Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tablet War Time!

It's inevitable.  With the release of the new Kindle HD a few weeks ago, the ipad mini and the upcoming Surface tablet, it's time for a Tablet War!  So which one would you pick?

Asus Padphone

Blackberry Playbook

Kindle Fire HD

ipad mini
ipad 3

Nexus 7


1.  Decide which one you personally feel is the best.  Be fair,  review them all.  What criteria do you think is most important in selecting this type of digital device?  Price / Value?  Design? OS? Sync with other devices?  Popularity?  Functions?  Size? Available apps?  School / Work use?  Fun factor?  Pick one device and defend it.  

2.  Go attack someone else's choice!  Battle on!