Sunday, March 30, 2014

(S9) Hackers

Perspectives on Hacking

(Familiar face. Good luck with the movie)

Explore the websites and vast amount of information.

Select and cite 2 articles that you find most interesting.

1. Article 1 - Give a specific example of "good" hacking
and describe how it generated a good outcome.  

2. Article 2 - Describe a specific example of “illegal” 
or “unethical” hacking.  Discuss why it’s bad, the implications
on society and assess the motivation of the hacker or group.

3. Why do you think the word “hacking” usually 
gives a negative impression?  

4. Personal observations.  Talk about what you learned from 
the readings.  Why this topic might be important to you

Wednesday we are fortunate to have a guest speaker:  Dan Petro

Be informed and ready with your questions!