Sunday, April 28, 2013

(S13) Tablets Taking Over Gaming?

The new Wii U System from Nintendo’s main selling point is it’s tablet-like controller, which allows you to use not only the buttons, but the touch screen as well.  The controller serves as a second, and separate screen to the TV, much like the Nintendo DS’s dual screens. However, with the flick of your finger, you can bring the entire game to the tablet controller and play from anywhere in the house.  Integrated with features such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and an internet browser with HTML5 support, the controller, on it’s own could potentially serve as a tablet or computing device.

The Razer Edge Pro is powered by Intel Core processors an NVIDIA GeForce graphics powering a 10.1 high def multi-touch display and a rugged high speed solid state drive that screams incredible performance in a portable form-factor.

1) Since games are usually played on either a PC or a Console, what changes do you think will happen to the gaming industry with these entry of these tablet innovations? What do you think of the two devices above? Are there others?

2) Were you one of the kids who predicted the "Desktop PC" will never die because of gaming? Are you going to change your mind?

3) Relative to gaming, how have tablet technologies affected TV? Entertainment Industry? Exercise? Your general lifestyle? Cite some pro's and con's of gaming and tablets, even if you are not a gamer, think of the world around you. Cite sources / research to support your personal position.