Sunday, October 5, 2014

8. Mobile Phones 2014

Massive Confusion?

1. Pick a popular phone model that you know the LEAST about. List:  
          1. Model  
          2. Manufacturer/maker  
          3. Operating system  
          4. Service Carrier Options (Yep all of them) 

2. Describe the best or coolest features of this phone.  After learning about it.  Would you ever consider getting it?  Why?

3. Look at the infographics link. Gasp! Open up a few of the infographics.  Discover some fact that surprised you and share it.  

4.  What phone would you want if you could have any phone?

5.  What phone do you have now? 

I'm exhausted just thinking about all this!

READ THIS:  The links above are a guide.  There are NEWER and OLDER phones than listed in the links.  Feel free to do your own independent research! Just make sure it's a somewhat popular phone available in Arizona!

No repeats!  There are way too many phones out there!  So NO CREDIT will be given for repeats!  Read the posts of the people before you when picking your phone choice.