Sunday, November 23, 2014

15. Thankful

As I thought about this weeks homework, Thanksgiving and all,  I thought about how thankful I was for my classes this year.  Truly, you are a great bunch of kids and I love coming to 'work.'

So I put in the search box "Thankful and Technology"  just to see what came up.  A lot of these pictures came up (or variations of it).  ☛

Then that made me think of my holidays growing up and how different this looks for you guys who never knew life without the Internet, phones, devices, computers, gaming systems and such.

So do you feel cheated or blessed?  Do you feel thankful about all the cool tech out there that has enriched your life?   Do you feel there might be important things in life, that may be not things at all? Give this some real thought and share significant thoughts that reflect your life.   Please be specific.  

This week,  reflect a little and enjoy a...

Happy Thanksgiving.