Sunday, April 5, 2015

(S11) Travel Technology

Uber:  Innovation Travel Technologies  Uber's been in the news quite a bit lately.  What is Uber all about?

Part 1.  Describe Uber from one point of view.  Choose one, identify which one you are describing A, B, C etc  (No more than 5 student entries from any section.  Read to see what others before you chose):

A.  The drivers.  Who are they, qualified?

B.  The users.  Who uses this service?

C.  Who is the competition?  How is it affected?

D.  The dangers of driving or using / the cons

E.  The benefits / the pros of this service

F.  The way it works.  Describe in detail

G.  How is Uber different in the US vs other countries?

Part 2.  Explain how this might impact travel in the future overall.  Be imaginative!