Sunday, March 1, 2015

(S8) Video Entertainment

This week, as a final transition about video gaming (obviously a popular subject in your blog submissions) we will explore how trending interests in video entertainment industry are changing, based on the habits of your generation.

The author of this blog challenges us to explore the popularity of "video game watching" vs actually playing.   I'm going to challenge you with a bit more.

The purchase of Twitch by Amazon for close to a billion dollars speaks volumes about this popular activity.  Many of you indicated last week you've visited or know quite a bit about Twitch and other similar game viewing sites.   Your debate last week was very divided about eSports too!

So let's consider what is really happening here.   Is entertainment shifting?   Many of you said "Sports like football will never be replaced by video gaming."   Video gaming was not a contender five years ago and now look at the packed stadiums.  

This is why people watch people playing video games 
Why would anyone want to watch people play video games?

1.  What do you think of what you read in the links above?

2.  Do you watch others play video games?  Which ones?  Why?   If not, why not?  

3.  How do you spend your leisure time?  Take a look at the chart below.  Consider how you spent your fun time in the last month or so (outside of sleep, eat, work, school)  And mentally circle or choose the top five things that occupy your time.   
What are they?  List the ideas in the boxes that appeal the most to you, and if you can, list them in order of importance to you.  If you chose "something else" describe it.   

4.  Which area (Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue)  do you predict your peers will be the strongest in?  Which area are you?