Sunday, October 3, 2010

Worrisome Websites!

Below are 10 strange websites.  But some are stranger than others because a few of the websites below are totally fake! The info is totally wrong and the whole website was designed to fool you!  But...hey you are GenYES you won't be tricked!  Right?  Your task is to determine which ones are real and which are fake.

Part 1.  Make a list of the sites.  For example:  Fake = 1, 2, 3..  Real= 4, 5, 6..

NOTE: You can fool your pals here by posting bad information and then re-posting a revised list at a later time!  This assignment is all about foolery! Make sure your final list is the real one though because you will be graded for "right" and "wrong" answers out of the ten websites.

Part 2.  Give an explanation of how you determined which ones were real and which ones were fake. 

Part 3.  What is the "lesson" of this assignment?

The Websites:  

1.   Giraffe Mania

2.   Fishcam

3.   Northwest Tree Octopus 

4.   Pantagonian Mara

5.   Safe Cloning

6.   Leafy Seadragon

7.   Angora Rabbit

8.   Pen-Tailed Tree Shrew 

9.   Floral Body Sculpture 

10.  Havenworks