Monday, January 20, 2014

17 MsK's Last Blog!

Your task this week is to breeze through blogs in this forum from the past few years.  

Pick 3 that stick out in your mind.   

They could be topics that interest you, topics that got the best responses or made you think or creative tech ideas.   List the topic and why you chose it.  


1.)  2013 - Internet of Things.  This topic really intrigued me.   I never thought of technology as being so interconnected and all encompassing.  It was scary and I learned something here.

2.)  2012 - Social Networking in School.  I was doing research for admins and was excited to open this topic up for an opportunity for kids to be heard about this topic. It shocked me in what some of the kids wrote.  I thought they would be 'all for' networking at school, but most were not.  I respect the right for all to express their thoughts though and it gives me perspective.  But I hated some answers.

3.) 2012 - James Dyson award.   Great things people are doing out there all over the world.  I hope someone picks this perhaps as their blog topic because we should look at this site every year or something like it. Technology is not always about cool gadgets or ways to connect, but about improving life.

P.S.   Word count = 155 (Nice job MsK)

The blog next week will be one of yours!  I'm officially turning this over to you!