Sunday, April 28, 2013

(S13) Tablets Taking Over Gaming?

The new Wii U System from Nintendo’s main selling point is it’s tablet-like controller, which allows you to use not only the buttons, but the touch screen as well.  The controller serves as a second, and separate screen to the TV, much like the Nintendo DS’s dual screens. However, with the flick of your finger, you can bring the entire game to the tablet controller and play from anywhere in the house.  Integrated with features such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and an internet browser with HTML5 support, the controller, on it’s own could potentially serve as a tablet or computing device.

The Razer Edge Pro is powered by Intel Core processors an NVIDIA GeForce graphics powering a 10.1 high def multi-touch display and a rugged high speed solid state drive that screams incredible performance in a portable form-factor.

1) Since games are usually played on either a PC or a Console, what changes do you think will happen to the gaming industry with these entry of these tablet innovations? What do you think of the two devices above? Are there others?

2) Were you one of the kids who predicted the "Desktop PC" will never die because of gaming? Are you going to change your mind?

3) Relative to gaming, how have tablet technologies affected TV? Entertainment Industry? Exercise? Your general lifestyle? Cite some pro's and con's of gaming and tablets, even if you are not a gamer, think of the world around you. Cite sources / research to support your personal position.


  1. 1) Tablet's are changing how portable access to the internet and gaming can become. With these new gaming tablets, I could foresee a new type of tablets being released for watching movies, playing video games, and watching unlimited TV shows through Netflix or other streaming websites. Although, we already have tablets like what I've described, I'm sure the future market is headed for only the latest and greatest tablet with competitors like Microsoft, Apple, or Sony. I think the two tablets above have definitely made gaming more personal and given gamers another close experience with their games like the original gameboy had. Gameboys and Nintendo DS seem to be the only other types of gaming tablets I could think of in today's market.

    2) As a kid, I always assumed the Desktop PC would evolve and rapidly change depending on peoples preferences. However, I never predicted it would go away because they're essential for storing pictures, movies, and important documents that could be open to theft over the internet.

    3) Tablets have made TV more accessible when people are out and about because with it's portable capabilities, people can watch their favorite shows when not at home. As for the entertainment industry, tablets have done the same with movies and games. When describing their impact on my life, I have nothing to report. I could live leisurely without a tablet being constantly with me.


  2. Tablets and handheld devies are not taking over gaming, but only taking over the handheld gaming world. Handheld gaming is turning into an aspect of mobile phones and tablets, because they are powerful enough to run many games. I have games on my ipod that originally were on the Playstation and Playstation 2. There is no need for a separate device when we have devices already capable of this. These above devices are developing into the tablet gaming world as they make it more than something on a phone. It i an aspect of the gameplay and will develop this new technology even further.
    2 I wont die because some people like the interface. It does not matter how powerful it is because people like things for countless reasons, and the interface will always be one of them.
    3 I like gaming on tablets because sometimes I like a simple game that only has one button. Gameplay can be different and enjoyable. The only downside is that many more powerful games are impossible to play on a tablet, and I would not even want to due to the interface.

  3. 1. Tablets are not taking over the game industry. These 2 tablets above are a wonderful source of gaming that it allows kids to carry them where ever they go. They can still travel and have the same new technology experience with these tablets. The only changes that i see happening with tablets is having a holographic keyboard. Personally i am not a fan of touch screen but everyone else seems to love it. It is a wonderful new way to introduce gaming to everyone. You can watch movies and go on the internet and still play games on it.

    2. PC will never go away, because it's a lot easier to navigate on it and everyone is already familiar with it. Tablets are a great change but it will ever replace the PC's. They are also a lot easier to use and handle.

    3. Tablets allow people to watch movies and tv's when you are out of your house. I feel that tablets are pretty much known only for that and allow the internet where ever you go

  4. 1. If Tablets like the Razer Edge pro Start becoming very affordable people will begin to switch from console to Tablet. As for PC gamer's I don't believe they will die or go away for a while, because every day there is a new Graphics card made. The reason the Razer Edge pro is so fast is because they have a crap CPU and GPU but because its Intel and Nvidia and playing at a low resolution therefore having good fps.

    2. As I said before the PC will eventually die but I believe not for a while maybe 10-20 years from now. Just because Razer made a amazing tablet to play PC games on at low resolutions with alright parts. It is also 1300 dollars which is ridiculous because I can run anything on Max settings with 30-60 FPS and its a 600-700 dollar computer.

    3. They have integrated tablets into TV's that are able to use Netflix, Hulu and YouTube that the call Smart TVs. With a computer instead of a tablet you get better performance for the money. With a tablet its portable and comes with a screen as a computer does not. It all comes down to the portability of a tablet and the performance per dollar for the computer.

  5. 1: Their is no question that tablets are becoming part of everyday life, but not really in the gaming world. A console will always be able to do way more than a little tablet will do. Companies try releasing tablets that have a cool feel to them so you can play games on them. Although, nobody our age or older will play Call of duty on a tablet counting the fact that you dont have a controller to use for playing. If the tablet wants to increase in popularity for the common people then the companies need to release a gaming controller for tje tablets for gamers to engage in.

    2: Yes I am and I still agree because their are so many gamers that play games strictly on pc. Not only but also, gamers that play for a living buy the newest pc whenever it comes out so they can improve and continue their gaming career; which means the desktop PC cant die!

    3: Tablets have changed tv a little bit, counting the fact that they are capable of using Netflix,youtube etc..... Tablets have also changed the way people exercise because they can find games for workouts and apps for calorie counters. To me their is no cons to the tablet because of what it does.

  6. 1. I bet they are going to make more tablets, people want to take gaming where ever they are going. Honestly I prefer PC. I know many people that would prefer PC over a tablet so I don't think that tablets will replace what we already have. Sure they look cool and have many functions and modes but I prefer a gaming laptop over a tablet any time any day.

    2. I will not change my mind. I just feel that Desktop/Laptop is the right thing. It agrees with me. I wouldn't want to research on a device like a tablet because I just prefer to type rather then to tap the screen.

    3. A pro toward gaming on a device is that it's portable and it's light weight. Depending on your device like for example IPod, you can use one hand to do certain games and do other things with the other hand. A con is that somethings require WiFi or else it won't work what so ever. Desktop/Laptop can do things that devices can't do. To me it's just natural to look things up on a Desk/Laptop and do homework. Plus I can Multi player games on Desk/Laptop and not really on a device like IPod. Con is that Desktop isn't portable.

  7. 1. I am a console fan but even i know that the PC is the dominate gaming device of this time, but that could change. The new PS4 has a PC type architecture and is built to be a gaming machine, although it is only a mid-range, or possibly higher gaming PC it shows what direction consoles are headed in. I personally think tablets are going to get better in graphics and change portable gaming, but i don't ever think they will touch gaming PC's or even gaming consoles power.

    2. I don't think i will change my mind on this thought because i really can't see the power that is inside a PC being able to go into something as small as a tablet.

    3. Pros: Portable, over millions or billions of apps,
    Cons: Hard to use unlike a controller or mouse.

  8. 1) The only thing that will happen to the gaming industry because of tablets is an increase of casual apps that are very similar to other already popular apps. The PC will always dominate the hard-core gaming community. The Wii U and the Razer Edge Pro that are shown above are cool to mess around with, but they still do not beat the quality and versatility of the PC. There are infinitely more games for windows than for tablets.

    2) I was and am one of those kids who will always think that PC gaming will never die. Have you ave seen a Starcraft global tournament with a 5 million dollar prize done on a tablet? No. they are done with cutting edge desktops with the best technology at the time. Besides, tablet controls are basic and never allow complex strategy to take place compared to the infinite amount of buttons on a gaming keyboard.

    3)TV? You can now stream your games to your smart TV.
    Entertainment Industry? There are more Mobile gaming and video viewing apps.
    Exercise? Nobody uses the exercise apps. I haven't ever seem someone actually use one once
    Your general lifestyle? Not one thing.

    Cite some pro's and con's of gaming and tablets.
    Pros: It is more mobile.
    Cons: The Razer Edge Pro has a 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 640M LE graphics card. You can get a much nicer card on a custom build PC.
    Almost no tablets have Ethernet ports that are essential to lag-free gaming.
    The Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 has a 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-3630QM processor. AMD is supposedly coming out with a 5GHz processor. That is twice as fast as the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500. Desktops are (and always will be) faster than tablets.


  9. 1. This will change gaming a little if these get big game developers will start releasing these designed for theses tablets. The wii u wont take off because it is nintendo wich eliminates all of the the good points of pc gaming such as the hyper improved graphics and the insane monitor set ups. But eventually this will bring companies like apple into the gaming industrie. you still cant upgrade the graphics and you definitely cant get a lot of the games you would want on these things also no multi monitor set up.

    3.ok they are great for distraction but in my life I've use them as efective note tacking wich could really help people like me who have trouble legible notes.

  10. 1. This blog is the right one for me. Technology has changed, even for gaming. The gaming industry will change with tablets in different ways, but in my opinion I dont like the tablets. I lived with a consol than a tablet, because you can get the full affect on a tv than a small tablet screen. The first one is the Wii U, and I didnt really like it. The other ive never heard of. There is a PSP for Play station.

    2. No, Gaming will always stay on the PC, they cant do that to gamers world wide. The computer brand ALIENWARE, the computer I have, Is built for gaming.

    3. "A brand-designed, full-function remote for your smartphone, with web integration and features designed to allow you to pull content from online sources." TV remote apps are being used like a universal remote that you can get at any sort of store, its interesting how it works.

  11. 1) I believe that the modern casual gaming scene has migrated to mobile platforms as opposed to being on consoles or on the PC. While they are still viable casual platforms, they're being heavily overshadowed by tablets and cell phones. The Razer tablet sounds like a dream come true, sort of a best of both worlds situation. I would really like to test it. As for the Wii U, it seems like a very intuitive controller to use for console gaming. I've seen some pretty ingenious ways to use it, such as the 5th player function for New Super Mario Bros. U, and even the way ZombiU dod it with the first person use and as the inventory screen.

    2) Even with the advancements of tablet devices and laptops, I still think a Desktop computer is the preferred device for working for long periods of time, whether it be on a game, a 3d model for printing, or even editing a video. The comfy computer chair ain't goin' nowhere, not for a long time.

    3) I've slowly worked TV out of my life in favor of gaming, and I've also started to watch less movies. The way games work me into the story and try to envelop me in the experience has taken the entertainment of those things away from me. Tablet Pros: portability, easy to use, fun and interesting methods of use, and power in a small package. Tablet Cons: Comparatively less power than a dedicated Personal Computer, fragile, and no mouse.

  12. 1. i think gaming on the consol will stay the same for there are more games and you dont have to search through the apps store for games that may not interest you. The wii u is good for the wii it is a tablet made for the wii so many people will buy it for there wiis.
    2. i predicted thqat more games will be opened up for the mac when the PC dies down.I wont change my mind because tablets are confusing for me and maybe for a lot more people.
    3. Tblets have made more better ways to see tv you can watch it every where and even pause live televison to use the restroom or what not.

  13. 1. I think that more games are going to be portable on devices such as tablets. The wii u system is cool because it can be used as a remote control for the tv and wii, and it's also a tablet. Also, the razer edge pro was interesting. It can be used as a regular tablet, it has a keyboard dock for pc games, it has a gamepad controller so you can have a portable console style gaming, and it has a dock for home console mode. It's a very impressive and versatile tablet. I'm not sure if there are any other tablets like those two.

    2. Desktop computers aren't dead yet. I don't think they'll ever go away. Insted, desktop computers will most likely be made into something better in the future. Gaming is one of the reasons desktop computers will never die because almost everyone in genyes palys pc games.

    3. Tablets and other mobile devices can have a remote controll app on them. So insted of having multiple remotes you can use your tablet for all of them. Also, in the entertainment industry there are thousands of gaming apps and console games for people to buy. Gaming tablets have also affected exercise. The exertris interactive exercise bike is a great idea. The speed the person is pedaling influences the game that's being played. But tablets have not really affected my lifestyle. A pro of using a tablet for gaming is there are thousands of gaming apps. Also, a tablet is portable. The cons of using a tablet for gaming are the controls. Some games are best played with a touch screen while other games need a keyboard or mouse to play.

  14. 1. I think the gaming industry will pretty much stay where its at, even with new handheld systems and tablets coming out. There have been handheld systems befoer and there will continue to be. But even with the handle held systems and all of the new systems computers are still a big source of gaming, so are consoles. Even with systems like the X-Box and the Playstation computers are still a big source of gaming and I believe it will stay that way. There are devices like the Nintendo DS's and PSP that were only popular for so long before a new console came out and stole the show, so I believe these handheld systems and tablets will have there fifteen minutes of fame but that will die out when the next consule system or gaming computer comes out, like the PS4.
    2. I still believe desktop computers will be around for a number of years. They have been forever why change now? They keep up with the times and with the technology so I still believe they will be around. They are changing to fit with the times and some are becoming mostly interent based while others are becoming more about gaming. Either way as long as they stay with times and keep up with the surrent technology they should have no problems staying around.
    3. I personally sit on my couch and while I watch tv I play a game or go on the internet on my tablet. I use it constamtly instead of sitting at a desktop or getting my laptop out. It is smaller and easier to carry around. I still exercise and I do not use my tablet for that. Some people use there tablets to game while exercising but that does not seem to be a very good idea. Some pro's of gaming tablets are, they are protable and have tons of apps. A con is that some games are not supported on tablets and therefore the idea of using that tablet to game is esentially pointless.

  15. 1. The gaming industry isn't going to change that much. It will just become more convenient for those who want it. Even when these devices are added. Handheld tablets are both cool, fancy, and impressive, but gaming will never end. Certain games will allow themselves to be played on other devices, but other than that, they will be played the same. The Wii U System and the Razer Edge Pro are both two extremely impressive gadgets. Personally, I'd prefer the Razer Edge Pro. There are definitely others with new technology being constantly discovered.
    2. I was one of the kids who predicted that the gaming P would never die and I think I still stand by that answer. These two devices are impressive, but it is so much easier for games to be put on widows than complicated, small gadgets. It will be hard, but not impossible, to change my mind towards favoring gaming PCs.
    3. I feel as though tablets will always mainly be used for basic portable tasks like small games, streaming the internet, and messaging. Tablets are simple to use, but slightly more difficult to design games for them than Windows. The fact that the tablet is portable is almost unbeatable. Almost nothing compares to the convenience of being able to be entertained for hours and hours by nothing more than a small device. If you want a tablet however, make sure you it is able to do what you want it to do.

  16. 1. I don't think the gaming industry isn't going to be changed by tablets. They would just be another hand held device. Maybe in the future, more high quality games can be played. Nintendo has already started using tablets and Sony has a touch screen on its new PS4 Controller. I like the Razer Edge Pro, mostly because i don't have a Wii U and the Razer would have games that i prefer.
    2. PC gaming will never die. That's what I believe. Most games that come out on Consoles, come out on PC also, such as Call of duty and Battlefield. And like every other console, PC has its own personal and unique games. I will probably not change my mind.
    3. Tablets have made TV easier because of its portability. Netflix is on many devices now. And Youtube can provide other entertainment. It would probably cost more to put a high quality game like Battlefield or other console games. Tablets could also replace smartphones.

  17. 1. I feel like the gaming industry would not change at all. The tablets do not have the platform for interactive gaming, therefore not being as popular. I feel like both new devises are going to be difficult to play with and not interesting. The tablets have no room in the gaming industry and the companies will fail if they push this.
    2. I did not guess that and i don't involve myself on the desktop gaming because i don't care about it.
    3. I really don't see the tablet industry effecting anything other than its own genre.

  18. 1. I agree with many of the above commenters. Gaming is not going to change too much in the near future because as it stands right now tablets and touch devices aren't nearly as intuitive or immersive as most of the high end gaming console and computer games are today. Personally I'm not too interested in these new handheld tablets. They're certainly innovative and cool in their own way but theres no way that they will overtake other gaming systems.
    2. I dont think PC gaming will ever become outdated. I dont remember what I argued before but Im pretty sure it was that PC gaming is an extremely important division of gaming. These device have not changed my opinion at all.
    3. Aside from gaming tablets will most likely overtake TV and computers when it comes to media and the entertainment industry. As to pros and cons in gaming on tablets I would say that the only pro to tablet gaming would be the touchscreen which allows for a slightly different experience, but in my opinion the bonus doesn't outweigh the problems with it.

  19. 1. The introduction of tablets to the gaming industry is certainly an important one. Tablets generally appeal to more casual gamers as they are usually cheaper and less frightening to users who may not possess the understanding of more complex technology to use a PC and are put-off by the price tag of modern consoles. The Nintendo WiiU has gained a large but unsurprising following. This is likely due to the incredible inherent fan-base which comes attached to the Nintendo brand. The quality of its games will be what sustains it. The Razer, however, has none of this inherent fan-base and therefore has the survival-oriented need of having simply outstanding games. Otherwise, it will do incredibly poorly. The iPad is likely the only other contender. It, however, holds a slightly different market in tablet gaming, being made up very cheap, and sometimes free, games which having much smaller value in comparison to those of the WiiU or the Razer. This market just happens to have an outstanding population making it far outperform the others, though it is able to coexist.

    2. I did, in fact, state that the desktop would not die. My opinion stands. Although these devices do have the allure of a simpler interface, allowing more "casual" users to acquire a proficiency. This thus serves to draw away from the often disconcerting nature of a PC. This, however, has always been the case. PC's have long reigned as the complex powerhouses of gaming, carrying with it a community plagued by dissent of tablet and console users, using the term "casual", as an insult.

    3. Tablet technologies have created a new option for watching TV. The option allows one to watch really any show wherever they wish, as long as you have a connection to the internet through wifi or other networks, such as 3G or 4G. As far as entertainment and exercise are concerned, tablets provide a similar option, being more convenient access as long as one has an internet connection. Tablets generally provide apps which provide more convenient paths to daily tasks. The pros of tablet gaming generally center themselves around more casual gamers and their needs. This subsequently brings up the cons. Tablets usually alienate more knowledgeable gamers as they usually provide a more easy and simple experience. This is generally unfavorable to the more experienced gamer.

  20. 1) There are three simple steps to using this device. Three, compared to the five that were used previously. However, though this may be a huge breakthrough, I don't really see it myself. I like using the buttons on a remote, and sometimes I find myself playing with them absentmindedly while watching TV. If the Wii U was in my hands, I'd probably still go for the remote for changing channels. However, for gaming purposes, I might turn to this for help. As I've said earlier, I'm not much of a gamer, so I don't really research these types of devices, though I probably should.

    2) I have definitely changed my mind. I think my main reason for choosing "PCs will never die" is because I never want keyboards to die. I love the feel of buttons, and I'm not ashamed of it!

    3) will do this one later.

  21. 1) Myself and others will probably agree that we would prefer something that had buttons for gaming. Sure a touch screen is great, but have you ever tried to play an FPS on a touch screen? You have half health by the time you shoot your first person. I believe tablets will never be used for serious gaming unless you hook up like a Bluetooth controller to it. At this stage right now tablets have not advanced far enough for serious gamers to switch over to them. That day will come when you are able to run games like "Call of Duty" or "Skyrim". Until then it will just be used as a business and entertainment device.

    2) The Desktop PC will never die. It will just become more advanced as our technology increases. Serious gamers want to have that "Command Station" feel that their man cave/bed room provides. They want a set up where they can focus only on the game and that's what the desktop provides them with. One day tablets will be used for gaming, however that has not happened yet.

    3) Tablets are used for virtually anything. From on demand TV to promoting someones business. They are slowly replacing check out machines with the new Square Reader. I have even seem them used for filling out consent forms at an airsoft place. With cellular data people are now able to access anything they want from anywhere in the world. The average human wants to stay connected.

  22. 1. There are many other devices like the ones above, these are just the newer ones that are just being released and have better systems in them. I thik a lot would change in the gaming industry, I personally am not a big gamer, I am used to using handheld devices and consoles.

    2. I am not one of those kids that thought that, I know that this world grows everyday especially in the technology field, everything that is out now, no matter how cool it is and what it does and how good it does its job, it will all most likely be released by something better in the future.

    3. They have effect theses things in such and BIG way, I can't even begin to describe. I know people who do not even own cable =, or even a tv for that matter. Tablets can be used for everything in that house. Books, tv using hulu and netflix. They realized that they no longer need those things in their life for, they have a desktop computer and tablets.

  23. 1. I think a lot of people are going to buy these tablets but since most people already have an iPad it could be hard to get them to buy another one. I never game on my tablet as it is just not fun. You need more physical buttons and not just a touch screen, at least for me. I have tried out the wii U and it is so weird. Takes a little getting use to. It might catch on, but so far not a lot of people are buying it.
    2. For certain games a PC is way better, but tablets might get better so never know what the future is going to hold.
    3. Well I have an app on my tablet from COX that lets me watch my TV on my iPad witch is really cool. Pro is that you can pretty much take it where ever you go. Con no physical buttons which some games absolutely need.

  24. 1) There are many other devices like the ones above, these are just the newer ones that are just being released and have better systems and more known publishers. It will mostly affect younger kids because most other people like consoles and the controllers they already have. It might catch on and people might like it but, probably not.

    2) Yeah pc gaming will always be there because people with good computers will always stay on their computers because pc gaming is basically the best. So i dont think so.

    3) You can do basically anything from your tablet which is awesome, you could use it as a tv, a remote, a music player, and helping with school. Tablet gaming probably wont take off, because it wouldnt run those really fun games as fast as consoles and there are no controllers and a lot of people like controllers.

  25. 1. I think this is going to be a big step for the gaming industry for the fact that a portable gaming device can have the graphics and data a console or pc does. I think for right now the gaming industry is going to focus more on mobile devices right now and how to improve there performance to where it's almost the same as if you had a console or pc.

    2. Yes Im one of the kids that said the gaming pc wont go away. My reason for the gaming pc not going away is the way the platform is set up it's better to use a desktop in a lot of cases because you don't have to worry about battery life, and you dont have to hold it it's a stationary object. A pro to gaming is it's a fun past time but a con is a lot of kids game to much which leads to lack of exercise and more obesity.

    3. Tablets have changed entertainment with social media, gaming, and apps. I can't really say if tablets changed exercise maybe with apps that monitor your diet but with exercise I see that more with the wii fit.

  26. 1.) The game environment is going to change in the next couple years with these innovations, but I feel that classic pc and console gaming will remain around forever. I wouldn't be surprised if people just did both, when they left the house they just busted out the tablet and gamed on the go also. The only problem i have is touch screen because I do not prefer it.

    2.) Yes i did, and i still stand by that belief. there are people out there, including me, that enjoy having a stationary screen in front of them.

    3.) Right as I read this is thought of Hulu and Netflix, those two have done a good job controlling the industry of watching TV and movies on a tablet. The demand of TV on the go is not as much as watching it at your house.

  27. 1. I do not really play games but I do not think tablets will over-take PC's ever. Honestly I think there should be less focus on tablets and more focus on PC's.

    2. I do not think tablets will ever be better than PC's and no I do not plan on changing my opinion any time soon.

    3. I do believe that tablets (more the exercise apps) give people the motivation and boost it take to get them to the gym. We all know that it is the person and not the app. I think that the app provides a needed allusion that can influence people who do not have the motivation to get off their ass and do something.

  28. 1. Gaming is taking the big step. I don't know any other portable devices but I do now that there is an iphone device for gaming. I think that the two devices are cool and ingenious.

    2. No i am not. It will die but it take a long time for it to die (unless widows ruins it even more). No I am going to stick with my opinion.

    3. Tablets have effected almost everything. You can control your house with an ipad and your television with a phone. The wii has helped exercise because you have to move to control the consul and now they have added a tablet.

  29. 1. The idea of the tablet hitting the gaming scene is a really cool concept. I am 100 percent certain that this could very well change the way people think about home entertainment. I love the WiiU and the new PS4 controller. The ideas behind these consols are revolutionary to gaming. Valve's Big Picture is rumored to have touch screen support with the new touch screen tv's and tablet support with the Steam app.

    2. As much as I love my Xbox and Wii, i will never really think that PC's will die off. The PC is able to appeal to a much wider variety of audiences and also has the appeal of allowing you to use your home computer as your gaming platform allowing for more convenience.

    3. One way that tablets have effected gaming and TV is apparent in the new smart TV's from samsung as well as the track pad on the PS4 controller and touch screen on the Wii U. tablets are capable of effecting the world around us in a big way, but only seems to be effecting the TV and entertainment industry. - smart TV - PS4 controller

  30. 1. I don't think that anything will or should change in the gaming world. Unless there are interactive 4D games, the gaming industry is just fine. Theses tablets are trash! I like my xbox and thats what I want to use until the 720 comes out.
    2. I never played games on the PC besides the first unreal tournament. I'v had an xbox since 4th grade, so no.
    3.The Wii claims that is will get you working out while still playing video games but I've played the Wii it is trash. You can just as easily sit on the couch and flick your wrist. Exercise sucks! It always has and always will so stop crying about it, man up, and go run a mile like the rest of the world.

  31. 1. It certainly causes a shift of interest and revenue for the gaming industry. I feel like the new tablet game playing devices appeal to a much wider audience because anyone can just play casually wherever they are and whenever they please. Consoles have become for more serious gamers who enjoy the high difficulty, intense games where tablets are much more casual and fun games that do not require much effort. The tablets certainly appeal to a wider audience.

    2. I said the desktop PC would never die because it is too valuable, not because of gaming. The desktop PC has practical uses and business applications that cannot be replaced by tablets and that is why they will not be replaced by tablets. In terms of desktop gaming, I don't feel that it is very valuable at all anymore. Tablets are much more convenient and they appeal to a wider audience.

    3. It has affected nearly everything because all the information you could ever hope for is right at your fingertips. If you want to watch a TV series, you could pull it up. If you want to exercise, there are apps and new technological advances, as shown with the electronic bike. It has changed everyone's life style to a more laid back style. You practically don't have to leave the house for anything anymore because everything can be done online. It may be bad for personal health, but it's certainly convenient.

  32. 1.) seeing the Razer Edge Pro and the Wii U System it seems as if the games are getting smaller and smaller. The Razer tablet sounds like a dream come true, sort of a best of both worlds situation. I would really like to test it. As for the Wii U, it seems like a very intuitive controller to use for console gaming.

    2.) PC will eventually die but I believe not for a while maybe 5-20 years from now. Because stuff comes out all the time and everybody gets new ideas.

    3.) The way games work me into the story and try to envelop me in the experience has taken the entertainment of those things away from me. Tablets can be used for everything in that house. Books, tv using hulu and netflix.

  33. 1.) I think using tablets for gaming would be an interesting way to go because you can take it with you every where you go and still play it with out having to plug it in or have a tv to use it. I think it would have some draw backs compared to a consoles like the controls would be harder to use.

    2.) I was one of the people who thought that PC's would eventually die out but not for gaming reasons. As we humans slowly become more advanced eventually something will take over desktop PC's but i dont know what that will be just yet.

    3.) Tablets are effecting every thing around us. People can watch tv where ever they are no matter what you have all of the information on the internet at you finger tips when ever you want it. There tons of apps with lots of variety between each one so you can do what you need to do with a single app. This in turn is bad because there is little need to go anywhere when you have it all in front of you.

  34. 1. Consoles and computers will ALWAYS be the main source of gaming. Tablet may be able to play games but it will not overtake the existing game industry.

    2. I did and do still believe that PC will not die! They are the leaders in the gaming industry as for it has the greatest capability and connection. Other devices and even consoles don't even operate as well PC's. I can't believe that people even think that this is a possibility.

    3. Tv's have been advanced by tablets as they can now connect to each other and offer better technological abilities. It offers such capabilities as using your tablet to continue watching what you had on the TV, even if it is a recorded show. You can also stream movies and tv shows. I use these device often for streaming and even a remote!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  35. 1) I think that the tablets have a potential. The Razer seems amazing and like it could really lead to a new way that people view gaming devices. But the Wii-U is a waste of time. It is bulky and not functional without the actual console, not to mention the price of it alone as a "controller".

    2) I was one of the people who though, and still thinks, that PC gaming wont die out for a long time. My mind is not changed, if anything, seeing the Wii-U only pushes my mind further.

    3) Tablets are literary changing everything. Gaming TV, information, news, shows, even apps. It makes everything easier to look up and research, period. Of course the cons of gaming are things like addiction and an overweight community. But besides that it is a new form of entertainment that has no limits which makes the device extremely cool and full of potential for the future.

  36. 1. I think it will be similar to the "You are the controller" promotion they tried. It'll be a failure. The Kinect, Sega thingy, Wii or the playstation move has not changed the gamers in anyway and I don't think tablets will either. I have only heard things about the Wii U and the Razer. I heard that the Wii U was unsuccessful gross wise and have rarely heard good things about it. I also don't know anyone who has one. The Razer I have heard many good things about, like being able to play games that are on consoles.

    2. No I will not. Like I stated "You are the controller" didn't work forever so I think this phase wont last too long either.

    3. There is an app for almost anything including diets, school stuff and tips on life. All of those are very helpful things to have if you wanted to, lets say, lose weight. To have these apps you need a tablet (to an extent). Gaming on tablets is just so different from gaming on consoles or computers that its uncanny for hardcore gamers. Theres no controller and the pace usually isn't as fast. It also sometimes isn't as responsive as console or PC.


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