Tuesday, May 7, 2013

(S14) Internet Blackout!

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1. What do you imagine would be the effect of an internet blackout in the USA? Think of ALL the things that would happen!

2. How would you personally have to alter your life if this were to to occur? How would you find information about...anything?


  1. 1. People would go crazy. Mass panic. Think about it? The stock market would go crazy, investors wouldn't be able find out how the stocks are and that would throw our economy all over the place. No Facebook or Twitter? You would actually have kids going outside again. There would be no Google or Ask. People would actually have to visit a library to find out about a subject in school. It wouldn't be that terrible, you would still have computers that held all the data for banks and such. You would still have your TV and cell phone. The best part is I wouldn't have to do this blog :)

    2. I would hate it, all my written homework is stored on Google Docs. How would I watch Netflix? But I would survive. How do you think people lived 20-30 years ago? Google was created in 1996. My tablet would be close to useless now.

  2. 1. For one, if there was and internet black out, that probably all the satellites would so we probably wouldn't have our phones either. If there was no internet then we would have to go back to the older times when we actually sent mail to people and look things up in books. The world would be a lot tougher place, especially to the young generations who grew up with all of that stuff.

    2. I would have to locate all of the nearest libraries and go there to research any, as well as sending letters to communicate with others. Sure these can be very long processes but we would all have to learn to get used to them.

  3. 1.) I honestly think if we have an internet blackout we have a bigger problems, but it would be panic for awhile. we would have to get used to not having everything be so accessible. You would have to go to the library to look up information and read books, also we would finally have a way to not be so dependent on technology.

    2.) I would go to the library and buy a large amount of books, Atlas' and maps. many things will be learned by word of mouth but one thing i feel wouldn't change is a traditional school environment. We would still be able to learn in a classroom even with out technology.

  4. 1. The only thing that would happen, other than a day or two of panic, is us going back in time a couple decades. We could still use computers just not the internet... But that would leave us quite vulnerable to attacks or hostile invasions.

    2. Its not like the internet would be done forever. I would just wait until it is "turned back on". If not then I would start reading the paper much much more and watching the news.... which I already do.

  5. 1. Everyone would overreact immensely. Most people, especially in our generation, have been accustomed to growing up with technology and many are not sure how to function without it. Things like maps would become prominent in society again without the access to google maps or mapquest. Most people would give up on communication because they would actually have to write letters and send out lots of mail. It would be a huge inconvenience for most people. but on the bright side, the postal service would become prominent again!

    2. It really would not effect me that much. I'm pretty old fashioned in the sense that I like looking things on maps trying to find out where to go and reading books to find out information. Sure, it would be inconvenient, but overall it could even benefit society. Maybe some people would go and get some exercise as opposed to staying on Facebook all the time!

  6. 1. There would obviously be mass Panama in the U.S., because no one would be able to go on the social media. But also, a lot of the government would stumble because we use the internet a lot in the government. So there would probably be about a month or two of anarchy.But then assuming it was really only the internet that went out, the government would restore power and just focus more on television to get the message across. I guess after a while the U.S. would just go back to the 80s and just not have internet.
    2. All I would have to do to alter my life would be to watch more tv I guess. And I mean, we still have libraries, so it's not like we are left without any knowledge, there is just a bit more work to get it.

  7. 1. If the Internet did collapse somehow, the economic impact would be disastrous. While the loss of services like electronic banking or PayPal would be annoying, the effects would extend much further. Every Web site would be offline. Huge companies like Google or Amazon would become obsolete instantly. Assuming the collapse was either of a permanent or extended nature, many companies would go out of business. Hundreds of thousands of people would be out of a job. If the Internet collapsed, multiple industries would experience an instant recession. There's no easy way to bounce back from a loss of trillions of dollars. You also couldn't share your feelings on facebook which would be a bummer.
    2. It would really effect me. I am always connected to it. I would go to the library to check out books to learn stuff the old fashion way.

  8. 1.) Everything would be crazy. There would be riots. Mass Caos. Although it would be great because people would have to go out side again and play and have fun. It would be really crazy at first but later on people would beging to like it an enjoy what had happen and realize it was for the best. I think this would be great also because then people would have to listin during class because you wouldn't be able to look up.

    2.) It would effect me at first and i would have to get used to it but i would love it eventually. I would find information the same way that people found info for years. Books, Parents, People, Question, Maps. Its not that hard people are just to focused on technology. I fell this would be a great change.

  9. 1. A. The stock market would crash because businesses that require technology would fail.
    B. All banks would lose money because everyone would want to withdraw cash because credit cards would not work.
    C. Major unemployment crises would appear from both all the skilled workers such as networking professionals that were now unneeded and the other workers that were in the businesses that collapsed.

    2. It would likely cause me to join as many organizations and other groups that would try and get the internet back up in some way an prevent it from going down again. After that, my normal life would proceed. I would get information I need by asking trusted human sources.

  10. If the internet collapsed everything would start to suck. Our economy is dependent on the internet. Without it the stock market would die, leaving us with nothing. Records would be lost, and hospital using the internet would run into traumatic problems. The internet is responsible for more than we think, and things would get very bad.

    I would be affected just like everybody else. but I would move on and make best with what I have.

  11. 1:If that happened it would be equivalent to an atomic bomb hitting the Unites States!!!!! Think about it, if the internet went down most people would not be able to do their jobs or function for the day. Many elderly people in hospitals reply on the technology to keep them alive. Not only but also, if the internet went down most schools wouldnt be able to function for the time being because schools do most of their work on the internet.

    2:It would effect me dearly counting the fact that I basically function day to day working on the internet for school, etc.... If I had to alter my life I would go back to the old days and find information in book and magazines, which would suck .:(

  12. 1. If the world had a blackout from all technology than people would go insane. We would have no idea on what was happening and the news could not tell us about anything. The hospital couldn't store clients in their system and they would have no idea on how to take care of them from the reports. Every record any company had would be erased and lost. This would be horrible to all businesses everywhere. Our military would not have a way to communicate or all their systems would get erased.

    2. I would find another way to get information to everyone else by radio towers and all that sorta stuff. Everyone would be very confused but we as humans could find a way to get over it and figure out a more reliable way to post information besides the internet.

  13. 1) If the internet did go down the affect would be catastrophic. We wouldnt be able to do anything really, a lot of at home workers couldnt work, online students couldnt learns, amers couldnt gameAnyways hospitals would be down because most of their stuff is online and online banking would be in chaos as many people couldnt access their money. We couldnt even do the blog!!.. but who cares right?

    2) I would have to alter my life a lot, i wouldnt be able to play xbox online i couldnt do a lot of school work and i might actually have to read books... It would be terrible.

  14. 1. If A black out occurred people would go crazy. Most people have to be on the internet 24/7. They want to stay on their stupid little Face Book, their instagram or whatever the social network that lots of people use. Depending on how long the black out is then some businesses can disappear and fade away. That would ruin lives if that online business is the only thing they have.

    2. I wouldn't be able to watch youtube or go on steam. But i'd be alright with it for a day or two. To find info i'd go to a nice little place called the Library. I'd always use the library before I even had internet so it won't be an issue to me. It actually sounds kinda nice just to go to a quiet little library and just sit down and relax and research.

  15. 1. An internet blackout in the USA would cause depression, anger, and loss of communication. Without the internet must phones will be non-usable-- as in communication-- businesses will not have access to their SQL databases leaving them only with physical backups, and people will be angry without their entertainment and depressed without modern social skills. People, in return, will get human traits through physical interaction rather over the air.

    2. My future career would in the drain or completely committed to reviving the internet. I would change my future into avionics, and peruse it.

    3. Attacks will be held most likely, without the use of modern tools. Government corruption.

  16. 1. If the internet went down people would go crazy and so would online banking. The people who hacked it would probably have access to all the online banking accounts and take money out of the accounts. There would overall just be total chaos in the U.S.A.

    2. I don't think there would even be a way to research things without internet besides books, i know plenty of people that have issues reading books though so that wouldn't be good. My life would change greatly because when at my house there is nothing to do, so electronics are the way i get past bordom daily.

  17. 1.) Well for starters this class would become completely irrelevant. This class is 100% reliant on the internet. Also every single stereotypical middle schooler would have no idea what to do with their lives anymore because of the fact that they nearly rely on social media, which in turn is reliant on the internet. Also marketing would return to paper flyers and such.

    2.) To be quite honest I wouldn't have to alter my life that much if the internet were to shut down, because minecraft can be played offline, so I have nothing to worry about because I do not rely on social media the way others do. Other than that, my life would not change that much.

  18. 1) If the Internet was shut off in the United States, a few important things would happen. First, the US would be vulnerable to attacks from other countries because it wouldn't be able to function properly. Next, corporations would have a difficult time selling their products since many of them use the internet to sell their merchandise. On top of all that, people wouldn't be able to access important information on their emails and communication with others will revert back to phones and letters. Shutting down the internet might possible take us back 30 years and could potentially create mayhem.

    2) The internet is a huge part of my life, but I could live without it. Going back to books for information and learning information from others directly can be helpful. Although, everything will be more challenging without the internet, I'm capable of living my life without it. Considering I can still make movies and edit them without internet, I'd still be happy. My life would change because I'd have to develop social skills, transfer information manually, and acquire information through my own means.


  19. 1. If an internet blackout were to occur there would be a lot of caos. The stock market, busnisses, social media, basically everything technological and almost everyone in the world would be affected. Things such as news papers would come back into circulation more and things would revert how they used to be before for awhile.

    2. My life would be greatly affected if this were to happen for one I wouldn't be in this class. If I had no internet to find info I would just read the news paper and ask around to find out things. I would also start reading books more

    1. Actually, the stock market would most likely profit from an internet blackout. Consumers and investers may turn the other direction to old times. The stock market is not just online, remember learning about the Great Depression?

    2. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=how%20bad%20the%20stock%20market%20would%20suffer%20if%20the%20internet%20went%20out&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&ved=0CDIQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.brandwatch.com%2F2012%2F05%2Fwhat-would-happen-if-the-internet-just-collapsed%2F&ei=Pz2MUZXUI4ywrgGI5YGgDQ&usg=AFQjCNGABcQPf1U9G1VxewqTSGMQXtxSjA

      Read the part where it says financial chaos

    3. Carmelo, this article looks like it was written by a two year old who stepped on their mothers keyboard.

  20. 1. If the internet blacked out many things will happen. A lot of people would go crazy without the internet. Many people would start riots. Also, some companies could go out of business because they rely on the internet for communication and other things. So many people will be unemployed because of companies going out of business. This country would be chaotic.

    2. The down fall of the internet might impact my life. Research would go slower because I'd have to go to the library and all of my assignments would have to be hand written. Plus, no more online gaming. That would make me sad. I wouldn't be able to go on youtube and listen to music or play games. I would get bored but instead of going on the internet, I could crochet more ducks.

  21. 1. The world as we know it would end. The stock market would be destroyed. If it was permanent we would plunge into a new depression with Google, Apple and Amazon all failing. There would be rioting because of this, people would die. The government would be flung into chaos because of this our enemies would pick this time to attack due to the chaos. We would very likely be unable to resist and be conquered or we would be forced to start a nuclear war destroying the planet in the process. This is of course the worst case scenario.

    2. Well if we are conquered I’d have to get into contact with the resistance to fight back against our subjugators. If we aren't conquered I’d probably read a lot more books until the inevitable nuclear holocaust. If I survive that I assume I'll spend a lot of time killing mutant and scavenging food during the nuclear winter.

  22. 1. The effect of an internet blackout in the USA would be extremely traumatic and intense. "Since we are so intertwined socially, financially and industrially that suddenly going back to the 1980s would hit the world as hard as a natural disaster, experts say." Communication as we know it will be destroyed, the government's power will be demolished by people rioting. Aliens will try to contact us but since we don't respond they will take it as an act of aggression and destroy us. If that doesn't happen disease could spread uncontrollably because people would have no knowledge. Eventually countries will not know if they are being invaded and a nuclear war will destroy the Earth. This is of course is the worst case scenario, as Callahan so brilliantly put it.
    2. I would react by doing everything in my power to keep peace and stay safe. I will quarantined myself, my family, and my friends to remain safe from diseases or crazy people. We will hide from rioting, weird civilians who have no idea about what's going on. In order to find information about the present we will rely on our senses, and the occasional time we go out of our hiding place to ask a reasonable person if he/she has heard any rumors/news about what's going on. In order to find information about the past will we have to rely on books, unfortunately.

  23. 1. Well for starters there would be a massive scare in the media. Then after people start to realize that internet is gone forever would start having to adapt to get information such as going to a library, etc. I also think that america will adapt and start putting information onto flash drives and start selling them. Then you got the WOW (world of warcraft) or heavy multiplayer game users people I believe they would just want to die or they would choose a healthy life style. Like going out and getting some exercise.

    2. I would go pretty crazy there would still be gaming but there would be no updates no social interaction, etc. Life would totally be altered for me I would probably start hanging out with my friends more and getting more exercise, etc.

  24. 1. I would think that people that are so plugged in wont know what to do with there time so they start raiding or stealing kind of like an addict if you take there drugs. Then they may go into a frenzy and commit many crimes over somthing not very big of an issue.
    2.I am an ooutdoor person so i wont be botherd at all except for needing somthing answerd but importantly i would be just fine wthout the internet.

  25. 1. The USA would be a wreck with out the Internet but over all I thing that'll we would be better off wit out it. With out the distraction of social networking a lot more would get done in the "real" world. It wold also affect the way we get our information. Without constant updates we would have to find alternate sources of information ( tv, newspaper, or word of mouth).
    2. It wouldn't really affect me all that much except I wouldn't have to do the blog anymore. My parents taught me to gather information the old fashion way ie books just in the event that just such a thing should occur.

  26. 1. If the internet stopped working for some reason, mass hysteria would ensue. Businesses that rely on websites and sending/receiving information from its counterparts would shut down. News stations who receive their news through the internet wouldn't be able to get that news and wouldn't be able to tell people about the blackout. Trillions upon trillions of terabytes of information would all be lost, probably. People who browse the internet would suffer. People would riot and start blaming everyone for something. Programmers would suddenly be in huge demand to fix it. That's all I can think of.

    2. If this happened, I would find something else to do other than watch videos on the internet all of the time. I would get my information from the library and newspapers. For a while, I'd be pretty bored, but then I would finally do more stuff after a while.

  27. 1.) I think if we have an internet blackout we would panic for awhile but then its over and you can over come the problem. We would very likely be unable to resist and be conquered or we would be forced to start a nuclear war destroying the planet in the process. This is of course the worst case scenario.

    2.) if this happend i would just use my imagination. :)

  28. 1. If the internet suddenly stopped working for some reason, i think the world would collapse because we pretty much depend on computers for everything we do. The military, navy, ext., rely on internet and computers for the things they do and wouldn't be able to do it with out them. Billions of files and pictures and videos would be lost. News would be much harder to get and we would only have news papers and everything we get from the internet would be lost. People would be very angry and they would riot and it would eventually lead to a collapse in the government.

    2.It would be a huge change to everybody and everything, but i think we would all eventually get used to not having the internet and go back to a simpler type of lifestyle. I would hate it if this happened, we would have to get our news only from the news paper.

  29. 1) if the internet where to black out everyone in the usa would freak out. Every gamer would die and all the companies that run off the internet would go bankrupt. It would eventually get better but all the office jobs such as the news , newspaper,and other reporters that depend on the internet. And a lot of game addicts even on Ps3 and X-Box would get frustrated about everything.

    2) If this happend I would probably fail all my classes because I use google for a lot of things. I would hate it and probably be unsocial. Americans depend on the internet for EVERYTHING even me.

  30. 1) Honestly, I think that the US will go into a panic since most of our lives are supported by technology and we communicate with texting and stuff like that. I think we'd go on a rampage, because that's what we do. We'd protest. We'd freak out. That's just the facts. With the internet blackout, though, plenty of data and information had been lost.

    2) I would panic myself, actually, but I wouldn't die or suffer from grief. I'm really into technology, but I could live without internet or something like that. I probably would need to change habits to remember things without a reminder to remind me or something like that but that's alright.

  31. 1) If the internet went down there would be mass panic. People realie on the internet for everything.Even the people that don't think they would be affected would be affected because now everything is based on the internet from shipments of food to parts for cars or computers or anything else for that matter. The communications would go down and there wold be mass panic. People would raid houses and stores. Now that i really think about it i would love for that to happen. I could hold up i my house with my rifle and just pick off looters. Schools would also be screwed up because most of our school runs on the internet with pvlearners and this class would basically be gone because this is basically run on the internet.
    2)I personally would not come to school for a while because there would be riots and i personally would not feel safe at school as i could not carry a weapon and if i got attacked by multiple people i would be defenseless. I would start getting info by word of mouth or by notes.

  32. 1. Panic. Lots of companies would lose amples of money and if it lasted long, some would go out of business. A lot of social life today would change for a few days. It would be incredibly different from life today. So much that it could be hazardous to many people lives if people overreacted. It would also be hard to get people to know what was going on because a lot of times we go to the internet for that.

    2. I don't use the internet much anyways at the present time so not much would be altered aside from school life. I do think school life would definitely be changed for a while. It would be much harder to find info for the weak minded. Many students don't have the temperament to go find information from a book.

  33. 1. I imagine there would be some sort of hysteria, there would certainly be verbal complaints, the streets would be packed, and there would be people searching for hotspots in vain. Personally, I don't think it would be possible for the internet to just go out, and even if it did, I don't think it would be out for long, what with the extreme necessity for the service. Companies like Amazon, where online service all but the No.1 priority, would fail, even large business chains could fall, due to the lack of connection to banks for credit card or check usage. Thousands upon millions upon billions of dollars would go unaccounted for due to lack of ability to connect or communicate. Websites like facebook would rely on European and asian users to stay afloat, along with Google, YouTube, etc. There would be indefinite panic around the nation, and things wouldn't be running smoothly at all without the internet.

    2. My life would change dramatically, as almost 100% of my time is spent on an internet connection, as pathetic as that sounds. I wouldn't worry about information at that point, I'd worry about my future, as there would be millions out of a job and scrambling for more. There would be an extreme lack of demand for electronics after that, at least devices that warrant an internet connection. I would be finished after that if I'm being honest.

  34. 1. I am almost sure, that there would be some form of rioting in the streets if the internet went down. It would be a sort of national disaster. People could no longer be "social", but that would be the least of problems. Many businesses across America rely on the internet to run their business. If the internet went down, it would take AT LEAST 1 month before the rioting and confusion could be settled.
    2. My life would be so weird. I don't necessarily depend on the internet, I just use it a lot in my daily life. For one thing, I couldn't do my blog, surf the internet, or research for essays. I would have to go to the library to actually find information and depend on the newspaper to bring me my news. The world would be VERY different for me.

  35. 1. Most businesses, technologies, and services rely on the internet to function now a days. If the internet were to go out, the entire country and economy would collapse. The stock market would be turned upside down, air travel would be harder if not impossible, and people would probably just go crazy not knowing what some random guy on the other side of the world on twitter was doing at that exact moment.

    2. I use the internet pretty much 100%, but I could probably manage to adjust. I like to do other things, such as draw, watch movies and jog, and besides; there's always video game consoles and about 6 cases of old CD computer games in my closet to keep me entertained.

  36. 1) It would be the end of the world, haha. People would freak out. Businesses would not be able to continue on until the internet was back on. So many people's lives revolve around the internet, its there source for news, work/school, communication, social reasons, gaming, people would not know how to function without the internet.
    2) Without the interent I would not be able to get in touch with friends or teachers through email. I would lose school work that I have on pvlearners. I would lose touch with so many people and it would be very hard. I would turn to newspapers and magazines for news, I would communicate with people through my phone but I would end up losing touch with so many people. It would change my everyday life.

  37. 1. It would cause a huge crisis. So many people would go crazy. A lot of people make money through the internet, and everyone in USA uses the internet daily. Communications would go down, people loose money, and chaos would happen.

    2. I wouldn't panic, i would be very sad and lose a couple of luxuries. But it would change my life for the time being. They would eventually fix the problem, and life would resume. I would have to resort to newspapers or magazines for news or current events. For entertainment, i would resort to offline computer games or my other video games that doesn't involve internet

  38. 1. If the Internet went down in America it would cause global panic. It would almost destroy the global economy, and hault many communications for big businesses. This loss of communications would stop the many good from being delivered and also hurt the medical field. Rioting would most likely happen causing Political in balance in the United States.
    2. Personally, this would definitely affect my schoolwork Also it would take way for many personal activities I do on my free time. However, I still think I would be able to survive and it wouldn't devastate many aspects of my life.

  39. 1. It would cause mass panic. A lot of businesses would loos money because it would be harder to communicate from location to location. For most people who work with/ around computers would be out of a job for how ever long it lasted. So if there was an internet black out many people and businesses would be left very confused.

    2. I would have to find new things to do for entertainment. I don't really use the internet as my only form of communication, so it wouldn't affect me as much in that way. I would mainly have to go out and find interesting things to do.

  40. 1. In the event of a country wide internet blackout I dont think that initially there would be much of a problem. At first people would think "oh the internet is down we can manage for a a little bit." But as the length of the blackout increased people would become more and more concerned over what was gong on. After awhile panic would break out, communications would still be completely cut off, and most companies would lose significant amounts of money as they rely on the internet to operate.
    2. If this were to occur I think that I would be one of the people who tried to make things work and figure out new ways to share information. Maybe some sort of information organization could be formed at least in the small scale for small areas until a larger and more permanent solution to the problem could be found.

  41. 1. I think it would cause mass chaos.(I mean how would I be able to Google how Google died). At the start panic would be low and then after a week or so it would rapidly increase. Money being spent would decrease. Jobs will become scarce and more people will be trying to fix the internet.

    2. I would be upset but since my life is not entirely internet based I think I will live. I would get a life and do something like a sport. I wouldn't turn into one of those half-wits who would do suicide over the internet being down. Although steam would be out of the question. I would also worry about my future job because unemployment will be skyrocketing.

  42. 1. I think that the biggest impact would be both financial and
    especially medical since we keep track of all finance and health
    mostly through computer data bases. I think alot of people could
    actualy die due to the confusion and lack of accesable personal data.
    I think it would positivly impact the youth by making us accualy
    communicate and connect but at the same time there are many people who
    are more ingrained in the internet than the norm, such as WOW addicts,
    facebook junkies, and twitter fiends.
    2. If this were to happen I would go o the library and start looking through the card catolouges. I would ten probable start a lan network of my own with neighbors and such.


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