Sunday, November 24, 2013

13 Searching Google

In the next few weeks you will be embarking on an Amazing Race 
You will journey around the world via the Internet.
Take some time this week to become an "Internet Search Sleuth"

1.  Discover a cool way to search information with Google, that's a bit more advanced than just hitting the search button and share your findings.  Explore the links below.  Consider what search skills you might need to be successful on your Amazing Race Adventure.  Be original.  (Read student entries before yours.  If you repeat another persons tip, you will not receive credit.)

2.  Consider why it is so important to know how to search information effectively? Other than the Race,  how will developing advanced search skills help you in school?  Career?

3.  What other search engines are there out there?  Why would you use them?  How do they compare to Google?  Do you personally use any of them more than Google?

(Don't even think of copying and pasting anything from these sites! 
Please post your ideas in your own words!)


  1. 1.After going through the links I found several way to search something but in different and more efficient ways. One of the ways was if say your looking for a blog like this on the left side of the search page there are filters such as blogs, discussions, recipes, patents, books, 3D models, scholarly sources, and legal documents. Also another way to search something is if you cant remember a certain celebrity or certain historic figure you can put in a quote or search a role the actor was in your can also search by file type like PDFs, PPTs, or XLS.

    2. Its important to develop these skills because it could help you out in future situations. You could need to find a certain blog or a recipe or even the time in the place your visiting its important to learn how to use these techniques so you can get something done faster or help someone find something it depends on the situation and if you know how to use these tips and tricks it could make it a lot easier in the future.

    3.There are other search engines like yahoo, Ask, AOL, and Bing, but who uses Bing. In comparison with Google in my opinion they don't stack up because Google has more filters and options to make your search experience the best. But that's my opinion some people might prefer Yahoo over Google but Bing people I just don't get in the slightest.

  2. 1.There is an Advanced Search link that lets you search for exact phrases, "all these words", or one of the specified keywords by entering search terms into the appropriate box. Also common words, like I, and, then and if are ignored by Google and are called "stop words". Similarly, you can find pages that Google thinks are related in content, using the related: modifier. Use it like this: If you hit the "Remember this Location" button when you searched for movie times, the next time you can enter the name of a current film movie instead. Also did you know you can search within your returned result if you scroll down to the bottom of the search results page and find the link.
    2.These tips could be useful when you need to organize ideas or focus on time management. They could also help you bring up anything you may need to show or present to anyone.
    3. Some other search engines are bing, yahoo, altavista, cuil, excite, and go.

    1. 3 part 2. I mostly use Google but i sometimes use bing because it show pictures of what your looking for.

  3. 1. If your computer has a microphone you can use your voice to search something up. Not only that but there is tricks in searching with google, search locations by area and zip code or track a packages being shipped using UPS, FedEx, or USPS. All by using google search.

    2. These tips and tricks could go well when researching for an essay or a quote for a book report/essay for any class. Not only book quotes but quotes the famous people have said as well.

    3. The majors ones are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Honestly I might use Yahoo more, only time I use Google is at school. Google is actually the biggest and more used while Yahoo is in 2nd place for that.

  4. 1. My favorite resource from within google is gizoogle, a very fun way to search, and one that you can use for yourself. Google also has voice search, which allows for hands free searching.
    2.It would easily allow me to more easily use the search engines in my everyday life.
    3.You can use bing, which is okay, internet explorer, which is so slow, that I would lose the race just saying that I am goingv to use it, and Yahoo, which is an even alternative to google. One can also use some of the lesser known ones, such as Galaxy, Live Search, and AOL.

  5. 1.) One way to use a different and more advanced resource for Google is to Search by Advanced Image Search, which uses Advanced Image Search to find a specific thing, such as Size, Color, or Photo or Drawing and there are different tools that can alter the filters you choose, some of which include using only photos with faces, clip arts, high res images, and even images that are normally available for a commercial use.

    2.) Being able to use more search options would help you in school and career because you would be able to easily search for something by narrowing down the search options using the advanced searching tools, which could reduce possible search results greatly, whereas a normal search would have more results and would take longer to go through.

    3.) There are many different Search Engines that you could use, some of them are very popular and used a lot, like say, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, while others are less popular not used as much. These are all very different and have their own strengths and weaknesses and may even have an advantage or disadvantage over using Google. You could use these other Search Engines for the different possible search results, because some may have more information than others. I have always used Google and will probably stick to using it for a while at least, until I have a reason to stop using it, and I use it because it is the one that I have always been familiar with, whereas the other search engines I know little about and some I have never even heard of until now.

  6. 1. Now you can search with voice and filter when the webpage was made or images etc. There are many ways to search with google everyone searches differently. As an example I use the URL bar on google chrome to search and I type in key words.

    2. Being able to search quickly and more accurately allows for time to be used more efficiently. You can look up the subject and learn about it if you didn't understand it the first time (I have done multiple times).

    3. I personally use google for everything but I also dislike there google+ nonsense and them taking over youtube :(. Bing is pretty much the same thing except with a different layout etc.

  7. 1. The first thing that i found was the voice search on google. It is very cool because i didn't have to type my words out at all. One trick that i found was finding prices by doing ,sonyplaystation $300...$500. This helps with quick pricing.

    2. When you are searching for information about research topics it comes in handy to know how to search educational valued sites. Not bad crappy websites to help you study.

    3. I would use bing because it is on my laptop. It is not as good as google, but it still works well. Another search engine is Sweet packs. It is on this computer and it sucks compared to google.

  8. BTW bing is on my moms computer also

  9. 1)i like the fact that u can search something put a space and then a - and then whatever u don't want like salsa -tomatoes and it would search for salsa recipes without tomatoes or like if u search desserts and then space then ~ it looks up christmas deserts
    2) it is important so that in school essays you know how to research
    3)i don't use any other search engine theres yahoo and bing i really think they do the same thing as google but google has more websites

  10. 1.What is nice is that you can find the price of a item in a price range. A example is Nintendo DS 300$..500$.It then would find that item in that range.
    2. It would be very helpful to build a great search range or school and for work to make it easy to find information you need. You could get stuff done faster.
    3. there are many different search engines. Each one can be specific to one search or can search for many different things.

  11. 1. I like that you can search anything and it will give it to you. You don't have to put a bunch of words you can put one if you wanted. Like you can say movie and it will give you the movie times.

    2. You need to be able to search things quickly and efficiently for school if you have something the next period or the same one that you are in. This will help you get you work done fast and easy. In your job say you have an assignment that your boss needs done ASAP you can get it done faster that he expects.

    3. There are plenty of other search engines out there like Bing, Yahoo search, AOL search, Delta search and the one that every one hates I would use all of them but i use Google the most because there is no search engine that compares to Google.

  12. 1. Google Instant is super useful for searching. If you are searching you favorite site and see it pop up before you are halfway done is very convenient.

    2. Searching efficiently can help you researching. In school time spent finding the site is lessened and the time spent on the actual site is increased. This way you can get more knowledge out of the time that you have. In a career you can get a job done faster and be more efficient.

    3. There are tons of other search engines out there. Most of them are used for specific reasons like is specifically used for finding torrents. General search engines like Yahoo! or Google only have a few in their kind.

  13. 1. With google search by simply typing in a math question, the problem will show up solved. This is basically a Google calculator if you can type out the equation correctly.

    2. Being able to search stuff efficiently is extremely important in schooling. Some examples of this consist of, getting help with homework and studying before a test. Odds are, if you're having a hard time with something, someones else is or has too.

    3. The internet is full of search engines to use for different situations. They have "business only" related engines if you wanted to look for job information. They have a question based search engine too. You just insert your question and similar questions and results will come up. But engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! are basically "universal" search engines that have all kinds of results for display. They are the most used because they can be used for anything.

  14. 1. By using Google search engine there are many ways of using it, like for an example you can either use Google images or just Google to find things that interest you. there is also Google chrome which is way faster than just using regular Google
    2. Being able to use Google Chrome helps me out a lot with my home work or if i need help looking up words that i don't understand the meaning of. I know there is a lot of other search engines but Google chrome is the best one that i use on a daily basis.
    3. There are plenty of other search engines like yahoo or msn , Bing, Delta search, and many more. They make so much money by running their websites. it's crazy to think way before there was internet people always either had to read the news paper or a telegram or they had many different ways of finding out what was going on around the world. from way back then until now we have came a long way. We have so many different ways to communicate now, but one of the best ways is by using the internet to get your information.

  15. Google is a very useful tool that is very simple and easy to use. you just type whatever you are looking for in the search bar and then hopefully it will show up. if you spell something wrong it will let you know that you can correct yourself. how ever that is just the beginning. They give you tons of settings that allow you to optimize your searching and really narrow it down to what you are specifically looking for. You can find these search tools at the top right below the search bar. For example if you need to find where a place is then you would type in the address or what the place is called and then go to the map tab to view a map that show the location of the place you are looking for.

    2.) If you don't have anybody that know something that you need to know then you result to Google. Google is now a big part of life. everyone uses it when they are stumped \about something. i use it for school everyday and will probably use it for my job as well. As long as you know how to use Google you can become an expert on anything.

    3.) Google is not the only search engine out there. No, there are very many search engines. Some of the more popular ones are bing, yahoo, and live search. the only reason i would ever use them is if i found them better to you and more appealing, or if Google wasn't giving me the info i needed.


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