Sunday, October 12, 2014

9. Laptops 2014

In the last of a series evaluating and updating our knowledge about digital devices, we come to explore the options today in the laptop market.

Read the comprehensive article on the link below and decide on the best laptop for you.

This week you can choose the same type of device as another persons post, however your reasoning must differ based on your personal preferences.

What is the best laptop for you?

1.  Describe how you personally would get the most out of your device choice.  Why did you chose this laptop over the others?   What are the most important features in shopping for a laptop that you need?  Talk about how you compute, what you would do with the laptop this year and in the future.  How do you spend your time online?  Is it productive or mostly fun?  What peripherals would you deem necessary?  Would it replace your desktop, if you have one?  Why/why not?  Would you bypass buying a laptop and keep a desktop and some mobile devices like a tablet or smartphone? How many devices do you need? Desktop, laptop, tablet and phone?  All?  Some? None?  (haha)  There are many questions here to pique your thinking about laptops in general.  Write a thoughtful commentary on this subject focusing on the perfect scenario for you and computing including your personal opinion of this type of computing device.

(Be comprehensive.  100 words minimum.  However, 200 thoughtful words would be better. )