Friday, January 3, 2014

16 Future Technologies: 2014

What do you think?

What "Future Technologies" 
do you think will impact our lives this new year?

  1. Open and explore ALL of the links above.
  2. Select 3 items that impress you relative to "Future Technologies." Pick items that you are personally interested in or that you believe will change peoples lifestyle or work.
  3. Do NOT pick all your items from the same link.  
  4. Do NOT pick all the same items as other kids.  Be original.  
  5. You may a find new technology from a site not listed above, if you like.  (Just be sure to site your source)   
This assignment expects you to thoroughly research, explore and consider the specs, the possibilities, usefulness and application of these new technologies.

Previous, unacceptable responses have been deleted by the administrator.  (me!) 

Write intelligent, thoughtful answers.