Sunday, November 6, 2011

Leading Technology in High School

Considering the cool things we are doing with our Innovation Projects and the development of our AMPLITUDE concept, I thought it would be interesting to investigate what other high schools are doing and how we compare.  Here are some results of my search:

Research some of these schools.  (You will need to uncover the schools real websites)

Pick ONE high school that hasn't been selected by someone posting before you. 

1.  What list was the school on that you picked?  Why do you think it made one (or more) of these lists?  What can we learn from this school?

2.  Do you think there is anything we are doing technologically at our school that they are not doing?  What?  What gives you the impression they are not doing it?!

3.  How does Shadow compare to these schools in general and specifically to the school you picked?

4.  Do you think we should make one of these lists?   How do we get there?

5.  Random thought....