Thursday, December 10, 2015

16 Unique Tech

    Holiday Challenge

Spend $ 20,000 on the most unique, useful, 
state-of-the art (as of right now) technology
 gifts for yourself or others.

 ☞ What do you buy and how is it used?

1. Provide a brief overview of how you are going to approach this assignment.  Where are you researching cool technologies?  Are you comparing prices?  How do you know its the coolest of cool?  Is it a good value in spending this money? Could you take care of everyone on your holiday list with technology?   Describe Your plan.   

2. Make a spreadsheet.  Provide the short link to your google sheet* here on your blog.  BE CREATIVE and have some fun :)

*Instructions for spreadsheet:

  • Create 4 columns:  1) Item name, 2) Details, 3) Recipient,  4) Price 
  • Have a total at the bottom of your sheet of all the expenses 
  • Be as close as possible to the $20,000.  (Don't worry about tax)
  • TITLE: your spreadsheet: Tech List - (Your last name)  
  • SHARE it: dkovesdy AND share it with "Anyone who has the link" out side of pvlearners.
  • You need at least 5 items minimum!