is data stored on a server its normally free for the most part. Dropbox is free and lets you have 2GB of storage while Skydrive lets you store 7GB of data. Dropbox, Skydrive, and Google Drive all does the same thing.
    2. I use DropBox for .exe files I dont have that much stuff needing to be stored so Dropbox is a good program for me.
    3. What other ideas are out there for managing your "digital stuff?"
    3. You can always get another harddrive and clone your hard drive so you can be safe if your computer crashes. Flash drives are better faster and more reliable than cloud storage. They make USB 3.0, Crush proof and up to 128GB's of storage. I would rather store my files on a USB due to not needing internet to access files

  22. 1. Skybox,Dropbox,and GoogleDrive all are storage downloads for your computer. Dropbox can let you share anything on one computer to another, the same for skybox. Google Drive isn't as good at it though because Google Drive can only share documents. The only bad things about skybox, and dropbox are the limited free space.
    2.) Personaly I use dropbox because it is more familiar to me now. The only reason I don't use any other thing is because I am not used to it.
    3.) If your computer crashes you will lose your stuff. A safe way to save your things is to have it saved on a hard-drive or flash-drive. Overall you could also use drop-box to save your stuff so you can just get it back from the other computer using drop-box to get your stuff.

  23. 1 Dropbox pros-storage anywhere anytime anyplace cons-only get 2GB of storage for free
    Google drive pros-used off Google accounts and free unlimited storage cons-only usable on Google and cant share music
    SkyDrive pros-on Xbox and surface tablets cons-not unlimited storage
    2) as of right now i only use Google drive but that's for school stuff but i think i'm gonna sign up for
    Dropbox just cause it seemed really easy and cool
    3) Other ways of saving your stuff are thumb drives SD cards and a clone hard drive but the problem with SD and thumb drives is i always loose them lol

  24. 1.) The storage devices are all good because they help you store your music, work, movies, and important documents.
    2.)The thing that i currently use is drop box. Drop box is a very good thing to help you keep all of your stuff without taking up allot of space on your computer.
    3.) there are many other methods to keep your storage like just saving onto an sd card and mabe putting them on a thumb drive.

  25. 1. (Money Watch) If you're interested in moving your files online, then this is a week for you: The cloud storage news just keeps coming. Yesterday, I told you about Microsoft's new SkyDriverollout, which was strategically timed to launch ahead of Google Drive. Now that we can compare these two heavyweights, it's time to see how they stack up.

    2. Google Drive is Google's long-awaited, long-rumored cloud storage solution. You can think of it as an extension of Google Docs, with the ability to store any sort of files online, but view and edit documents using Google Docs -- with version control so you can always roll back to previous versions for up to 30 days.

    The new service also works cross-platform, with apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (though the iPhone app hasn't arrived yet -- look for it in iTunes soon). Indeed, Google Drive isn't quite fully baked, and the launch was a bit scattershot. Not only is there no iOS app, but many users visiting Google Drive were greeted with a message telling them to come back soon; their Drive isn't ready yet.

    That said, it's an exciting time to be using cloud storage services. Google Drive has injected a healthy dose of competition into the space which, together with SkyDrive, is going to shake up the space. Here's a quick comparison of the top three competitors:

    Free space:

    Dropbox: 2GB
    Google Drive: 5GB
    SkyDrive: 7GB (25GB for veteran users)
    Additional space:

    3. Dropbox: A wealth of opportunities to get up to 16GB through referrals and other gimmicks. Several subscription plans are available, starting at 50GB for $10/month through 1TB for $800/month
    Google Drive: Plans range from 25GB for $2.50/month to 16TB for $800/month.
    SkyDrive: Plans from 20GB ($10/year) to 100GB ($50/year)
    Maximum file size:

    Dropbox: 300MB via the Web or unlimited via the desktop app
    Google Drive: 10GB
    SkyDrive: 2GB

  26. 1.) for the most part dropbox, sky drive and google drive allow you to do the same thing witch is store data in a cloud that you can access from any device. they are all free for the most part the only difference is the amount of data they allow you to store. Dropbox gives you 2 GB, google drive gives you 5 GB, and sky drive gives you 7 GB.

    2.) I will normally use email, or google drive to store, share, and transfer any kind of data.

    3.)you can use external hard drives or thumb drive.

  27. All these cloud storage software has their merits, as well as drawbacks. But what matters is that they are here now, and they are making life very easy for everyone who is saddled with too much data all at once. These storage sites are all welcome, whichever of them you choose.

    Katherine @ 1iX


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