Sunday, March 20, 2016

S8 Crowdfunding

Raising money for a Project  

Crowdfunding has changed the way innovators can bring their products to the public by appealing directly to the public for funding. No longer do creators need to beg to huge corporations to fund and back their project. Anyone with an idea has the opportunity to make it a reality.

Kickstarter Tech

Use these ^ links to find technology projects 

1. List your favorite 2 projects with a comment why you liked it. 

2. Now what do you think that inventor would have had to do to get their product to the public before crowdfunding?

Use these ^ links to answer these questions: 

3. What are the benefits to crowdfunding? Any disadvantages? 

4. Should companies like Kickstarter or Indiegogo take percentages of profits from projects on their sites? Why or Why Not?

5. Lastly give your opinion on crowdfunding and its impact on technology. Does it free inventors to use their full creative potential or does it only offer a medium for people to promote stupid projects? (Think Potato Salad Project...if you don't know about this look it up...pretty funny).